87467.   PXRZ   2019-02-11 19:21

What is an adlib?

87468.   Snowyy   2019-02-11 22:08

adlib was a soundcard in the 90's I believe

87469.   BigSmoke   2019-02-12 06:43

@PXRZ @Snowyy Look here for some examples: *LINK*

Or to save your effort,those filler effects inserted in-between lyrics in rap songs, like "brr","yuh,"ayy","skrrt" etc.

87470.   hungarianfreak   2019-02-12 12:39

guys, do you know where are those "Semper Evolvi" wallpapers? I need the mobile version

87471.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-12 15:03


87472.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-12 15:47

Where is Chrysler V8 V4.0? I remember it being there :x

87473.   NFSFan96   2019-02-13 02:40

The Chrysler V8 v4 by Fireful0 is on the GOM-Team Discord, try to use the Car/Parts Search thread next time ;)

87474.   NFSFan96   2019-02-13 02:41

This is the latest v4.5 *LINK*

87475.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 12:47

Oh, thank you man, and Im sorry, that i didnt use the car/part search thread. Maybe I will take some pics and post it on VS with proper credits? Can I?

87476.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:05

Oh, nvm, its GOMTeam exclusive

87480.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-13 13:23

you can definitely post pics anywhere without having to ask for permission nor crediting anybody, perhaps you can also post the mod itself here as i see they dont really mind to post our mods there, it almost seem like people enjoy splitting the community even now that it should all be connected

87481.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:39

At the beginning I mean posting whole mod, but I just read a readme and there is something like "only for gom and some other wbsite which is not VS" so idk if I should post it in download section

87482.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:40

I dont remember word in word what was in readme so I changed it a bit

87483.   ozal   2019-02-13 14:05

but there is no GOM anymore so why not ?

87484.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 14:20

There is Discord, but whatever, im preparing some screenshots of enginekits, sad, that only few of them works with every car and I have no time to build engines right now :/

87485.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-13 14:50

Send me one or two pics once you're done, i'm making a page already

87486.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 14:55

Done, I just edited promo photo which I found in the folder with mod

87487.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-13 19:49

You mean the discord chat where they rip mods out of VStanced, remove VStanced logos etc and share? Yup. Fuck them sideways ;) post what ever you want here. No one seems to respect anything these days.

87490.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 20:32

Okay, I will know next time man 8)

87495.   OddyKing   2019-02-14 15:28

yo Jesus can i upload Morpheus Hell's last will rim pack?

87497.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-14 16:20

You have a mod that isnt here, you upload it, simples ;)

87498.   gorgoil   2019-02-14 16:59

just wtf is going on? O.O

87503.   Morpheus Hell   2019-02-14 19:26

i´m out of slrr stuff. But you can upload my package in here if the admins are ok with it. But please give me my credit and all is fine. Cya

87508.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-15 00:16

Yeah, give credit/put him as author and feel free to share it. It's good to have as much as we can in one place for obvious reasons.

87512.   PXRZ   2019-02-15 05:10

I do wonder, is there something you do to make the home/windows key and other hotkeys be enabled when you play Vice City?

87517.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-15 13:57

iirc there is a plugin for that, SilentPatch?

87521.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 01:56

There's a little update to the V35 from RCD, he added a bumper and fixed a few cfgs.

Have a look for the single download down the mod's description, i'm also provviding to reupload the entire mod directly with it.

87525.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-16 04:08

Does Vstanced have a discord

87527.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 05:29

Luckily not.

87530.   Yeetful0   2019-02-16 09:40

So, JC says that the GOM discord is stealing mods (which we aren't, thank you very much. XD ) and then says "You have a mod that isnt here, you upload it, simples ;) " Whaaaaaaaaa?

87532.   Back_in_Black   2019-02-16 11:34


87534.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-16 12:10

Lmao, I've seen it my self lol. Marcos tracks have had VStanced logos removed and replaced with gom, mods shared constantly. It's a public channel so what the fuck are you trying to hide lol. And yes, why not. Are Russians going to stop uploading stuff to *zona are old gom members going to stop uploading stuff to discord? No. So we'll do the same and aim to have the biggest English database of SLR mods.

87535.   IceD   2019-02-16 12:21

+1 JC

87539.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-16 14:56

+1, both GOM and VS are good sites (GOM was), so we can coexist and propertly credit our mods.

87540.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 17:52

+1 plz fight we need action in this community

87541.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 18:06

Meh, this community needs to disappear, people just pretends stuff but no fuckimg body is willing to learn and do new mods.

87543.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 18:12

if it could disappear without any problems that would be even better

87545.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-16 19:51


87546.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-16 19:51

But aren't we circlejerking about some dead game?

87547.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 20:24

I'd actually be more than willing to learn and do new mods.(Even with the short free time I have)I already got a couple projects I'd like to start and finish to put in-game.

87548.   PXRZ   2019-02-16 20:29

Can´t we just have a SouljaRacing Hillclimb Track?

87549.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:31

Not going to lie, I am so completely over this GOM/VS feud. We need to offer an olive branch, IMO.

87550.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 20:38

Me being a noob(well i've been around since 2011 i believe)wouldn't really know what's going on.

87551.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:47

It's been essentially irrelevant and petty since not long after 2011, so you're not missing much.

87553.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 20:53

Yeah, tell it to the people that keeps pretending some mods are "XX exclusive" xD

87554.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:56

Okay. Hey, Edd, stop pretending some mods are VS exclusive. xD (It happens on both sides, but one can only control one's own behavior.)

87555.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:57

(The previous message was intended to be a joke, in case it wasn't obvious.)

87556.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 21:06

sad to know that back in the time , there was no problems between gom and vs members

87557.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 21:08

I was just in both websites for the mods. That's what got me into SLRR in the first place(Along with failrace playing it)

87558.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:11

Well we dont have "exclusive" mods, i think you know really well my thought about modzona reuploading mines, which is apparently different than anyone else's.

Ed was speaking about something much different, taking a mod - specificly the VS garage(pudsey), and replacing the VS logos with other ones.

Now that's dumb.

Anyway, VS born due to someone banning two or three members for posting a slammed car.

So there's always been something fucked up going on behind - even thought it seems more like there's still some people not from VS that wants to keep the wall up.

87559.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:12

Anyway, my pizza is almost ready so have fun arguing, imma eat :))

87560.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 21:18

Fireful0 really shouldn't have posted that edit of Pudsey, but he has pulled it. Also, tbh, everybody in GOM's moderation - everybody - from when VS was founded is now gone. Singh is gone, Davidov is gone, etc. This is an 8+ year old grudge at this point.

87561.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:21

Yeah but is it us complaining into someone else's page about our mods being taken apart?

I didnt ever see that happening :D

87562.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 21:39

Hey BB, I got yo pizza lol

87563.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:53

Nah, i'm burping it ;)

87564.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:54

But actually i'd eat one more, it wasnt enough :(

87565.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-16 23:15

2 years or maybe sooner slrr is going to be 100% dead neither this site or the others will be active heck i stopped playing the game for a whole year and just now came back to it

87566.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 23:57

yea you're right. you know i'm playing slrr since 2010-2011 and every year i see "the community is gonna be dead in 2 years" so plz

87567.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 23:58

so if vs doesnt have exclusive mods , why the darkside isnt public ? sorry to being dumb but yea nobody is right

87568.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-17 00:14

What's dark side? It's been shut down for years

87569.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:15

i could not know since it's an "exclusive vs thing"

87570.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:16

Ask that to JC, i've asked him to delete it once for all a long time ago.. but anyways, it born as a place where share work in progress mods, in order to get a feedback before relasing a mod.

Not surprisingly it turned out that people downloaded mods and never gave an opinion, thus it only contains broken(incomplete) versions of mods that you can actually find released here.

There are only two cars that havent ever really been released, Diego's fiesta and 500, but that's because he did never finish those.

Other than that, it's entirely useless.

87571.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:18

I've always been sharing all of what i've done, all my javas, all my shit.

The only times i didnt share something is either because i've been specifically asked not to(for example RCD's popups java or my drag tyres switch which Mario gave me and idk who made it) or because i didnt manage finishing it.

Though even recently i've released the javas update that, even if i didnt manage completing as i wished, are at a point that i know i wont do anything anymore with, so it doesnt make sense for them to keep taking dust and eventually get lost into my hdd.

87572.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:21

But instead, some people keeps enforcing this "omg this i made this mod for this, do not share here hurr durr", how about fuck off?

I've made all my mods for myself and for VStanced, as i recognize it as my home, but i'm happy when i see some russian downloading it on modzona, i'm happy if i see it posted on some random fb group of a unknown slrr subculture.

People should start understanding that sharing really is caring.

Not sharing = getting a dead game like slrr is nowadays.

Some of you kids should've seen what it was like back in 2011, with a gom full of users and a freshly born VS that was growing healthy and strong.

And yet there used to be people that didnt want to share things even back then(as you can see, most mods from that age lack the javas).

87573.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:25


87574.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:29

I genuinely wanted make a proper tutorial that introduced to anything related to slrr modding, but i've also genuinely lost interest in it due to many things, first some that happened within the community itself, then my personal life that went straight into a trashcan or the toilet, i dont even know anymore.

I still consider doing it but i dont know if i can keep it as a promise anymore, i just dont have enough mental strenght even for farting as of now.

And it makes me sorta sad seeing that this old shitty game is dying, because i still recognize it has a huge potential.

But kids today just want everything ready, one click and go.

87575.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:29

I remember that i've started analyzing anything by my own, back in the days, and when i didnt really understand something i happened to ask here and there or getting proposed by someone to get taught how to do something.

Basically just as Jaziba taught me how to UVW map stuff in max and fix some minor errors on my way of scripting stuff, as JC taught me how to script suspensions on cars, Franco.. i dont even know, he taught me a bunch of things even in times where he wasnt doing that(his livestreams).

And i always tried to do so with anyone, but i cant keep up with everybody, specially when people, as i said, dont even bother check the basics by their own(which btw, are well explained in 29342 different posts in this site).

87576.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:33

slrr modding isn't that easy

87577.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:36

there is a lot of things i dont understand when i just look in one java. its very hard to learn everything from just a tutorial

87578.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-17 00:51

You barely need to know javas to make basic mods and even cars..

87579.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:08

i could make a tyre mod but im lazy so...

87580.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:09

one werid idea i had was combining spongebob and touge i kinda wounderd if its possible to turn valo city into bikni bottom

87581.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:11

2nd idea is UDM vs JDM kinda like biggboss69 90s JDM SLRR but this time with american cars in it ive tried the idea in the past but something always bugs out so i might try it again soon

87582.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:15

they sound like bad ideas but i mean youtube rewind and tide pods happend so not all bad ideas are flunks

87584.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-17 02:50

i actually have lots of plans at creating tons of performance parts and tunning engines to Irl specs but i really gotta figure out the part cloning processand find some time now that i have a pc that allows to open close the game fast for testing the scripts

BTW @BB i have some ideas of how we could improve the Jz can i HYU

87585.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 06:07


87586.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 08:20

Feel free to NDAI me anytime, just dont expect me to do anything for you, i can give suggestions though(as long as the suggestions are so and not doing it for you) :)

87587.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 10:21

@Jesus Christ i'm not only making cars and parts. I'm trying to modify the game

87588.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 10:21

@Sleepin m0nkey if you need help with that , i can help you too

87589.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 13:14

im i the only one who find the slrr characters ugly they look like they have been taking drugs there whole life

87590.   gorgoil   2019-02-17 13:18

@Sleepin m0nkey why you just don't run the game in window mode in low resolution??
To improve the 2J is easy, just do sounds for it or model more parts for it, and it's improved(tbh it's the only way to improve it)

87591.   gorgoil   2019-02-17 13:20

@Holy Shit Man why do you have to use doubtful marketing with those new tires? tbh I really thought it would be something really good but it's just a good looking tire that grabs like plastic :(

87592.   Nightkid   2019-02-17 14:03

That changing pic of the V35 poster is confusing me every time lmao

87593.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 14:26

hey guys i have a dumb idea lets teal mods from modzona and clam it as ours

87594.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-17 15:17

@gorgoil i've tried on my last pc but it was so shitty that the game at the lowest i could get at 480p was like 5 minutes for testing a tweak

87595.   ficho   2019-02-17 17:30


Is GOM Team Dead?

87596.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-17 18:11

@gorgoil - the javas are there, feel free to improve them

87597.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-17 18:12

In fact it's an unfinished mod that was laying on my HDD in a while

87598.   Yeetful0   2019-02-17 18:43

@ficho Gom is not dead. Just the website. We live on in our very popular discord server.

87599.   Chaser   2019-02-17 20:40

Anyone else having the issue where you cant move in BB's garage or on any track? You start the car and it immediately wheelspins and starts moving in a weird direction. Note this happened after i installed both the updates for BB's SLRR, UI and Java

87600.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 20:55

Enable and disable the drift mode or delete thr options save.

I think i'm gonna have to write that on the download page. :D

87601.   Chaser   2019-02-17 20:58

Oh ok. Ill try that now thanks!

87602.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 20:59

im making my own version of slrr built of the one by jack

87603.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 22:54

nvm it crashes to much

87606.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 04:06

good news ive started on my new slrr and so far no problems

87613.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-18 18:31

Good job little buddy

87614.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-18 18:58


try to use the Light edition or bb's one way less buggy if you wanna create your version

87615.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 18:59


87616.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 19:00

the name of it will be SLRR UDM vs JDM as it will only contain landboat i mean american cars and Japanese cars

87617.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-18 20:44

if you need any help for crrecting the engines to real specs feel free to DM me

87618.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 21:15


87619.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 21:49

ive found something werid in the night time races the ai only uses one car being the toyota celica

87620.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-18 23:33

Broken prevalence, there's a tuto for it

87621.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-18 23:34

Also, why did you skip these five cars that wasn't made in US or Japan?

87622.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 23:39

what five cars ?

87623.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-19 00:17

Isn't like 90% of car mods either USDM or JDM?

87624.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 00:19

there are some European car mods if i can recall just go look at biggboss69 90s euro slrr

87625.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 00:44

actually in car models i think there are more euros and amercans than jdms but jdm's have the same car on different mods but at the end is quite balanced actually

87626.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-19 01:06

Yeah, well, I was expecting somebody to finally make a modpack consisting of only the top-notch mods

87627.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 01:13

thsi is one of the good things at gom that i think should be implemented here the list of quality mods

87628.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:33

what happen to GOM anyways

87629.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:41

the slrr im making is 70% done should i release it as a beta to see what needs to be added and what needs to be removed

87630.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 01:42

they got F*cked Lol

J.K i think they couldnt afford a host and moved to a dicord

87631.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:46

note some cars don't come with rims

87632.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:52

i think ill release it as a beta

87633.   thor-04   2019-02-19 02:58

please dont release a "beta" do it 100%, or is this beta more than a Slrr with a bunch of broken mods?

87634.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 03:38

i cheacked all the mods their in working order i just wanted to realase in beta to see what people think of it so far and not over add stuff

87637.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 05:32

*LINK* here is a video showing testing so far

87638.   gorgoil   2019-02-19 06:21

before doing anything go to options and click in DEBUG COMPILE ALL JAVAs if there's some broken java it will crash during the process and will write everything in the error.log so you will know if there's some broken ass script or not

87642.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 15:57

am i the only one that searches at japanese auction sites for cool cars ?

87643.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 16:49


87644.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 16:51

is it mean that i like to us the bus in slrr and plow through traffic and watch the cars deform

87645.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 16:52

also when im racing i like to push my opponent into the street lamps and watch them come to a dead stop

87647.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 20:47

man i think almost no one plays in valo and the largest playerbase actually is Rp

87649.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-20 00:07

ok i feel good enough that my slrr is ready to be released later to day it will update as time goes on

87650.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-20 03:35

uploading the file to google drive its going to take 3 freaking hours

87651.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-20 08:24

its done nows it pending

87653.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-20 11:21


87656.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-21 00:04

ijust spent my FUCKIN afternoon taking apart my pc because a blade of my psu fan broke and the cooler needed some WD40 FFS i hope this MF is ok now

87659.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-21 07:08

i own a laptop

87661.   Kokainum   2019-02-21 11:39


87662.   Nightkid   2019-02-21 12:55


87663.   BigSmoke   2019-02-21 13:15

I'll have two number nines

87664.   doge   2019-02-21 13:25

numba nine lAAaAaRge

87666.   BigSmoke   2019-02-21 15:09

A number six with EXTRA DIPP

87667.   BLiTZ   2019-02-21 20:36


87668.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-21 22:59

so v2 of my slrr is coming along ive added 2 cars and removed one

87669.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-22 03:01

just update the main download dont post multiple versions

87672.   gorgoil   2019-02-22 19:09

and if you are going to upload some update do something like big update because people won't be downloading every single time you add some update

87673.   gorgoil   2019-02-22 19:10

*some little update

87674.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 02:36

@sleepingorilla thats what i was going to do...

87675.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 02:36

@sleepingorilla thats what i was going to do...

87676.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 02:36

why did that copy

87683.   doge   2019-02-23 16:18

because you don't know how to use this og site like i do

87684.   doge   2019-02-23 16:18

because you don't know how to use this og site like i do

87685.   BLiTZ   2019-02-23 16:30

well me neither

87686.   BLiTZ   2019-02-23 16:30

well me neither

87687.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-23 16:33


87689.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-23 18:17


87690.   Kokainum   2019-02-23 18:36

hold up

87691.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-23 19:03

Open up*

87693.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 21:07


87695.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 21:10

ive noticed my slrr does take a little bit to fully load how ever people are saying its crashing upon start when i play it it works perfectly fine does i have a dell latitude e6420 and i use windows 7 pro

87696.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-23 21:10

does slrr crash on other windows or laptops

87698.   BLiTZ   2019-02-23 21:38

slrr's favorite thing to do is crashing no matter the operating system.It crashes beacuse of certain mods that aren't well scripted

87700.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-24 00:26

better to start empty slrr and pick the mod yourself for less chance crashing

87703.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-24 14:11

SLRR isn't crashing as it, it's just unstable

87704.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-24 23:16

V Or, you using bad mod.

87708.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-26 00:01

I can't logged on into VStanced Imagine Host? There no sign up option?

87709.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-26 00:13

It has been turned into a limited access site due to some user's bad behavior, unfortunately.

87712.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-26 09:03

I see, thanks.

87713.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-26 10:21

not just some user but many many bots, users etc have been uploading some very bad stuff to it. Let's just say me being resposible for that is too much of an overhead. I'd love for it to work well but sadly had to limit and stop allowing new users in. So only current/unbanned users can access the site. I might be able to figure something out in the future but as it stands it is closed. Sorry!

87715.   Buzzsaw   2019-02-26 22:50

@Jesus, it alright. I found other website, which is it called "imgbb".

87716.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-26 23:23

imgme B)

87717.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-27 00:23


87718.   DFRacing98   2019-02-27 05:35

yall I havent played this game in a hot second
how do I fix the file not found error on slrr editor again

87719.   DFRacing98   2019-02-27 06:32

Im dumb I needed resdecode and resconvert

87720.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-27 12:46

Hey there, hadnt seen you in a while

87721.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-27 12:57

yes leave plz kbye

87722.   BigSmoke   2019-02-27 13:52

Heeey glad to see you again @DFRacing98! :D

87723.   PXRZ   2019-02-27 14:38


87724.   PXRZ   2019-02-27 22:26

mom's spaghetti

87726.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-28 20:33

yes that's me

87741.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-03 04:19

does anyone here have 3d printer if so in kinda considering getting one is it worth?

87743.   BLiTZ   2019-03-03 12:03

well if you need it more than once then yes

87744.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-03 15:14

Since i just got in automotive engineering i think it will be very usefull if not i can use it for my RC hobby

87749.   Holy Shit Man   2019-03-04 08:15

What about DIY life hack tools like banana holder?
If I had 3D printer I'd spend days in doing such

87750.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-04 18:35

> DIY life hack tools
> banana holder


87751.   Nightkid   2019-03-04 20:10

banana holder


87754.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-05 05:04

well banana holders are headset holders too also who holds bananas wehn you can print soething to do it for you

87756.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-05 09:28

Three steps to get girlfriend.
1. Buy the banana.
2. Go date with girl.
3. Put banana behind front of your jean.
Ta da, you got girlfriend!

87757.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-05 09:37

Make sure you dont get the 3. wrong, you might end with a boyfriend then.

87758.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-03-05 20:21

i messed up one of the steps, i ended up with a trap.

pls send help, or not, i'm not complaining.

87760.   Luke23_32   2019-03-05 20:54

ok so, im tryna use these slick tires by gorgoil *LINK*
but they have 0 grip, how to mod the rpk to make them grippier? im doing a burnout in 6th gear w a 370 hp car lol

87761.   Luke23_32   2019-03-05 20:57

oh, sorry for the double message but i meant scripts not rpk*

87762.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-06 00:11

Eh, check my supra's slicks javas, you can see it over there :D

87763.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-06 00:14

@Hisao - enjoy!

87768.   Luke23_32   2019-03-06 19:04

Oh thankz BB

87769.   Jehh   2019-03-06 23:02

ay BB , no more comps ? :/

87770.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-07 00:20

Yeah i know i should...

87775.   Franco   2019-03-07 19:40

i bet a supra comp will get some intresting entries

87776.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-07 21:22

supra comp im in
going full 2000's

87777.   Nightkid   2019-03-07 22:00

yeah , Supra comp sounds good !

87778.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-07 23:20

It'll happen after the current comp gets closed - let me know when it does though lol

87782.   insolivion   2019-03-09 12:26


87786.   hamburper   2019-03-10 00:17

whats a good start for making a drift build

87787.   Kokainum   2019-03-10 01:13

look at pictures of drift cars from the 2000-2009 era and pick up styling cues from there

87788.   hamburper   2019-03-10 01:55


87789.   Jayson   2019-03-10 02:41

Anyone know how to get audio mods like the speakers

87790.   Jayson   2019-03-10 02:41

Anyone know how to get audio mods like the speakers

87791.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-10 03:23

@hambuper start with a fwd auto perfec for difiting

87792.   weaklycloud4774   2019-03-10 03:31

can anybody make slrr mods, well if you can make some trucks

87793.   Defiant   2019-03-10 06:27


87801.   Luke23_32   2019-03-10 22:15

that doesnt look very healthy. mitch is bugged that most people remove him from the game lol *LINK*

87803.   Defiant   2019-03-10 22:52

Nah he’s chillin. That’s his Irish riverdance moves.

87804.   BigSmoke   2019-03-10 23:01

Ah I thought it was a Kazatschok move (or a Cossack dance move?idk)

87805.   Luke23_32   2019-03-10 23:33

oh i see. im mistaken, sorry mitch

87806.   Luke23_32   2019-03-10 23:35

oh, crap
just got my ps3 controller working on slrr but the steering is just waaaaaay too sensitive. is there a way to change that? im using scp toolkit.

87808.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-11 05:47

Yeah there's steer sensitivity and dead zone somewhere in the controls menu

87809.   yurisminator   2019-03-11 11:27

You can buy a life size raptor statue on amazon

87810.   BLiTZ   2019-03-11 12:11

how much?

87814.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-11 22:22

this *LINK*

87816.   Luke23_32   2019-03-11 23:51

i didnt find sensitivity, only the dead zone. im using your mwm, bb

87819.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-12 04:17

87820.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-12 04:17

The one in orange. :D

87822.   Luke23_32   2019-03-12 18:36

Oh, didnt know gamma = sensitivity. thanks, bb!

87823.   Chaser   2019-03-12 21:25

I remember seeing a way to have Multiple Plates of the same style (example = having 2 US plates with different textures present at the same time). Was this released or put on the backburner?

87826.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-13 02:30

try using this *LINK*

87828.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-13 10:43

Or just download the mod?


87830.   Chaser   2019-03-13 10:56

I have the mod :/ Just haven’t been able to have two US plates with different textures at the same time. Unless I’m really stupid

87831.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-13 12:12

You need the "new" version, just check the link below

87832.   Chaser   2019-03-13 12:34

Oh right, I’ll download that later. Thanks!

87833.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-13 13:07

Anytime :D

87839.   veyron155   2019-03-14 16:59

Does anyone have a good setup to play in control?

87840.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-14 17:09

V smash the keyboard

87843.   Holy Shit Man   2019-03-15 16:35


87848.   BadIntenShun   2019-03-16 01:32

Anyone know which rimpack has weds kranze bazerias in it? I know theres one.

87850.   Daniel   2019-03-16 03:39

Franco's HQ Pack(s).

87851.   BadIntenShun   2019-03-16 03:50

Thank you! I found the weds kranze pack that had them but it lacked the 17 inch size the franco one has

87856.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-16 17:44

Am i the only one that lives in a constant personal combat between getting a Street car (er36) or a Offroad monster (3rd T4R)?

87859.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-17 19:54

Probably so lol

87860.   ToyMakerZ   2019-03-18 05:55

hey Big Boss93 has anyone made work equip 05s?

87861.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-18 11:55

I dont really know

87862.   Lagano   2019-03-18 16:08

*LINK* This rim pack has Equip 05s :)

87863.   Kokainum   2019-03-18 16:46

the ones in that pack look more like blitz z1 than equip 5

87864.   Kokainum   2019-03-18 16:46

oops z2*

87868.   OwnzzGames   2019-03-18 23:01

we got visited by the gods of polderlife :D

87869.   Chaser   2019-03-18 23:29

Polderlife came and saw the representation I was throwing out

87873.   Nightkid   2019-03-19 12:10

Do you guys know about some Online racing game ? Or some racing game for free because i´m broke H I H E

87874.   BigSmoke   2019-03-19 12:48

.......don't tell me you've missed GRID 2 promo last week ._.

87875.   Nightkid   2019-03-19 12:56

i did because i actually bought the game 1 year ago for like less than 8€ lmao

87877.   BigSmoke   2019-03-19 19:21

Aaaaaah so thst explains it. Comes w/ DLC tho

87878.   BadIntenShun   2019-03-19 21:13

What is "Jaziba's LBCS"?

87881.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-19 22:14

lmao, leafblower in my ls3 engine?

87882.   BadIntenShun   2019-03-19 22:42

What do you mean by "use it if you need more pressure" in the comments section of the mod?

87884.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-20 01:50

It's a stupid and fantascientific mod, it adds tons of boost to your engine, made for fun purposes :P

87885.   BadIntenShun   2019-03-20 02:24

Oh i see i see

87889.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-20 09:20

My CPU is cooking lol. My CPU temperature is 80 degree. (I use Speccy)

87890.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-20 12:54

Might be time to change thermal compound.. i've done it yesterday after about 5 or so years, also redone south and north bridges as they had never been changed(drier than salt flats).

On full load it went from 53°c cpu and 58°c mobo to 47°c and 53°c.. quite a difference :D

87891.   Nightkid   2019-03-20 13:45

*LINK* oy , where can i find a version of the 4AGE with the supercharger and other stuff for this sound mod ?

87892.   EliasFD3S   2019-03-20 14:22

download my version of the 4AGE. There is this sound mod with the bov sounds and turbo whine

87893.   EliasFD3S   2019-03-20 14:22


87895.   Smokiegun   2019-03-20 17:30

My cpu temp stays under 30 all the time, liquid cooling is nice. :p

87896.   PXRZ   2019-03-20 18:56

I wonder, is it worth putting an extra fan infront of the gpu just to cool it even more?

87897.   Smokiegun   2019-03-20 19:48

More cooling is always better, the more cooling you got the better temps you'll get. Rn i'm rocking 2 front fans and a top fan for my cooler and an exhaust fan in the back. My cpu stays at under 25c idle, gpu is under 30 idle and mob is under 30 as well.

87898.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-20 22:07

Be honestly, I am using crappy laptop, and I'm think, it seen starting to worn out.

87899.   PXRZ   2019-03-21 00:23

That is slightly lower than I achieve and I have barely any fans except for the exhaust fan and those that follow the cpu cooler and gpu.

87901.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-21 05:20

just change the fan curve on your gpu with something like msi afterburner

87903.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-21 10:53

Be honestly, my RP likely to restart after I bought better computer.

87905.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-03-21 15:06

who would join a time attack competition in forza?

87906.   PXRZ   2019-03-21 21:55

My response. *LINK*

87908.   Buzzsaw   2019-03-22 17:22

Seen my laptop rejected my SLRR.

87911.   PXRZ   2019-03-22 22:15


87922.   thor-04   2019-03-26 03:07

and what make and model it is?

87924.   Landkreuzer88   2019-03-27 20:34


87925.   Landkreuzer88   2019-03-27 20:34


87926.   Landkreuzer88   2019-03-27 20:35


87927.   Landkreuzer88   2019-03-27 20:35

sorry for the bug it got sent 3 times

87928.   Landkreuzer88   2019-03-27 20:44

never mind i red the explanation sorry for the spam...

87929.   PXRZ   2019-03-27 20:46

Speaking of dark, something went a little boomchakkalakka yesterday night.

87930.   BigSmoke   2019-03-28 03:59

As JC and BB would say,the Darkside doesn't really exists anymore

87932.   doge   2019-03-28 12:49

First rule about Dark Side. You do not talk about DARK SIDE!

87933.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-28 12:51

I really want to either close it or open it for public once for all, at least people stop moaning thinking it's the golden pot of SLRR mods, and finally realize that it contains broken(alpha) versions of the then released mods..

Literally the only two unreleased mods that are in there are Diego's fiesta and 500.

87934.   doge   2019-03-28 12:53

Don't ruin the fun of it! I used to think it basicly all vipka, when i got in i was disappointed.

87935.   doge   2019-03-28 12:54

Or was i? ;) ;)

87936.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-28 13:59

Ahahaha, triggering peoplr much

87937.   BLiTZ   2019-03-28 14:18

if the sticker thing works imma order a chrome one too :)

87938.   BLiTZ   2019-03-28 14:20

also i should update my topic as I put semi slicks and new brakes on

87939.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-28 14:55

The round ones will only be flake gold as far as i know, but there should be a short run of the old design too, just wait for JC to give sure infos once he has some. :)

87940.   BLiTZ   2019-03-28 15:50

major update on my cars thread incoming

87942.   lambofgodz   2019-03-29 10:08

Hello everyone I've been here on this forum for a while but not very active, I was wondering what is the most stable version of SLRR to add just a few mods to and have some fun with night races/ add some drag racing to?

87943.   Bigg Boss93   2019-03-29 13:14

Either SLRR 2015 with the recently released new patch(2018), or Light Edition

87952.   FREAKRACER   2019-04-01 19:28

the velocity map ( which is is installed ) is not working when ever i open it the game crashes

87954.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-02 00:39

That happens because one or more car mods have broken VT.java.

The game draws a list of installed vehicles everytime you create a new career profile, and that makes so that if any of the cars is faulty the map wont start and then crashes.

That also happens if you remove a car mod after having created a save.

87955.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-02 00:40

A workaround to this is removing all cars rpk except those of cars you know are well scripted(mines, RedCarDriver's, JoeAlex' etc) and make a new save, then close the game and transfer all the cars from a save folder to the other.

From then you should not have any problem anymore, unless you remove one of the mods you made the save with.

87959.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-02 04:27

Well its my 18 birthday and i just wanted to share with you guys now i can smoke drink and Drive just need a car tho

87960.   BigSmoke   2019-04-02 04:36

Happy legal age Sleepy! :D

87963.   RedCarDriver   2019-04-02 05:54

To anyone who tried to download the Corvette, the link was broken but now it's fixed.

87964.   BLiTZ   2019-04-02 10:15

welcome to the elders club :troll:

87965.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-02 10:44

Amazing, now you can get arrested if you do too much bullshit!

Happy birthday :D

87966.   DHR   2019-04-02 12:27

Here's the Tyre.java I used for my videos (I think), if anyone can change and improve it do so. Important: Must be used without suspension and with rollbar script


87967.   Lagano   2019-04-02 14:24

Happy birthday, monkey! Now get yourself a ride ;)

87968.   PXRZ   2019-04-02 15:51


87970.   11000rpm   2019-04-02 16:24

happy birthday broski

87971.   andonifis92   2019-04-02 17:25

Crossing your legal line sleepin mOnkey... jeje happy birtday

87975.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-02 21:52

Anyone know why, I download RB26DETT engine mod and it installed correctly then it not on the catalogue but it shown on engine kit (whole engine) and on the car? I'm so confusing why catalogue wasn't showing RB26 parts.

87976.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-03 01:50

Thanks guys and i hope not to be arrested tho as for my ride it may take some time but since brazil is about 3/2 months to get a license ill take the bus for some period but i may get a Kaddet C as a beater Tho since the brazilian one is basically the same plattaform as a AE85

87980.   George_Monroe   2019-04-03 11:53

C'mon, it's time to announce the winner of comp. I don't know results, i tried to keep it in surprise. Don't say anything, pls.

87981.   George_Monroe   2019-04-03 11:57

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't waaait!!!!!!!! Please

87983.   George_Monroe   2019-04-03 16:56

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, i'm happy

87984.   adnan54   2019-04-04 04:19

wait wat, Sleepin mOnkey is brazilian too?

87988.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-05 00:19


Hell yeah i am man

sou de brasilia mano e tu?

87989.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-05 00:45

Didnt even know eachother were brasilians till 10 minutes ago and you became "mano" already?

Jeez that's quick. :))

87990.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-05 01:23

Lol mano is just normal for brazilians to talk to each other when they are in thw same comunity

87991.   blast   2019-04-05 01:30

Can a admin update the information on my mod Honda 1.6 sohc engine.

87993.   blast   2019-04-05 01:32

Sorry for the double shout.

87994.   NK748   2019-04-05 13:21

Done ;-)

87998.   hamburper   2019-04-06 15:59

bruh moments be like

87999.   Back_in_Black   2019-04-06 16:31

minecraft zombies be like bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

88000.   Back_in_Black   2019-04-06 16:31

i just put on my summerwheels. god it feels good 8)

88001.   doge   2019-04-06 16:49

bb93 be like

88002.   Yeda   2019-04-06 17:28

wtf... i didn't knew sleepin monkey was BR

88016.   Luke23_32   2019-04-06 18:01

nani the f u brasileiro too?

88017.   Luke23_32   2019-04-06 18:03

oh shat srry for the doubleshout. my chrome is giving up on life rn

88018.   Luke23_32   2019-04-06 18:03


88019.   Nightkid   2019-04-06 20:01

only double ?!

88020.   George_Monroe   2019-04-06 20:23

vstanced santa - Barbara

88021.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-06 21:36

shit i shouldn't probably have cleaned from the double(10 it was, wtf) posting, anyone help to hide that crap thanks :D

88022.   PXRZ   2019-04-06 22:07

Is there a patch .exe to install MWM on SLRR 2.2.1 Vanilla? I really need one right now.

88025.   DFRacing98   2019-04-07 07:13

hey yall so im not dead
is dr zoom back yet

88026.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-07 11:51

Yesterday my SLRR was fine, however next day my SLRR refused to start up. Unsure, how I fix this error, and I'm using BB93 SLRR 2015.
Error is;
create: Undefined GameType Constructor! 00270004 (Script)

88027.   Nightkid   2019-04-07 17:05

i´m pretty sure Zoom got banned a while ago .

88028.   PXRZ   2019-04-07 17:29

Nvm about the patch file. Btw is it okay to upload it here in case someone will need it?

88030.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-07 20:13

guys please move the meet to saturday
friday is work day especially in my timezone which is 1pm

88031.   BLiTZ   2019-04-07 23:09

yup I could join if saturday too

88032.   kidtonge   2019-04-08 00:14

How do I sign up for the vstanced image hosting?

88035.   doge   2019-04-08 15:33

My 106 thread has 106 posts :)

88036.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-08 15:36

A. let's lock it so that there wont be new posts

B. the hard truth is that the CMS doesnt count the first post(it's count is 0) so they're actually 107 posts, time to change car maybe?

88037.   doge   2019-04-08 15:39

I guess i'll have to buy peugeot 107 now :(

88038.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-08 16:04

Wait till 206 post so Doge have to buy Peugeot 206.

88039.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-08 16:39

*108, staying on the hard truth

88040.   MartyTheGamer   2019-04-08 16:55

Can't wait until he has to buy a 4007.

88041.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-09 00:08

the 306 post is going to be good

88043.   BigSmoke   2019-04-09 04:24

inb4 Doge buys a 306 Kitcar or 406 Super Touring

88044.   BigSmoke   2019-04-09 05:28

*or 405 Super Touring,forgot which one Pug used for BTCC back then

88045.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-09 07:54

So much "oof-er" going on the shout...

88048.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-10 00:05

Doge is only a good shibe that likes Pugs

88050.   Nightkid   2019-04-10 10:43

i mean who doesn´t like pugs

88051.   BLiTZ   2019-04-10 11:03

If we are talking about dogs I strongly dislike them and the same to those who breed them

88053.   PXRZ   2019-04-10 14:59

This got stuck apparently. *LINK*

88055.   Holy Shit Man   2019-04-10 19:52

How dare you not like dogs?

88056.   Holy Shit Man   2019-04-10 19:52

What kind of human being are you?

88057.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-10 20:52


88058.   PXRZ   2019-04-10 21:24


88059.   doge   2019-04-10 21:59

love me human!

88060.   BLiTZ   2019-04-11 00:28

I meant about the fucking pugs not dogs in general :))

88061.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-11 00:43

@blitz: you keep pushing me to get a pug and say that you dont like them?

88062.   BigSmoke   2019-04-11 03:48

But uh, do you like mah dawg? :))

88063.   BLiTZ   2019-04-11 10:14


88064.   doge   2019-04-11 13:52

What kind of human bean are you? :/

88065.   PXRZ   2019-04-11 19:02

Where is the bacon for the beans though?

88067.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-11 22:48

Did someone say english big breakfast?

88069.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-12 17:57

How I close my RP thread? Want to restart something more better.

88070.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-12 19:43

send me a link to it

88071.   ccp   2019-04-12 23:42

nice , my mod as a Photocomp car!!

88072.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-12 23:50

It's a nice mod man, i'll try to join too if my mind allows it :D

88073.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-13 00:15

Oh no, not again, more ugly fiat. *LINK*

88076.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-13 18:04

You are ugly ù_ú

88079.   PXRZ   2019-04-14 00:22

Why is there is no multipla design cue at the windshield that involved another set of lights to light up infront of you?

88081.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-14 09:51

88082.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-14 09:53

Very shook from BB93 comment.

88083.   BLiTZ   2019-04-14 10:23

it looks like some kind of honda concept,i like it :))

88085.   NK748   2019-04-14 10:28

I kinda like it too

88086.   Nightkid   2019-04-14 11:04

it looks interesting to say at least lolololo

88087.   Yeda   2019-04-14 14:08

the wheels look like they came out of a Hot Wheels from the early 2000's... and the body is the same as the wheels. An unloved ugly little hot wheels.

88088.   Yeda   2019-04-14 14:09

i don't have any clue on how a sane person would enjoy/like the design.

88089.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-14 14:33

It's a concept, it is meant to look out of the lines.

Now imagine that same body but with more road-able designs(no weird bumper lines, no 80" rims), it looks like a winner to me, something like the kia soul or the nissan cube.

88090.   Yeda   2019-04-14 15:00

well, maybe its me... i don't really like these kind of desings.

88091.   Yeda   2019-04-14 15:01

They just look too weird imo.

88096.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-15 02:25

yhea the cucbic desing is a very efficien way of using space and the product idea seems good especially considering that the market is regulated by dumbass europen politics that make laws with commomn sense and not technical knowledge

88099.   NK748   2019-04-15 21:12

Notre Dame of Paris is burning Oo

88101.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-16 01:21

great Vs has a shop... now i just need a car

88104.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-16 09:31

V I got car. It my lovely trusty 2006 Ford Fiesta. It is current at garage because my ABS module is dead.

88105.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-16 09:32

Sorry about double shout, but I'm thinking to buy VStanced sticker.

88106.   Jesus Christ   2019-04-16 10:07

you can double shout lol, it's a chat so what ever goes.. :) go on! orders should be dispatched today all being well.

88107.   Chaser   2019-04-16 10:12

Ooh can’t wait for mine to arrive!

88108.   Jesus Christ   2019-04-16 12:01

should be soon! :)

88110.   doge   2019-04-16 17:27

shovel be soon! :)

88114.   MartyTheGamer   2019-04-16 18:25

Even though I appear in this community once per 6 months I bought myself a slap sticker :DD

88115.   Jesus Christ   2019-04-16 19:26

Thanks tho! Nice to see some support! We want to grow VStanced into something bigger

88116.   PXRZ   2019-04-16 19:47

The bell ringer can´t be very happy right now.

88117.   Jesus Christ   2019-04-16 19:49


88118.   PXRZ   2019-04-16 20:18

the bell ringer, of notre dame.

88119.   PXRZ   2019-04-16 20:19


88120.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-17 01:47

Someone not too long ago asked about zoom being back yet or not.. i seem to have unvoluntarily found his new account. :D

I guess he'll stay till the next time he starts being a dick, then he'll go again. lol

88121.   Yeda   2019-04-17 02:06

what did he do that got him banned anyways ??

88122.   11000rpm   2019-04-17 05:55

For being butthurt at RP stuffs+admins

88123.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-17 06:22

73 profiles and always firing on every fucking human being around.

He must be the second or third person that has ever been permabanned from this site, since 9 years.

88125.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-17 06:52

@BB93 who Zoom's new account?

88126.   BLiTZ   2019-04-17 12:24

bb it do be like that sometimes

88128.   Nightkid   2019-04-17 15:10

God damn , Was he that butthurt ?

88129.   Lagano   2019-04-17 16:34


88131.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-17 16:54

I'm not making names, but he better not even start because there wont be another chance ever then.

It wasnt really hard to spot him, though.

88132.   Nightkid   2019-04-17 18:08

Oh god BB now everyone is gonna turn into an FBI Agent now lmaooo

88133.   BLiTZ   2019-04-17 18:34

assuming that anyone cares :))

88134.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-17 19:07

lol, again, it's not hard, he cant change one particular thing no matter what. :D

88135.   Nightkid   2019-04-17 19:20

I’m pretty sure that i know who’s Zoom . It’s quite obvious lmao

88136.   BLiTZ   2019-04-17 20:28

it was bb all this time.Truly undercover :troll:

88137.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-17 20:59


88138.   Nightkid   2019-04-17 21:01

CONSPIRACY THEORY *Shane Dawson has joined the chat*

88140.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-18 15:24

Speaking about conspiracy, i would really love having JC's special skills sometimes..

88141.   ccp   2019-04-18 15:33

what happen to the twingo mod?

88142.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-18 15:59

Happened that i should finish some model and convert it, but life is a bitch :\

88144.   doge   2019-04-18 16:54

Life if a bitch, if you're not rich and if you're laying dead in a ditch, next to a snitch who is playing nintendo switch with a glich

88145.   doge   2019-04-18 16:59

not for me tho, good news, i got proper job as a mechanic in a very nice place, mostly working on opels, decently payed above average, and you get extra shovel every day :D

88146.   Lagano   2019-04-18 17:33

Hmmm i could even bring my ride there to get it checked out :rolleyes:

88148.   Chaser   2019-04-18 18:35

anything is better than being underpaid like i am

88149.   ccp   2019-04-18 19:27

being a poor university student its worst

88150.   DHR   2019-04-18 20:37

Physics mod progress: *LINK*

88151.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-18 23:21

That's great news doge, i'm really happy about that!

88152.   Porsche911man   2019-04-19 02:40


88153.   BLiTZ   2019-04-19 09:46

Doge check pm reee

88154.   Nightkid   2019-04-19 13:37

Thamk for the free Assassin´s Creed lmao

88155.   Kokainum   2019-04-19 14:39

lets burn more religious buildings and see what games get given away

88156.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-19 14:53


88157.   Kokainum   2019-04-19 16:41

sounds good to me

88159.   doge   2019-04-19 17:34

Thank you Bigg Daddy93... I meen Boss* sorry

88160.   doge   2019-04-19 17:35

Sorry blitz im not getting the notifications

88161.   doge   2019-04-19 17:44

Check this pug i sent you, i'ts very good for that price, even has ac, its gonna sell fast im sure

88162.   DHR   2019-04-19 19:08


88163.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-19 20:25

Great, my recently bought computer having problem, have to waiting for repair finish. Luckly, it came with 3 months warranty, and my rp should be updated few day ago...

88164.   PXRZ   2019-04-20 16:29

What happened with the computer?

88165.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-20 18:05

It have no signal detected error after I used 1 hour. Going to see to seller this Tuesday.

88166.   BLiTZ   2019-04-20 21:52

why aren't pm notifications working no more?

88172.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-21 09:26

My brain is hurt...

88174.   Jesus Christ   2019-04-21 14:09

I still get notifications? Might be browser updates or something

88175.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-04-21 21:48


88176.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-22 03:05

@buzssaw prbally a grey import andregisterd as close as they could get 10/10 would buy for that price tho if only i could if you are a dumbass you can selll the powertrain for over that

88177.   Holy Shit Man   2019-04-22 13:48

Merry Christmas!

88178.   Chaser   2019-04-22 14:25

Happy Hanukkah!

88179.   Lagano   2019-04-22 22:34

Happy new year!

88180.   RPS13   2019-04-23 05:15


88181.   11000rpm   2019-04-23 07:54


88182.   BLiTZ   2019-04-23 10:26

average new year

88184.   VIP style (@vippuka)   2019-04-24 02:38

is there a SLRR Integra mod?

88186.   BigSmoke   2019-04-24 03:41

Which one?There are DC2 and DC5,I believe both are in DL section (DC5 is in high quality as well ;) )

88187.   PXRZ   2019-04-24 15:54

*says hi in sleepy*

88190.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-24 21:14

*says hi in sleepy too*

88191.   irexygorawr   2019-04-24 21:24

Hey, so i have the BB93 2.2.1MWM with the LE2BB93 V2.2 patch and all the patches for bennygarage but when i go test track, all the car does is roll back and doesnt move foward. in the garage when i let off clutch it only does burnout in everygear and doesnt move. any ideas

88192.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-24 21:25

Go into the options menu.

Enable drift mode.

Restart the game.

Disable drift mode.

Restart the game.

It should work now.

Let me know ;)

88193.   irexygorawr   2019-04-24 21:40

it worked. :D Thanks. I try to download majority of the things made by you franco and other modders lol

88194.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-25 01:06

sleepy says hi

88195.   Nightkid   2019-04-25 16:09

Hi says sleepy

88196.   BLiTZ   2019-04-25 17:01

sleepy says get the fuck out *LINK*

88198.   PXRZ   2019-04-25 17:27


88199.   Buzzsaw   2019-04-25 20:51

I'm cursed, my computer just fixed, now my wifi act like granny...

88200.   PXRZ   2019-04-25 22:10


88201.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-26 00:50

damm i just got a ride on a very quick up tsi now fuck my truck plans i need an actual car to rip arround

88202.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-26 20:13

> very quick
> up tsi

88203.   PXRZ   2019-04-26 22:43

But does it Vtak?

88204.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-27 00:03

for brazilian standards is quite funny also with e97 pushing 150 wheel is very nice

88205.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-27 00:04

for brazilian standards is quite funny also with e97 pushing 150 wheel is very nice

88207.   PXRZ   2019-04-27 03:52


88211.   BLiTZ   2019-04-28 11:02

how hard is to get parts for my car from your country sleepy?I want to run ethanol too :))

88214.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-28 18:28

Parts arent hard is jut that cars are very expensive so we set our best on golf gtis and civic's SI
also if your government funded wthanol production since the 80's it would be easy

88217.   BLiTZ   2019-04-28 23:08

nah I have to retrofit a few parts off palio and actually produce my own ethanol since its illegal to produce/use it besides races

88218.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-29 00:02

OOF sounds like someone is going dukes of hazard here

88220.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-29 11:07

Oh dang, did i fart THAT loud?

88221.   doge   2019-04-29 17:51

Farted so hard you broke the seat? arosa

88222.   PXRZ   2019-04-29 18:17

Better not been one of those racing seats for a chair.

88223.   PXRZ   2019-04-29 19:18


By far the dumbest design ever seen. If I got one of these I would disassemble the damn thing and give each part separate purposes for anything but being in contact with each other.

88224.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-29 19:39

Lol but why the fuck do people fit computers with leds... jesus my motherboard has 4 tiny blue leds and i've been hating it since i bought it.

How can you live with a massive rainbow by your side is beyond my understanding.

88225.   PXRZ   2019-04-29 22:09

Don´t forget the fans behind a glass panel, it looks like the theme is to choke the cooling system by only letting it breathe with tiny holes at the sides instead of having a chicken net infront of the fans instead.

88226.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-29 22:46

This is the only case a man should ever need: *LINK*

88227.   PXRZ   2019-04-29 22:51

That has a lot of potential in it.

88228.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-29 23:00

It does, that side fan pumps thrice as much air as the normal 12cm ones, with not even one third the noise.


Got it since 2010(ish) and i think i've never spent money better than that. :D

88229.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-29 23:01

*half the noise

88230.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-29 23:51

Led is hella nice but also sucks sometimes when you can't disable it especially for watching movies

88231.   PXRZ   2019-04-30 00:21

Been thinking about doing a similar thing with a left over fan in case a gpu needs a little more cooling.

88232.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-04-30 03:58

just set a home fan on the side of the case with a potentiometer for low sound

88234.   Holy Shit Man   2019-04-30 08:40

Am I the only one here who would rgb everything?

88235.   Bigg Boss93   2019-04-30 10:37


I've been playing with leds since years, as a kid i used to make led kits for my car models using leds and parts from broken PCBs from the home appliances we fixed.

As an adult i put led headlights on my father's car.

I still hate fucking sun-lit cases though. :D

88242.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-02 00:49

i think the point of a illuminated case is to show some parts that we spend so much money into but yeah thats some people that overdo it

88243.   BLiTZ   2019-05-02 11:18

well the only good thing I did to my pc "aesthetically" is stripping down the old plastic case and doing a custom fiberglass one with slight tint to it.It's easier to carry it to lan games and the way I built it it has better ventilation so its a win win

88244.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-02 17:52

Right, to show them to WHO?

Because 90% of you got their pc hidden under or over a desk, in your bedroom.

That's pointless.

It's like people that fill their cars with stickers of the parts they've bought.

Dude, nobody other than you and other 2 car cunts give a shit about your HKS intake.

Keep your body clean. :D

88245.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-02 18:04

ps: sorry HKS, i love you, i hope i havent hurt you xoxoxo

88246.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-02 18:04


88247.   IceD   2019-05-02 18:07

hey marco

88248.   Nightkid   2019-05-02 18:44

Hey Boss

88249.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-02 19:20


88250.   BLiTZ   2019-05-02 19:22

bey hoss

88251.   PXRZ   2019-05-02 19:30


That´s how upgrading your PC works yo.

88253.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-02 23:56

well if they spend money to leave it hidden its their problem but usually expensive pcs are exposed somewher even its for personal satisfaction and oh boy is it pleasing to see your pc

88254.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-03 08:03

Inb4 *LINK*

88255.   BLiTZ   2019-05-03 09:57

Imagine having to spend more just to show off lmao.What is this?Slrr but retarded pc tuning? :))

88256.   BLiTZ   2019-05-03 09:59

if it runs I'm more than happy.Whats the point of flashy coolers and multi led strips inside of a box?

88257.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-03 12:31

What a logic, so if i buy a pizza for 20€ instead of the common 5/6€ i am supposed to run across the restaurant showing it off?

Or should i just show off the receipt?

88258.   BLiTZ   2019-05-03 12:38

well considering the fact that you're more likely to run with a pizza than a pc then yea :))

88259.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-03 13:18

whats the problem with PC Ricers tho :lol:

88260.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-03 13:25

There's no problem, other than the fact that personally i find lights ectremely annoying as i commonly use my pc in almost total darkness and it is on my right side, so it'd blind me.

Other than that, one can do whatever, but i always have a chuckle when someone tells me they do stuff just to showoff.

Like, do stuff because you enjoy it and if the only enjoyment is showing off then i think one should reconsider his whole life and think about how to solve these traumas. :P

88261.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-03 14:52

What if one just likes attention?

88263.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-03 17:35


88264.   Nightkid   2019-05-03 17:51

Trauma time !!!

88265.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-03 18:43


88266.   insolivion   2019-05-03 20:17


88267.   Nightkid   2019-05-03 20:23

T̴̢̬̬̖͌̓̅̃̽̕͝ͅr̷͔̜̩̃́̽̿͒̇͛̕͝ȧ̷̫̆̕ù̴̧̡̺͚̜̼̟̥̒̀͊͆͘͝m̷̭̩̤͔͆̈́͐͌̅͝͝ǎ̷̢̬̳͙͉͈͓̂͒̈́͆̐̾̍̃͠ time !

88268.   BLiTZ   2019-05-03 20:29

it do be like that sometimes

88269.   PXRZ   2019-05-03 21:57


88270.   ToyMakerZ   2019-05-04 09:13

can i request wheels anywere?

88271.   BLiTZ   2019-05-04 10:11

probably at the wheelshop

88272.   Nightkid   2019-05-04 14:54

makes sense

88273.   one_slow_boi   2019-05-04 17:35

can somemone help me with somethink ?

88274.   one_slow_boi   2019-05-04 17:36

im trying to find one slrr game but i forgot name

88275.   one_slow_boi   2019-05-04 17:37

all i know is u can move engines and has modded models and stuff

88276.   one_slow_boi   2019-05-04 23:03


88279.   Nightkid   2019-05-05 19:11


88280.   BLiTZ   2019-05-05 20:44


88281.   Nightkid   2019-05-05 21:41


88282.   RPS13   2019-05-06 03:53


88283.   11000rpm   2019-05-06 10:40


88284.   Nakai   2019-05-06 14:47


88285.   Kokainum   2019-05-06 15:47

88286.   Nakai   2019-05-06 17:31


88287.   Nightkid   2019-05-06 17:40


88288.   PXRZ   2019-05-06 20:53


88289.   Tubaman   2019-05-06 23:37


88290.   Lagano   2019-05-06 23:51

15 pens

88291.   Nightkid   2019-05-07 07:33

15 snep

88292.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-07 09:47


88293.   BLiTZ   2019-05-07 11:55


88294.   Nightkid   2019-05-07 12:23

ttivu UwU

88295.   insolivion   2019-05-07 14:03

"vittu" means fuck in 2 languages btw

88296.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-07 14:43

I'm quite sure he knows :P

Btw, how is that i leave for a weekend and the chatbox goes full bananas? XD

88297.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-07 15:16

v We have mario go kart that full of Donkey Kong bananas

88298.   PXRZ   2019-05-07 15:40

Doesn´t vittu mean vagina in finnish?

88299.   insolivion   2019-05-07 15:59

yeah it means both

88300.   PXRZ   2019-05-07 16:49

Then vittu vittu can mean fuck pussy and pussy fuck.

88301.   BLiTZ   2019-05-07 17:23

haista vittu

88302.   Nightkid   2019-05-07 20:34


88303.   PXRZ   2019-05-07 20:35

Sataana perkele.

88304.   Nightkid   2019-05-07 22:22


88308.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-08 04:38


88309.   Chaser   2019-05-08 12:44


88310.   PXRZ   2019-05-08 15:21


88311.   Jesus Christ   2019-05-08 17:41

Fucker broke the shout box

88312.   Nightkid   2019-05-08 18:00


88313.   PXRZ   2019-05-08 19:00

Fuck right you are about the shout box being broken. *LINK*

88314.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-08 23:48

@JC who?

88315.   Jesus Christ   2019-05-09 00:27

You lol

88316.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-09 01:44

i know it was just a bad joke tho

88317.   PXRZ   2019-05-09 17:45


88318.   RPS13   2019-05-09 17:46


88319.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-09 21:53

I downloaded TUD game, and I completed forgot my RP.

88320.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-09 21:54

Well, shit no edit button

88321.   Back_in_Black   2019-05-10 16:16

TDU > anything else so it's ok

88322.   BLiTZ   2019-05-10 19:48

damn tdu...part of my childhood right there

88323.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-10 23:00

Me too, I found free download without having virus,a dn I found cool mod call tdu platinum, which it add on mod, and it have many of cars. Damn I was like walking into massive candy store.

88324.   Buzzsaw   2019-05-10 23:01

My typing tho, like I was like half sleeping...

88325.   PXRZ   2019-05-10 23:21

That was a long time since I played that game again. I almost forgot it.

88329.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-11 13:22

Nah, you just need to read more books :P

88331.   Nightkid   2019-05-11 14:30

Oy , thank you guys for the Bob the Builder photocomp !!

88335.   PXRZ   2019-05-11 21:31

Then you need Builder the Bob. *LINK*

88337.   George_Monroe   2019-05-13 11:03

Happy mother's day


88338.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-13 14:04

What. xD

88342.   PXRZ   2019-05-14 19:19


What a foul mouthed fish.

88346.   DHR   2019-05-15 16:21

found this old vid on my HDD lmao *LINK*

88347.   DHR   2019-05-15 16:21

we should upload more SLRR videos with clickbait titles, this way the game could get popular

88348.   DHR   2019-05-15 16:21

L 0 L

88349.   mitko   2019-05-15 18:15

Check mine

88350.   DHR   2019-05-15 20:26

Nice, what kind of GTX3090ti card are you using for Valo not to lag?

88351.   PXRZ   2019-05-15 20:48

What about SatanTech GTxXx 666.6 Ti then?

88353.   mitko   2019-05-16 06:22

Played with Scene.java, added more fog and lowered the view distance and it actually worked

88355.   Nakai   2019-05-17 14:13

Thinking of getting a gpu to... ATTEMPT to fit in my case
probably a 1660 mini or something, although i wanted to get an RX 580 lol

88361.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-17 18:36

Anyone here interested in seeing one more wheel pack?

88362.   Soju   2019-05-17 19:27

I am

88363.   Chaser   2019-05-17 19:33

If it's one of your lovely packs then yes im all for it!

88365.   Nightkid   2019-05-17 22:10

there’s always room for another rimpacks UwU

88366.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-18 00:16

@nakai honestly if a 1060 is better than a 580 even tho it has less memory go for a 1660

88367.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-18 09:58

RCD's uploaded an R33!

88368.   Nightkid   2019-05-18 10:09

ummm where ?

88370.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-18 11:41


88373.   muhdaffa25   2019-05-19 08:06

Does anybody know why i can't paint my FD?

88375.   PXRZ   2019-05-19 15:26


Get the RX 580 over the GTX 1660, it´s both more bang for the buck and more versatile when it comes to the use of drivers for it.

88376.   PXRZ   2019-05-19 15:31

Although the only thing the GTX 1660 is good at is to give life to a machine that´s more than a decade old and even that is probably not what you want unless you have a good cpu to prevent a bottleneck.

88377.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-19 17:16

How do I put AA in SLRR? I've set it all like always but it doesn't seem to put any AA at all

88378.   Chaser   2019-05-19 17:25

Someone wanna quickly explain why my SL wont work in Fullscreen but works in windowed? I get a black screen and can hear the game but no video?
Using BB93 and his new updates if that helps

88379.   BigSmoke   2019-05-19 19:04

@Chaser did you use ENB or similar?

88380.   Chaser   2019-05-19 19:10

I used an ENB, i managed to fix the error now anyway. Just needed to reset my Nvidia Graphic Profile for SLRR

88382.   DHR   2019-05-20 13:56

If your meshes get fucked up when exporting from newer max to max 5 use this - *LINK*'s%20file%20format/BackFromFive0_3_6.zip

88383.   DHR   2019-05-20 13:57

Run max script, enter customize UI, category BOBO and drag the export button somewhere, it creates a max script to import the file

88384.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-20 16:37

That may be useful

88389.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-20 18:47


88391.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-21 00:09

Quick life advice: If you guys ever ever consider doing autmotive or similar engineering and like having a social life and mental health dont try it

88392.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-21 00:09

the only benefit is when you graduate you can justify everything you do to your car

88395.   BLiTZ   2019-05-21 12:43

especially when you don't :))

88396.   doge   2019-05-21 17:26

"If in doubt, shovel out."
-Dogin McDoge

88397.   Chaser   2019-05-21 18:54

I mean im doing my Apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Technician and its been pretty fun. Apart from all the abuse i get from the guys. All part of being an Apprentice!

88398.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-22 00:03

@blitz you find out you had some but its already gone

88399.   BLiTZ   2019-05-22 10:21


88400.   BLiTZ   2019-05-22 10:21

btw sims 4 is free on origin

88401.   Nightkid   2019-05-22 10:30

Link ?:)))))

88402.   BLiTZ   2019-05-22 10:58


88403.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-22 13:07

btw Grid 2 and Guacamelee are free on Steam

88404.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-24 02:32

@Holy Shit Man

Holy shit man...

88405.   doge   2019-05-24 13:50

Holy man shit...

88407.   Soju   2019-05-24 16:37

shit man holy...

88408.   Chaser   2019-05-24 18:42

Man Shit Holy

88409.   MartyTheGamer   2019-05-24 18:52

oh shit

88411.   RPS13   2019-05-25 05:00


88412.   RPS13   2019-05-25 05:00


88414.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-25 13:17


88415.   Chaser   2019-05-25 14:28


88416.   PXRZ   2019-05-25 14:31

holy shitto

88417.   doge   2019-05-25 18:53

Shitty hole

88418.   PXRZ   2019-05-25 19:52

shit out of hole.

88419.   MartyTheGamer   2019-05-25 20:43

Super Shitto 64

88421.   Nightkid   2019-05-25 23:14

Bigg Shitto 93

88422.   Bigg Boss93   2019-05-26 02:48

Unfortunately i am the hugest shitto, i wish i wasnt or at least i didnt know about it..

88427.   Holy Shit Man   2019-05-26 18:32

How about you became the shitto?

88430.   FREAKRACER   2019-05-28 16:56

i can any give me a link to 4eft or can any one create one plus can any one create a suzuki swift or khyber ( google it ) please

88432.   FREAKRACER   2019-05-28 16:57

file:///D:/sarim%20folder/PICS/Khyber-640x360.jpg here the pick of khyber

88434.   FREAKRACER   2019-05-28 17:02

BTW there is no new engines can you tel me why ? :/

88437.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-29 02:48

Because slrr modding is way more complicated than most games and you add a small comunity with even smaller modding comunity you got your answer and mos of the popular things people build in the game thares good mods already

88442.   FREAKRACER   2019-05-30 16:44

oh ok sorry if you are hurt <3

88443.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-05-30 17:25

just explaining not being butthurt but if yiu wanna make a mod just make a wip and you will find some ppl willin helping you (including me) ;)

88446.   BLiTZ   2019-05-31 09:17

modding is hard mkay

88447.   FREAKRACER   2019-05-31 16:40

can we order a custom one like on demand ?

88448.   PXRZ   2019-05-31 19:53

Suggestions of what you think is missing is a good start.

88453.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-02 15:59

Provide me with blueprints and 200$ and I can do it

88455.   PXRZ   2019-06-03 20:06

Happy birthday to me.

88456.   Lagano   2019-06-03 21:52

Happy birthday!

88457.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-06-04 01:14

congrats boyyy

88459.   PXRZ   2019-06-04 23:01

thank you.

88460.   PXRZ   2019-06-04 23:01


88462.   PXRZ   2019-06-06 23:05


88464.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-08 00:23

Toyota Celica

88465.   Lagano   2019-06-08 19:35


88466.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-06-09 03:16

Carlos sainz edition

88469.   PXRZ   2019-06-10 02:34

Comic Sans Logic.

88470.   PXRZ   2019-06-10 02:34

Commie Sensei Legend.

88471.   Bigg Boss93   2019-06-11 00:34

plrse hlp me, i wanna die and tat's all... i need someoe please

88473.   Porsche911man   2019-06-11 01:34

Nah. I need a boss still

88477.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 10:32

hey guys so despite my absence for like two months I'm not dead

88478.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 10:34

I'm kinda debating starting a new rp
and doing things right this time instead of fucking it up every five seconds

88479.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 10:41

uhhh yall my profile picture wont change

88481.   PXRZ   2019-06-11 14:34

@Bigg Boss93
What happened now?

I think the look of the guy in the pic is trying to tell you something about the consequences of replacing the profile picture.

88482.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 14:38

idk who the guy in the picture is but the car is my dads

88484.   BLiTZ   2019-06-11 14:50

this weekends rally was a mess *LINK*

88485.   BLiTZ   2019-06-11 14:51

and the video when and how it happend *LINK*

88486.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 14:54

bruh I'm tryna get my old rp locked so I can start a new one, can someone lock it for me

88487.   DFRacing98   2019-06-11 14:54

Doms rp drag racing garage

88489.   PXRZ   2019-06-12 00:16



You might get the joke.

88493.   ParkerFM01   2019-06-12 18:38

ive been active for about fourty seven years yeah but im still alive, missed slrr a bit aha how are y'all

88494.   ParkerFM01   2019-06-12 18:38


88495.   GolfPlaya   2019-06-12 23:03

This is the best site ever thank you! Years of SLRR happiness

88497.   Jesus Christ   2019-06-13 12:50

thank you.

88500.   Porsche911man   2019-06-14 06:25

What's the light(car wise) limit for SLRR?

88502.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-06-14 14:21

a tip build a save per car (especially rp) way safer and reliable also its easier to change between

88503.   Lagano   2019-06-15 16:06

I once had around 100-150 mods before the whole thing crashed.

88506.   Luke23_32   2019-06-15 16:58

hummm... so m back w a new pc, amd ryzen 3, no gpu (yeah im poor) but i cant seem to get fxaa/smaa/any sort of aa to work. enbs work fine. anybody help pls?

88508.   BigSmoke   2019-06-16 15:13

God this week's World RX was exciting! Le Mans too,but only in GTE clasees

88509.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-16 21:40

1970 celica best car

88510.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-17 07:05

slrr is dying change my mind

88512.   Smokiegun   2019-06-17 08:01

It's dying if you think it is. I feel the community is getting closer and it's even more fun than before.

88513.   BigSmoke   2019-06-17 09:02

Ever since both the 2.3.1 and Light Edition was released, I feel like SLRR has been given a second chance of life.New mods helps as well.

88516.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-17 12:34

SLRR isn't dying itself, it's more like people die - most of the OGs aren't around anymore

88517.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-17 12:38

So even though we have people like Amilmand SLRR now is basically all RPs of people who for some reason are stuck at playing SLRR

88518.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-17 12:40

And at this moment it's hard to get new people to work on SLRR because a) SLRR is in fact pain in the back to work with and b) people are fancy on newer titles like AC, BeamNG or whatnot

88519.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-17 17:40

ive noticed something on my HTC laptop (used for school work) SLRR 90s JDM does not work but on my Dell lap it works perfectly even with mods

88520.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-17 17:40

i men't HP not HTC

88523.   Facepalm   2019-06-18 23:17

I do wonder, who do you consider the OGs, HSM?

88524.   Poronggo357   2019-06-19 03:07


88525.   Poronggo357   2019-06-19 03:10

someone please can help me, i want to create a paintjob for my BWM E46 M3 GTR, but im new in this game and with png decals, every paint goe to shit.

88526.   BigSmoke   2019-06-19 04:02

Creating paintjobs in SLRR is equivalent with walking through a minefield barefooted tbh, particularly if there's no texture map available for the car. Try following this tutorial: *LINK*

88527.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-19 08:23

@Facelamp - anyone pre-2016 :))

On a serious note, I don't follow the scene now but it feels like there's barely anyone there (speaking of actual modders), let it be Adnan or blast and that's it

88528.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:05

i believe i joined mid or late 2017

88529.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:05

i wanna make a spongebob teture pack

88530.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:05

i wanna make a spongebob teture pack

88531.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:06

nicklodeon needs to make a spongebob based car game its kinda stupid but they have had dumber ideas

88532.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:08

i have no idea what the heck im talking about

88533.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:10

i make beamng automation mods

88534.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-19 19:10

how do you paralyze a car

88535.   Facepalm   2019-06-20 01:23

Hit its ECU

88536.   CapnFlappyJaw   2019-06-20 01:40

anyone have the link to the Haulers Smallduty?

88537.   RPS13   2019-06-20 17:22

i can't believe i've been playing slrr and been registered here for 6 years

88538.   RPS13   2019-06-20 17:28


88540.   DHR   2019-06-20 19:03

hold up, was Jaziba's S15 ever released publicly?

88541.   DHR   2019-06-20 19:04

*LINK* This disgusting forza roof is unmistakable

88545.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-06-21 00:01

im going to make a spongebob texture pack

88546.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-21 15:12


88547.   DHR   2019-06-21 17:41

Didn't Jaziba convert the Forza S15 to SLRR? This crearly is the forza s15 and they credited :slrr: I haven't heard of someone else making it.

88548.   JoeTKD   2019-06-21 19:07

Se inscrevam no meu canal !!
Lá vai ser só vídeos de SLRR


88549.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-21 20:39

I think I would know if he did

Or was it a very well hidden?

88556.   hamburper   2019-06-22 18:46


88557.   SuperSupra512   2019-06-22 23:30


88558.   DFRacing98   2019-06-23 08:23

lol supersupra why did you just type *LINK* there is no link

88559.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-23 08:59

It's a rolling joke, it started with this: *LINK*

88560.   Nightkid   2019-06-23 10:45

But jokes are suppose to be funny no ?

88561.   DHR   2019-06-23 11:36

@holy shit man

88562.   SuperSupra512   2019-06-23 12:43

It was 2:00 AM and I was bored so I sent this

88563.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-23 14:41

@DHR - I need it

88564.   DHR   2019-06-23 16:39

Why? It's disgusting(forza) , this one is better, most accurate model *LINK*

88565.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-23 18:40

I don't have that one either

88574.   BLiTZ   2019-06-25 23:55

why yall so silent

88575.   DFRacing98   2019-06-26 02:22

guys rip etika :'(

88576.   DFRacing98   2019-06-26 02:23

boys can we get an F chain?

88577.   BigSmoke   2019-06-26 02:49

F, he's a good JoJo series fan even if he forgot which JoJo is which at times

88578.   FREAKRACER   2019-06-27 10:56

dose anyone has fake 4g63 by doge ?

88579.   Bigg Boss93   2019-06-27 13:09

Isnt it in the download area?

88580.   Bigg Boss93   2019-06-27 13:14

Maybe here?


88581.   2005Infinity   2019-06-27 15:20

does anyone know how can i modify to get more grip on the tyres?

88585.   DHR   2019-06-27 23:38

rubber rigidity sliction friction

88586.   PXRZ   2019-06-28 00:05

Rip Etika.

88587.   PXRZ   2019-06-28 00:05


88588.   Bigg Boss93   2019-06-28 15:34

who dat

88589.   PXRZ   2019-06-28 22:54

A youtuber who committed suicide.

88591.   FREAKRACER   2019-06-29 17:31

4g63 not 4age

88592.   PXRZ   2019-06-29 17:33

Waiting on an answer for my question in the GTA V thread.

88595.   janeke46   2019-06-30 11:26

question, how can i add more than 1 decoration on interior?

88596.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-30 12:08

You need to add another slot in cfg

88598.   janeke46   2019-06-30 15:14

gotcha, worked. And also how can i make the doors open, or even dismount them? same with trunk, bumpers and hood work

88599.   Revolution   2019-06-30 15:27

Depends if they have their own mesh. If theyre a single piece with the chassis then they can't be opened

88601.   janeke46   2019-06-30 16:25

i mean, the author of it (his firts conv) said he didnt know how to do it. So here I am. I know i have to change it but where? 3dsmax? scripts? Def. has its own mesh

88602.   Holy Shit Man   2019-06-30 18:46

3ds Max, as long as you have the sources (trust me, you don't want to import the model back)

88603.   FREAKRACER   2019-06-30 18:54

please cane anyone give me the link to 4g63 please

88604.   FREAKRACER   2019-06-30 18:54

please cane anyone give me the link to 4g63 please

88608.   gorgoil   2019-07-01 04:52

Its on GOM discord an alpha/beta version of Blast's 4G63

88609.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-01 08:16

I'm still wondering why people dont upload stuff in the download section instead than having it lost into a discord channel

88610.   NK748   2019-07-01 10:38

Engine here :

88611.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-01 13:56

Agreed @bb93.. stupid way to do it.

88613.   janeke46   2019-07-01 16:50

hey umm question, how can i edit the windows to put stickers on them?

88615.   Revolution   2019-07-01 20:53

If the Mod has mapped windows, then check for a Window Texture and edit that accordingly. Otherwise you have to re-export the window meshes and map them, create a texture and template etc

88620.   LoneWanderer   2019-07-02 11:28

Guys which rimpacks do you think takes the most amount of time to load

88621.   LoneWanderer   2019-07-02 11:28

I'm trying to sort out the rims mods that I have and get rid of those that loads forever when you go to the next page

88622.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-02 11:37

Not mine :))

88623.   janeke46   2019-07-02 14:46

is there any tutorial on re exporting etc?

88624.   gorgoil   2019-07-02 17:32

Seems like Blast just released it for beta testing propose, once finished he's going to release everywhere like he does with with all of his mods

88625.   Revolution   2019-07-02 18:05

@janeke46 You need to import the scx file into ZMod and then from ZMod to Max 5. Once you have mapped etc export to SCX and make sure you edit the scripts for the texture you are adding for the windows

88629.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 18:25

It's not lost on a discord channel since GOM Team has a download section @Bigg Boss93

88630.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 18:25

It's not lost on a discord channel since GOM Team has a download section @Bigg Boss93

88631.   Yeetful0   2019-07-03 18:42

If you hate the way we do it, BB, why did you even join our Discord?

88633.   Back_in_Black   2019-07-03 19:58

maybe, just maybe, he didn't join for the mods?

88634.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 20:04

your name is BB now? @Back_in_Black

88635.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-03 20:27

I'm fairly sure i've clarified my point of view over that quite well already, plus i did join because i was invited by someone which at some point has been so pissed off by some random dudes that he left the discord thing, i'm sure you may know both people.. so yeah.

It's not "hate", it's being reasonable about the fact that a discord isnt meant for that use, whereas a forum with a download section is, simple as that.

Aint even going to explain it again, the next time i'll just ignore you because it seems that simple english words such as those a foreginer can type arent clear enough for you.

88636.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-03 20:28

Also, Elias, that's a shitty answer to someone who's trying to avoid that type of behavior, aka flamewars.

I do understand you're 12 years old but jesus, you can do better.

88637.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 20:34

So you need someone to help you everytime a question is asked to you?

88638.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-03 20:36

I dont, in fact i've just replied now that i saw the messages, unlike you and the other boy who seem to always have to reply one for the other as a wolfpack, a lame one though.

88639.   gorgoil   2019-07-03 20:43

@Yeetful0 if you don't like VS why are you here too? it's the same thing... I'm not trying to fight anyone, because I'm tired of this shit, you complained about Vs in the past, why you still here complaining? you are both in same place and you still talk... BB doesn't like Discord system to act like a forum it's his problem, you don't like VS because some assholes it's your problem, you guys just have to deal with it, life doesn't go as you wish

88640.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 20:46

Who said we disliked VS? I mean, I personally not

88641.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-03 20:50

Yeetful did, lol.

But i dont give a shit, this site is open for haters as much as for lovers.

We dont do discriminations. ;)

88642.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-03 20:57

Btw the "we" is funny, looks like you're talking of yourself as someone with multiple personalities disorder :))

88643.   BLiTZ   2019-07-03 21:14


88644.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-03 21:18

Cut down with the us v them bullshit, it's obvious that a website with a good managed download section is the way to do it. A shitty chat client with a room for downloads is as stupid and mismanaged as it gets. But you kids keep on doing your little thing and pretend that you're in some way special lol. The fact is that SLR community is the size of a peanut and you lot are continuing to break it apart and slowly will end up killing this game that pretty much is still around due to mods which you now hide in your silly little channel. But if you feel more special about it go ahead, just don't cry when there's no one left to care about your mods.

88645.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-03 21:18

Maybe then it'll click that to keep this game going you need to pull your fingers out of your arse and start sharing with the small community that we have left.

88646.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 21:46

*says the guy who created the darkside*

88647.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 21:48

Most of the mods uploaded on GOM are uploaded here too. We doesn't even need to talk about this tbh.

88648.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-03 21:52

Says the guy who missed the point of dark side. Aka sharing more you tit

88649.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-03 21:54

A mod isn't done to be shared?

88650.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-03 22:14

You what

88651.   TunaWithNoBustas   2019-07-03 22:31

tuna, no bustas

88652.   Yeetful0   2019-07-04 00:34

Don't understand why gom and vs always have to be at odds with each other. Plus, JC and BB, why cut people down? Shouldn't the goal be to encourage other members? Geesh.

88653.   BLiTZ   2019-07-04 01:17

encouraging bullshit ain't no solution tho :))

88654.   Yeetful0   2019-07-04 03:47

Encouraging crap is different than addressing a problem. We should work together and stop bashing each other. We are two separate communities that should be supportive of each other. We shouldn't be stabbing each other in the back by saying, "hey. We do things better than 'someone else' does". I guess I'm tired of it. SLRR is dying, and the few members each community has left shouldn't have to be a part of a problem that happened 10 years ago. Let's just change our mindset. Even though GOM and VS do things differently, that doesn't make one or another better or worse. There needs to be a mutual respect and support of each other individually.

88655.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 06:12

It is not about encouraging shit. It is that some people now get into modding and they need help and they don't want people to fucking piss them off.

88656.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 06:18

Not all people have the time and the skills of others.

88657.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 06:22

Cooperation should be a must to all communities of this type.

88659.   Kokainum   2019-07-04 08:42

lol internet

88660.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 09:19

Jesus effing Christ.. lmao

Saying an opinion =/= bashing anything.

Bothering the fuck out = bothering the fuck out.

Stop being a kid, open your mind and start understanding the difference.

The point stands even if you write three chapters of bullshit.

The community is super small, we're keeping splitting it and moreover we're losing mods into a chat instead than having them into a proper download area.

That's my opinion that you like it or not, you can keep yours very tight as i dont care either just as you shouldnt care about mines(but you seem to do as you're constantly pissing off with the same fucking thing), specially when it's on my very own space.

You dont see me in the GOM discord bothering the fuck to everyone about this, i only spoke about it in the private area and to Defiant, which has a different opinion but agreed to disagree like any adult would do.


88661.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 09:20

And with this i'm done, just keep moaning about whatever you want, aint even gonna bother reading it at all anymore.

88662.   Qis   2019-07-04 11:54

@Big Boss93 "...we're losing mods into a chat instead than having them into a proper download area." a proper download with broken links? lol proper.
at least the download links in gom discord are working perfectly fine. ive just read this chat and it looks like you're the one being salty piece of shit

88663.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 12:43

Do you even read yourself?

It's like it's the site's fault if the modders uploaded their mods into faulty sites such as crocko or megaupload(which are defunct by now).

But yeah, i can agree on the last 4 words, i am a salty piece of shit, i born in an island so i breath salt daily.

The same work that has been done to reupload mods and link them there, can be done here, just, again, into a real download area.

But back to it, you guys do whatever the fuck you want, like, i'm saying this if you want to keep SLRR alive.

I personally pretty much gave up on it a few years ago, i'm trying to release the last few pieces of shit i've started so to give all what i can to it and then goodbye.

88664.   FREAKRACER   2019-07-04 12:57

is there 4efte in this game if there is then please give me the link

88665.   Nightkid   2019-07-04 13:10

Ya´ll better stop with this clownery , it´s boring

88667.   Qis   2019-07-04 13:54

do you even realise your own stupidity? why do i need to read myself? it was a reply to your statement about proper download, u said PROPER when it is not even working. why u talk about leaving the comunity when it is about to die anyway, nobody care if u leave though for real, talk about releasing mods when modders just post videos in youtube and never intended release them whatsoever

88668.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:26

BB93 the problem isn't if you keep releasing mods because we don't really give a fuck about that. The problem is that this situation pisses a lot of people off.Especially this shit with reuploading is nonsense a long as GOM's download section at Discord works properly.

88669.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 15:31

I know people dont give a shit, i've always made mods for myself and shared in case anyone wanna play this game instead of just complain about the lack of mods.

Yeah, right, as long.

You said well. :D

88670.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:36

It will keep working properly.

88671.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 15:39

That's great, i dont see the point of all this discussion then.

I have said my opinion, you dont agree? Great.

You do agree? Great.

You just dont care about it? Great.

Now roll on and keep uploading mods wherever you wish, or dont, it's the same for as far as i care.

88672.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:46

If anyone feels like uploading any missing mods on vstanced feel free

88673.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:46

Including ones from discord

88674.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 15:48

all the mods on GOM are on VS too. Fireful did only one exclusive one but since all VStanced cried about that , its here too

88675.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:51

I'm sure we cried.

88676.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:52

It's a shame that idiots like you don't see our point. Sharing is the only reason this game is still kicking about, the only reason some of you still know how to mod it or work with it.. because people like me, Marco, Franco etc shared their tutorials/knowledge/mods etc and even went as far as providing a community so it all can be in one place

88677.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:53

Then you come with your new buggy freshly made mod and pretend to be some kind of genius keeping it VIP and exclusive. People like that are part of the reason this game is dying. Vstanced as a SLR main page won't be around for long. We've got bigger visions :)

88678.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:54

But your community started all this shit. GOM was always happy to cooperate with all other SLRR communities. You just keeping being cunts.

88679.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:55

And what's those visions?

88680.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:55

Who are you even

88681.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 15:56

why are you talking about sharing ? if the players wanna play with "GOM" exclusive mods they just join the discord and download them ! you dont wanna share anything , you are just trying to make VStanced the main SLRR website just be honest

88682.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:56

Maybe Amilmand and Gorgoil work hard on this game but I have never seen something else from you than mods which Frying low spec PCs.

88683.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 15:56

for someone who created a restricted darkside on his website , talking about sharing is a joke

88684.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:57

It is the main SLR site :D you're missing my point again you silly sausage

88685.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 15:58

You keep talking about darkside, someone's butt hurt to never get access to it? I guess the goal of it flew over your head too, like the rest.

88686.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 15:58

easier when GOM is not around anymore lmao

88687.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:58

JC I am just an 5 year member of GOM.i just changed name.

88688.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 15:59

hopefully you changed your name

88689.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 15:59

And About darkside it is just a shitty section with broken unfinished vipkas which you flex on videos.

88690.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:00

Doesn't matter. It's still the biggest and has been for a long while.. but if it makes you feel more special keep your discord exclusive mods around, it's fine. Why are you here at VStanced crying about it is above me tho.

88691.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 16:01

Lord this is entertaining.

88692.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 16:01

i'm not crying i'm like you i give my opinion but since you cant even understand that i'm just losing my time

88693.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:02

Go back through the news, find darkside announcement and see what the vision of darkside was and what benefit it would've had. If you still don't see it and think it's a funky VIP section then I'm at a loss. Darkside has been gone and not used for years it was a test/trial to increase the quality of SLR mods but didn't work out.

88694.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 16:02

Ok be happy with keeping dozens of mod private for some exclusive cunt members.

88695.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:02

I'm not on discord tho and have never been :D

88696.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:03

Rather we call them trusted grown up and knowledgeable beta testers ;) not c***s

88697.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 16:03

join the discord then lmao

88698.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 16:04

you'll be surprised to see that the community is still active

88699.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:05

I don't need to, you fighters come here, raise my ad revenue and bring me hits $$$

88700.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 16:06


88701.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:07


88702.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 16:07

Well when you need exclusive beta test erst which are certified for that, you can easily pm some trusted members and give them the mod and not having a whole dead download section so you can feel special about your community.

88703.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:08

We don't have to pm anyone, we could do it all in one place :) it's a shame that you don't understand why it was there.

88704.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 16:09

Yeyeye fast beta testing and shit... Give the ability to many people to try your broken crap.

88705.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 16:09

i'm curious to know how much $$$ you get with your ads because i'm not the only one to use a adblocker

88706.   AlexGT   2019-07-04 16:09

*crappy mod

88707.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 16:18


88708.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 16:18

I thibk we need a kindergarten section

88709.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 16:46

Haha yes :D children are going wild these days

88710.   Nightkid   2019-07-04 16:49

i’m just silently watching everything and laughing my ass of at the stupidity of GOM team members . Y’all are hilarious, have you ever considered being a comedian?

88711.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-04 17:04

I sometimes wish some of the old members would come back to tell these kids to stfu.

Mike., Andyflagg(well i still talk to him every now and then, but he aint active), Jag, Davidov.. now that was a decent gom team, besides of the fact that sometimes there would be disagreement with them too, but just as any human does.

88712.   gorgoil   2019-07-04 18:40

I'm laughing so hard with this shit,Oh My Dog there's so much stupidity in such small SLRR community, jeez no one can complain why SLRR is dying
@Bigg Boss93 yes I'd love to see them come back and teach them what was the real GOM

88714.   Yeetful0   2019-07-04 18:48

Anywho, happy 4th of July!

88715.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-04 19:15

happy independance day to all the muricans

88716.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-04 20:11

@some_of_you_there - *LINK*

I mean, jeez, at this moment most of you should've grown up enough to know that any arguing on that VS vs GOM 2.0 thing is senseless, as both sides appear not to understand the I don't agree with your opinion but it's OK idea. And it's okay, as long as you try not to trigger the other side (where both sides seem to be so damn easy to trigger)

88717.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-04 20:14

Instead, just keep on doing what you think is the better and enjoy the one man show you are running there

88718.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-04 20:16

Ultimately, it's better to have two separated communities working on anything other than just barking on each other

88719.   Yeetful0   2019-07-04 20:35

Honestly, that is very true.

88720.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-04 21:30

Of course we understand. What I don't get is why gom fanboys come here and start shit? Like wtf, if you're happy with your thing stick to it and fuck off

88721.   Smokiegun   2019-07-04 21:33

My main thought is why can't everyone just act mature like adults and get along. Could have prevented all of this lol.

88722.   Facepalm   2019-07-04 22:25

I moved to VS the moment I saw how much of a clown site GOM was.
It was a shitshow after a point and it's hilarious seeing people trying to even defend the GOM server.
They think some random ass stranger is a trusted beta tester, yea aight sure.
And then they are in shock and awe when they find their unfinished mod surfing around VK and are pissed off.

88723.   Facepalm   2019-07-04 22:27

I'm not a veteran modder.
Hell, my only mod would not ever come out if I didn't get help from three people.
I know how to put together a mod, how to do all the things. I just lack the motivation since this community has been spread all over the place and there's barely anyone who will even pay attention.
On the other hand though, this could help bring the community back to its senses. But seeing how GOM kiddos handle everything, I sadly doubt it highly.

88724.   Facepalm   2019-07-04 22:27

I know one specific person in here would yell at me to get back to my Eagle Speedster mod lmao

88725.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-04 22:39

But hey, at least you make a good beta tester

88726.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-04 22:43

@JC - yeah, this is what I'm talking about. Now someone is going to come there and take your bait, and the show will go on

88727.   Facepalm   2019-07-04 22:44

I just make sure to make the mods do things that never occur.
I just make them do impossible things :D

88728.   JoeAlex   2019-07-04 22:52

I usually don't say anything here anymore, but i'm just laughing a lot with this bunch of cry babies from Gom Team talking shit to BB93 and JC :)) Grow the fuck up morons :))

88729.   Daniel   2019-07-05 00:00

Holy shit, has "GOM Team" turned into an autism fest or something?

88730.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-05 00:16

sad to see that we brought that here because the only thing i did was replying to BB93 (without being offensive)

88731.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-05 00:24

Actuakly you replied BiB to mind his own business(like you were minding yours) in a not too kind way... smh

88732.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-05 00:26

hm yeah maybe okay , but i'm still not the guy who insulted everybody lmao

88734.   Yeetful0   2019-07-05 00:37

This grew WAY out of proportion.

88735.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-05 00:51

Oh you think so now?

It's exactly what i've been saying in the past 20 messages and exactly what i replied to your hidden group messages.

But apparently it's my fault because i said my opinion without even naming anyone specifically. lol

88736.   Yeetful0   2019-07-05 00:53

I would say you and JC did not help in making the situation better. I keep saying the exact same thing: Let's just be supportive of one another and respect our differences.

88737.   Facepalm   2019-07-05 01:04

It's you guys who keep going lmao

88739.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-05 08:39

now I'd agree that we're escalating this if we went out of our way to go on discord and bitch about things :D but I've never left vstanced.. so you come to me and somehow it is our fault for getting involved. We are of course going to be protective of something we built over the last 10 years lol, especially if you lot call our members c***s and so on.

88741.   DHR   2019-07-05 14:57


88743.   DHR   2019-07-05 16:58


88744.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-05 18:41

Shame that modders don't support their mods eh

88747.   DHR   2019-07-05 21:20

How about vs mods are hosted on a Vstanced account somewhere?

88748.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-05 23:25

I doubt it would work on so many levels

88749.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-05 23:28

At first, we'd need a lot of space, considering even car mods can grow over 100 MB, and we have entry plenty

88750.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-05 23:29

Second, someone would have to moderate it, which isn't that easy, especially if we wanted to have most of existing mods there

88751.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-05 23:31

Third, that being organized might have bring some DMCA on us, as I'm fact we're in the gray area

88752.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-07-06 01:58

into the middle fo all this shit talk i gotta ask somethin serious can we post a mod without the author?

88754.   Jesus Christ   2019-07-06 11:44

DHR plenty have been no one is stopping people from using file space on the site.

88755.   Facepalm   2019-07-06 13:44

@Sleepin mOnkey

Yea you can. Usually someone ends up providing the author's name. Has been the case for some of the mods I uploaded. Just put Unknown Author as the author name or something

88757.   PXRZ   2019-07-07 00:02


Does someone know where you can find the side panel fan separately for sale or at least a similar one quite easily?

88758.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-07 01:33

Nowhere sadly, but luckily.

I have the s9 pro(same case, much better front end) and honestly despite loving the massive air intake which keeps the temps down 24/7, it eats way too much dust.

And nope, filtering isnt an option as you would then reduce its intake yo a normal small fan.

Basically it's greatly pointless. :D

88760.   PXRZ   2019-07-07 18:09

Just want to keep gpu and possibly the vrm chilled.

88761.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-07 18:11

It doesnt really do much for VRM, but CPU and GPU get even 8° less than with static panel(tried turning it off and comparing)

88763.   PXRZ   2019-07-07 18:50

Kind of sounds like what I got with both panels off.

88764.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-07 19:47

Just that this would be 8° less than what you get with both panels off :D

88768.   TunaWithNoBustas   2019-07-08 22:40

tunas with no bustas thanks gom and vstanced i need my food

88770.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-09 11:20

Yeah me too, didnt have breakfast nor manage to eat a mid morning snack.. i'm hungry af now.

88772.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-09 11:43

jfc... would you please not?

88773.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-09 13:30

I don't like tuna

88779.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-10 12:17

What if tuna doesnt like you either?

88780.   BLiTZ   2019-07-10 15:54

you bite the tuna,the tuna bites back

88781.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-10 17:48

Tuna bites are the worst

88782.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-10 19:18

Tell me more about that

88783.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-10 20:14

Have you ever been bitten by a tuna?

88784.   Revolution   2019-07-10 20:36

Usually we, as people, are the ones biting into Tuna's

88785.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-10 20:56

Not an experience i've ever considered doing, no

88786.   PXRZ   2019-07-11 15:57

The guy might be fishing for a lving.

88787.   BLiTZ   2019-07-11 16:33

Tuna no fisher

88789.   Nightkid   2019-07-12 11:21

tuna no crust

88790.   BigSmoke   2019-07-12 19:18

Number 9 laaaarge > Salmon> Tuna

88792.   BLiTZ   2019-07-13 10:49

number six extra tuna

88793.   insolivion   2019-07-13 12:47


88794.   FREAKRACER   2019-07-13 19:48

is there any multiplayer mood of slrr ?

88795.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-13 20:28

We all wish

88796.   TunaWithNoBustas   2019-07-14 02:11

the tuna master has arrived

88797.   Nightkid   2019-07-14 10:28

What in tunation

88798.   BLiTZ   2019-07-14 11:38

tuna no master

88799.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-14 20:39

Where is he? I cant see no tuna master in here.

88801.   THiCCBoiZVteCC   2019-07-16 05:16

whats a good source to download slrr

88808.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-16 07:20

Here, I guess

88811.   Nightkid   2019-07-17 14:40

God i miss the photocomps

88813.   LamboFreak   2019-07-17 17:56


88814.   hamburper   2019-07-17 20:46

hi its about to rain in georgia

88816.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-17 22:38

But I've blessed the rain down the Africa

88818.   BLiTZ   2019-07-18 13:12

its about to shine of sun here yes

88819.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-19 14:31

boom boom clap

88820.   IceD   2019-07-20 06:46

buddy you're a boi

88821.   doge   2019-07-20 10:28

Guess whos about to buy peugeot 106 real rallye, 1.6 8v :doge: :)

88823.   BLiTZ   2019-07-20 11:25

not me cuz i aint got no money :))

88824.   BLiTZ   2019-07-20 11:25

but congrats to you,how many km?

88825.   doge   2019-07-20 13:24

200.000km, '97, 1.6 8v, no powersteering, no ac, no power windows, no foglights, no rust, original rallye

88826.   doge   2019-07-20 13:25

in black

88828.   BLiTZ   2019-07-20 17:08

holy shit thats visceral driving pleasure

88829.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-20 17:22

Black and no ac, unless you're me, you're gonna dislike that very soon lol

88830.   BLiTZ   2019-07-20 19:06

next up you need to work on rev matching and heel to toe

88832.   doge   2019-07-21 18:30

you rev match hit with side of your feet, because pedals are so small and together :))

88833.   BLiTZ   2019-07-21 20:47

oh boy you should see mine,i can heel and toe pretty good but my pedals are so close i can press them both together at the same time

88834.   Tubaman   2019-07-22 23:25

Saw the new MK5 Supra in person today!

88836.   CannibalCurd   2019-07-23 02:08

my condolences

88837.   Holy Shit Man   2019-07-23 11:25


88839.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-07-24 07:11

MK5 Supra > MK4 Supra

88840.   FJ   2019-07-24 07:14

Boom, came to download SLRR again

88843.   Nightkid   2019-07-26 15:11

So , BB´s SLRR is the best one ? I´m thinking about rebuilding my whole slrr setup but now sure which one is the best LE or BB´s ?

88844.   Lagano   2019-07-26 15:45

Light Edition is basically BB's with a few more changes and smaller download size, so both are good :)

88845.   Bigg Boss93   2019-07-26 16:49

You can download mines with the new update patch or LE and try adding my update patch to it(it should work but i dont guarantee lol).

So you have the most updated thing but still as light as LE

88850.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-07-27 06:21

Mk3 supra > Mk4 Supra

88851.   Nightkid   2019-07-27 11:27

Okay , thank you !

88852.   Bbandit9   2019-07-27 18:15

I just went on a big download spree and when i went into the game everything was working fine except all the icons; like the screen driver and wrench ,on the top of the screen in the garage disappeared. Anybody know why this is?

88854.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-07-27 19:16

proballt fucked up the textures in some way there was a hd version of them tho try findidng it and putting they on to see if it fixes

88855.   BigSmoke   2019-07-28 16:38


A huge masterclass at Spa 24H and F1 German GP goes absolutely nuts!

88856.   EliasFD3S   2019-07-28 16:49

this german GP was just awesome. toro rosso on the podium ! grande grande !

88858.   CJ_1   2019-07-29 00:44

any admins online

88861.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-07-29 04:17

honestly that was one the best races in a lot of time especially with all the shitshow i mean the Torpedo on the Podium

88863.   BLiTZ   2019-07-29 10:43

Boom finished the trackday and toasted my semislicks but hell it was lots of fun

88873.   doge   2019-08-02 18:39

cant login into image upload, fb doesnt work nor the email login

88875.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-02 21:28

Gotta wait for JC

88876.   Nightkid   2019-08-02 21:33


88877.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-03 13:32

Yup Facebook disabled us.. will sort it out

88878.   doge   2019-08-03 13:39

Can you pm me my username and pass, or you can't check that? I tried everything and can't login

88879.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-03 13:50

You don't get username or pass because of Facebook.. they basically are forcing me to buy SSL certificate

88880.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-03 13:53

Set you a password now so you can login directly.. anyone else needs it now let me know as Facebook fkd us

88881.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-03 15:43

basically facebook did us a good one, I don't have a spare £250 + to buy a wildcard SSL cert.. so we'll probably have to do without :) Gotta love google/facebook doing us a good one.

88882.   Nightkid   2019-08-03 17:56

well i’d like to log into my old one OR create another one

88904.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-08-08 04:11

pressed a wrong button in Photoshop and killed an amazing screenshot fuck me

88907.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-08 09:35

Lol ctrl z

88908.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-08-08 10:48


Lol i wish but it was save instead of save as

88910.   hamburper   2019-08-09 00:19

what if

you wanted to go to car/part search

but vstanced said
Virtual Stance Works
2019-08-09 00:19
Fatal error : SQL error : Out of range value for column 'ft_viewcount' at row 1

88912.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-09 07:24

That'd be very bad

88913.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-09 15:14

We're back

88915.   BigSmoke   2019-08-09 16:32

Thanks for having it up again bossman :cheers:

88916.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-08-09 18:18

yeezus, we back up and runnin' eh?

88917.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-09 18:36


88921.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-08-11 03:07

im still alive

88926.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-12 13:56

Well that's quite some news, thanks lord :D

88929.   BigSmoke   2019-08-14 14:41

Opinions over the NFS Heat Trailer?


88930.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-14 15:19

Is it based off Miami?

88931.   BigSmoke   2019-08-14 15:27

It appears to be so given the aesthetics.It'll be called Palm City iirc

88932.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-14 15:49

NFS Heat trailer was looking good. Then I saw the car drifting in a 45 degres turn...

88934.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-14 17:30

It's more of that bullshit handling grrr.. I did get used to how crap it was in payback tho

88935.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-14 18:03

It's the same since NFS HP 2010. It's one of the reason why I stopped buying NFS. I won't give my money to a bullshit game

88936.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-14 18:04

Even SLRR has a better handling

88937.   Porsche911man   2019-08-14 19:55

I wouldn't say all that now. They supposedly said they have new handling, so i'd wait and see when the gameplay comes out. They did remove the speedcards though, and you have to progress to unlock performance parts, like in underground.

88938.   Kokainum   2019-08-15 09:08

looks shit

88939.   BLiTZ   2019-08-15 11:39

It gives me a pro street vibe tbh,even graphics wise.Maybe it will turn great or at least better than the last 2 :))

88940.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-08-15 13:00

fuck Need for speed.

88941.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-08-15 13:03

honestly, i gave up, here goes all my NFS titles i own to the trash.

no jokes, i literally deleted every NFS i own and threw away any NFS CD/merch/sticker i own out the fucking window.

god is dead, and NFS killed him.

88945.   Porsche911man   2019-08-15 21:15

I'd just wait and see on the gameplay. In reveal trailers, they always exagerate games by showing action and all that. That's what everyone does. Cod, Battlefield, The Division etc. I understand why NFS hasn't had the best of history. But we can't all really blame Ghost(They've changed leaders and anytime you change leaders, of course the company and ideas change. Not all the time, but usually that's the case. It'd be like BB stepping down from Vstanced and then I step in. Overall, we'd have the same thing in common. But we'd have a different way of getting to same goal. Note:It's just a example.)

88946.   BLiTZ   2019-08-16 10:40

help my car has slrr floating wheel syndrome *LINK*

88947.   Holy Shit Man   2019-08-16 11:56

Bring Black Box era NFS back

88948.   Supremen96   2019-08-16 13:19

Bring EA Canada era NFS back

88949.   Supremen96   2019-08-16 13:41

It may be an unpopular opinion but I think NFS ended on HP2 and games with shitboxes and customization should have been of different series.

88952.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-08-17 16:48

im back

88955.   Kornis   2019-08-17 23:56

hi, back

88956.   Porsche911man   2019-08-18 02:14

Is it wrong to revamp or revise a person's mod(who's no longer modding or part of the community)and still give them credit for creating the mod in the first place.

88958.   Chaser   2019-08-18 18:23


88961.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-08-19 07:52

no its not wrong

88962.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-19 14:56

Not wrong at all

88966.   Kazern   2019-08-20 18:42

more favored then anything im sure 90% of people are happy to have their mods revived aslong as they get cred and you dont ruin it aha

88971.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-21 14:03

Indeed, i dont honestly give a damn if who modify my mods gets them fucked up, if they have fun messing with them and other people can enjoy them too, then i've reached my goal.

Hence me sending my models to anyone who ever bothered to ask. :)

88976.   Bigg Boss93   2019-08-22 16:47

Really interesting news, i was looking forward to that :)

88977.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-22 16:48

i hope this time the rivalry between those two websites will be gone

88978.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-22 16:48

nice sarcasm @Bigg Boss93

88980.   Franco   2019-08-22 16:58

and you need vstanced to anounce that?? do all a favor to keep things calm... .let gom on gom, dont bring anything here... i'm fed up with this thing

88981.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-22 21:18

Agreed with Franco. Fuckouttahere.

88982.   hamburper   2019-08-23 01:32


88983.   Yeetful0   2019-08-23 04:02


88984.   Buzzsaw   2019-08-23 09:38

I hates when the NFS Heat is come out soon, and some people went blaming to EA for not adding Toyota cars, honestly, I don't blame them, it just it is Toyota fault for scrapped licensed for used the video game but only GT Sport.

88985.   Jesus Christ   2019-08-23 11:45

Yeah it's Toyotas choice not NFS! They can't force them to license it.

88986.   EliasFD3S   2019-08-23 12:17

They said they don't wanna promote illegal racing lmao. From the guys that created the most street raced car ever , put this car in Fast And Furious n shit ... That's a big joke lmao

88987.   Mr Peach   2019-08-23 13:41

i think its not about illegal racing, more about them saying that video games will make real cars obsolete and they wont buy their cars anymore hahah

88988.   Buzzsaw   2019-08-23 13:45

Toyota License Logic:
Refused Any other video game.
Only allow GT Sport having Toyota vehicle.
Wtf, Toyota?

88989.   Lagano   2019-08-23 16:06

I guess they only stick to games with proper physics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

88991.   Mr Peach   2019-08-23 18:11

and also gt sport is japanese-made so kinda makes sense

88992.   Mr Peach   2019-08-23 18:12

i swear traffic carving in slrr is the best out there kinda feels like the real thing with the exception of the shoddy physics from time to time

88993.   Mr Peach   2019-08-23 18:14


88994.   IceD   2019-08-23 20:22

why does your rx7 sound like it's sr20det swapped?

88995.   Lagano   2019-08-23 21:09

...maybe it is? :confused2: But SR20 can sound a bit like a rotary anyway.

88997.   Mr Peach   2019-08-24 02:33

i couldnt manage to get 13b to make power over 6000rpm and i liked how the sr20 sounded its crisp

88998.   Mr Peach   2019-08-24 02:34

had same problem with sr20 too though its weird