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#201   2017-05-25 09:38          
That Z is fire.Btw How is to daily drive one of these zettos?
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#202   2017-05-25 17:04          
Twin turbo BMW? :thumbsup: 240 looks good too but it would really look complete with red seats. :)


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#203   2017-05-28 23:54          
Decided to go out on a limb and meet up with some people who were hosting a car meet on this cool Facebook page, so I drove up there in the 335i and met some cool ass people. They were pretty chill. Hung out until a load of more people showed up and then left around 11pm when the cops started showing up.

Here are some pics of when I got to the meet.


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#204   2017-05-29 00:13          
335i is lookin' pretty fresh...

Oh, that Huracan has the same wheels as my S15... Hm.


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#205   2017-05-29 00:29          
Wheels on the 6 Series are sick!
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