87467.   PXRZ   2019-02-11 19:21

What is an adlib?

87468.   Snowyy   2019-02-11 22:08

adlib was a soundcard in the 90's I believe

87469.   BigSmoke   2019-02-12 06:43

@PXRZ @Snowyy Look here for some examples: *LINK*

Or to save your effort,those filler effects inserted in-between lyrics in rap songs, like "brr","yuh,"ayy","skrrt" etc.

87470.   hungarianfreak   2019-02-12 12:39

guys, do you know where are those "Semper Evolvi" wallpapers? I need the mobile version

87471.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-12 15:03


87472.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-12 15:47

Where is Chrysler V8 V4.0? I remember it being there :x

87473.   NFSFan96   2019-02-13 02:40

The Chrysler V8 v4 by Fireful0 is on the GOM-Team Discord, try to use the Car/Parts Search thread next time ;)

87474.   NFSFan96   2019-02-13 02:41

This is the latest v4.5 *LINK*

87475.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 12:47

Oh, thank you man, and Im sorry, that i didnt use the car/part search thread. Maybe I will take some pics and post it on VS with proper credits? Can I?

87476.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:05

Oh, nvm, its GOMTeam exclusive

87480.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-13 13:23

you can definitely post pics anywhere without having to ask for permission nor crediting anybody, perhaps you can also post the mod itself here as i see they dont really mind to post our mods there, it almost seem like people enjoy splitting the community even now that it should all be connected

87481.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:39

At the beginning I mean posting whole mod, but I just read a readme and there is something like "only for gom and some other wbsite which is not VS" so idk if I should post it in download section

87482.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 13:40

I dont remember word in word what was in readme so I changed it a bit

87483.   ozal   2019-02-13 14:05

but there is no GOM anymore so why not ?

87484.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 14:20

There is Discord, but whatever, im preparing some screenshots of enginekits, sad, that only few of them works with every car and I have no time to build engines right now :/

87485.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-13 14:50

Send me one or two pics once you're done, i'm making a page already

87486.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 14:55

Done, I just edited promo photo which I found in the folder with mod

87487.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-13 19:49

You mean the discord chat where they rip mods out of VStanced, remove VStanced logos etc and share? Yup. Fuck them sideways ;) post what ever you want here. No one seems to respect anything these days.

87490.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-13 20:32

Okay, I will know next time man 8)

87495.   OddyKing   2019-02-14 15:28

yo Jesus can i upload Morpheus Hell's last will rim pack?

87497.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-14 16:20

You have a mod that isnt here, you upload it, simples ;)

87498.   gorgoil   2019-02-14 16:59

just wtf is going on? O.O

87503.   Morpheus Hell   2019-02-14 19:26

i´m out of slrr stuff. But you can upload my package in here if the admins are ok with it. But please give me my credit and all is fine. Cya

87508.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-15 00:16

Yeah, give credit/put him as author and feel free to share it. It's good to have as much as we can in one place for obvious reasons.

87512.   PXRZ   2019-02-15 05:10

I do wonder, is there something you do to make the home/windows key and other hotkeys be enabled when you play Vice City?

87517.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-15 13:57

iirc there is a plugin for that, SilentPatch?

87521.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 01:56

There's a little update to the V35 from RCD, he added a bumper and fixed a few cfgs.

Have a look for the single download down the mod's description, i'm also provviding to reupload the entire mod directly with it.

87525.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-16 04:08

Does Vstanced have a discord

87527.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 05:29

Luckily not.

87530.   Yeetful0   2019-02-16 09:40

So, JC says that the GOM discord is stealing mods (which we aren't, thank you very much. XD ) and then says "You have a mod that isnt here, you upload it, simples ;) " Whaaaaaaaaa?

87532.   Back_in_Black   2019-02-16 11:34


87534.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-16 12:10

Lmao, I've seen it my self lol. Marcos tracks have had VStanced logos removed and replaced with gom, mods shared constantly. It's a public channel so what the fuck are you trying to hide lol. And yes, why not. Are Russians going to stop uploading stuff to *zona are old gom members going to stop uploading stuff to discord? No. So we'll do the same and aim to have the biggest English database of SLR mods.

87535.   IceD   2019-02-16 12:21

+1 JC

87539.   MajsterUopata   2019-02-16 14:56

+1, both GOM and VS are good sites (GOM was), so we can coexist and propertly credit our mods.

87540.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 17:52

+1 plz fight we need action in this community

87541.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 18:06

Meh, this community needs to disappear, people just pretends stuff but no fuckimg body is willing to learn and do new mods.

87543.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 18:12

if it could disappear without any problems that would be even better

87545.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-16 19:51


87546.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-16 19:51

But aren't we circlejerking about some dead game?

87547.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 20:24

I'd actually be more than willing to learn and do new mods.(Even with the short free time I have)I already got a couple projects I'd like to start and finish to put in-game.

87548.   PXRZ   2019-02-16 20:29

Can´t we just have a SouljaRacing Hillclimb Track?

87549.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:31

Not going to lie, I am so completely over this GOM/VS feud. We need to offer an olive branch, IMO.

87550.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 20:38

Me being a noob(well i've been around since 2011 i believe)wouldn't really know what's going on.

87551.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:47

It's been essentially irrelevant and petty since not long after 2011, so you're not missing much.

87553.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 20:53

Yeah, tell it to the people that keeps pretending some mods are "XX exclusive" xD

87554.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:56

Okay. Hey, Edd, stop pretending some mods are VS exclusive. xD (It happens on both sides, but one can only control one's own behavior.)

87555.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 20:57

(The previous message was intended to be a joke, in case it wasn't obvious.)

87556.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 21:06

sad to know that back in the time , there was no problems between gom and vs members

87557.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 21:08

I was just in both websites for the mods. That's what got me into SLRR in the first place(Along with failrace playing it)

87558.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:11

Well we dont have "exclusive" mods, i think you know really well my thought about modzona reuploading mines, which is apparently different than anyone else's.

Ed was speaking about something much different, taking a mod - specificly the VS garage(pudsey), and replacing the VS logos with other ones.

Now that's dumb.

Anyway, VS born due to someone banning two or three members for posting a slammed car.

So there's always been something fucked up going on behind - even thought it seems more like there's still some people not from VS that wants to keep the wall up.

87559.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:12

Anyway, my pizza is almost ready so have fun arguing, imma eat :))

87560.   RedCarDriver   2019-02-16 21:18

Fireful0 really shouldn't have posted that edit of Pudsey, but he has pulled it. Also, tbh, everybody in GOM's moderation - everybody - from when VS was founded is now gone. Singh is gone, Davidov is gone, etc. This is an 8+ year old grudge at this point.

87561.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:21

Yeah but is it us complaining into someone else's page about our mods being taken apart?

I didnt ever see that happening :D

87562.   Porsche911man   2019-02-16 21:39

Hey BB, I got yo pizza lol

87563.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:53

Nah, i'm burping it ;)

87564.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-16 21:54

But actually i'd eat one more, it wasnt enough :(

87565.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-16 23:15

2 years or maybe sooner slrr is going to be 100% dead neither this site or the others will be active heck i stopped playing the game for a whole year and just now came back to it

87566.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 23:57

yea you're right. you know i'm playing slrr since 2010-2011 and every year i see "the community is gonna be dead in 2 years" so plz

87567.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-16 23:58

so if vs doesnt have exclusive mods , why the darkside isnt public ? sorry to being dumb but yea nobody is right

87568.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-17 00:14

What's dark side? It's been shut down for years

87569.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:15

i could not know since it's an "exclusive vs thing"

87570.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:16

Ask that to JC, i've asked him to delete it once for all a long time ago.. but anyways, it born as a place where share work in progress mods, in order to get a feedback before relasing a mod.

Not surprisingly it turned out that people downloaded mods and never gave an opinion, thus it only contains broken(incomplete) versions of mods that you can actually find released here.

There are only two cars that havent ever really been released, Diego's fiesta and 500, but that's because he did never finish those.

Other than that, it's entirely useless.

87571.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:18

I've always been sharing all of what i've done, all my javas, all my shit.

The only times i didnt share something is either because i've been specifically asked not to(for example RCD's popups java or my drag tyres switch which Mario gave me and idk who made it) or because i didnt manage finishing it.

Though even recently i've released the javas update that, even if i didnt manage completing as i wished, are at a point that i know i wont do anything anymore with, so it doesnt make sense for them to keep taking dust and eventually get lost into my hdd.

87572.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:21

But instead, some people keeps enforcing this "omg this i made this mod for this, do not share here hurr durr", how about fuck off?

I've made all my mods for myself and for VStanced, as i recognize it as my home, but i'm happy when i see some russian downloading it on modzona, i'm happy if i see it posted on some random fb group of a unknown slrr subculture.

People should start understanding that sharing really is caring.

Not sharing = getting a dead game like slrr is nowadays.

Some of you kids should've seen what it was like back in 2011, with a gom full of users and a freshly born VS that was growing healthy and strong.

And yet there used to be people that didnt want to share things even back then(as you can see, most mods from that age lack the javas).

87573.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:25


87574.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:29

I genuinely wanted make a proper tutorial that introduced to anything related to slrr modding, but i've also genuinely lost interest in it due to many things, first some that happened within the community itself, then my personal life that went straight into a trashcan or the toilet, i dont even know anymore.

I still consider doing it but i dont know if i can keep it as a promise anymore, i just dont have enough mental strenght even for farting as of now.

And it makes me sorta sad seeing that this old shitty game is dying, because i still recognize it has a huge potential.

But kids today just want everything ready, one click and go.

87575.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 00:29

I remember that i've started analyzing anything by my own, back in the days, and when i didnt really understand something i happened to ask here and there or getting proposed by someone to get taught how to do something.

Basically just as Jaziba taught me how to UVW map stuff in max and fix some minor errors on my way of scripting stuff, as JC taught me how to script suspensions on cars, Franco.. i dont even know, he taught me a bunch of things even in times where he wasnt doing that(his livestreams).

And i always tried to do so with anyone, but i cant keep up with everybody, specially when people, as i said, dont even bother check the basics by their own(which btw, are well explained in 29342 different posts in this site).

87576.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:33

slrr modding isn't that easy

87577.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 00:36

there is a lot of things i dont understand when i just look in one java. its very hard to learn everything from just a tutorial

87578.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-17 00:51

You barely need to know javas to make basic mods and even cars..

87579.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:08

i could make a tyre mod but im lazy so...

87580.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:09

one werid idea i had was combining spongebob and touge i kinda wounderd if its possible to turn valo city into bikni bottom

87581.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:11

2nd idea is UDM vs JDM kinda like biggboss69 90s JDM SLRR but this time with american cars in it ive tried the idea in the past but something always bugs out so i might try it again soon

87582.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 02:15

they sound like bad ideas but i mean youtube rewind and tide pods happend so not all bad ideas are flunks

87584.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-17 02:50

i actually have lots of plans at creating tons of performance parts and tunning engines to Irl specs but i really gotta figure out the part cloning processand find some time now that i have a pc that allows to open close the game fast for testing the scripts

BTW @BB i have some ideas of how we could improve the Jz can i HYU

87585.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 06:07


87586.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 08:20

Feel free to NDAI me anytime, just dont expect me to do anything for you, i can give suggestions though(as long as the suggestions are so and not doing it for you) :)

87587.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 10:21

@Jesus Christ i'm not only making cars and parts. I'm trying to modify the game

87588.   EliasFD3S   2019-02-17 10:21

@Sleepin m0nkey if you need help with that , i can help you too

87589.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 13:14

im i the only one who find the slrr characters ugly they look like they have been taking drugs there whole life

87590.   gorgoil   2019-02-17 13:18

@Sleepin m0nkey why you just don't run the game in window mode in low resolution??
To improve the 2J is easy, just do sounds for it or model more parts for it, and it's improved(tbh it's the only way to improve it)

87591.   gorgoil   2019-02-17 13:20

@Holy Shit Man why do you have to use doubtful marketing with those new tires? tbh I really thought it would be something really good but it's just a good looking tire that grabs like plastic :(

87592.   Nightrunner   2019-02-17 14:03

That changing pic of the V35 poster is confusing me every time lmao

87593.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 14:26

hey guys i have a dumb idea lets teal mods from modzona and clam it as ours

87594.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-17 15:17

@gorgoil i've tried on my last pc but it was so shitty that the game at the lowest i could get at 480p was like 5 minutes for testing a tweak

87595.   ficho   2019-02-17 17:30


Is GOM Team Dead?

87596.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-17 18:11

@gorgoil - the javas are there, feel free to improve them

87597.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-17 18:12

In fact it's an unfinished mod that was laying on my HDD in a while

87598.   Yeetful0   2019-02-17 18:43

@ficho Gom is not dead. Just the website. We live on in our very popular discord server.

87599.   Chaser   2019-02-17 20:40

Anyone else having the issue where you cant move in BB's garage or on any track? You start the car and it immediately wheelspins and starts moving in a weird direction. Note this happened after i installed both the updates for BB's SLRR, UI and Java

87600.   Bigg Boss93   2019-02-17 20:55

Enable and disable the drift mode or delete thr options save.

I think i'm gonna have to write that on the download page. :D

87601.   Chaser   2019-02-17 20:58

Oh ok. Ill try that now thanks!

87602.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 20:59

im making my own version of slrr built of the one by jack

87603.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-17 22:54

nvm it crashes to much

87606.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 04:06

good news ive started on my new slrr and so far no problems

87613.   Jesus Christ   2019-02-18 18:31

Good job little buddy

87614.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-18 18:58


try to use the Light edition or bb's one way less buggy if you wanna create your version

87615.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 18:59


87616.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 19:00

the name of it will be SLRR UDM vs JDM as it will only contain landboat i mean american cars and Japanese cars

87617.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-18 20:44

if you need any help for crrecting the engines to real specs feel free to DM me

87618.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 21:15


87619.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 21:49

ive found something werid in the night time races the ai only uses one car being the toyota celica

87620.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-18 23:33

Broken prevalence, there's a tuto for it

87621.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-18 23:34

Also, why did you skip these five cars that wasn't made in US or Japan?

87622.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-18 23:39

what five cars ?

87623.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-19 00:17

Isn't like 90% of car mods either USDM or JDM?

87624.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 00:19

there are some European car mods if i can recall just go look at biggboss69 90s euro slrr

87625.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 00:44

actually in car models i think there are more euros and amercans than jdms but jdm's have the same car on different mods but at the end is quite balanced actually

87626.   Holy Shit Man   2019-02-19 01:06

Yeah, well, I was expecting somebody to finally make a modpack consisting of only the top-notch mods

87627.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 01:13

thsi is one of the good things at gom that i think should be implemented here the list of quality mods

87628.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:33

what happen to GOM anyways

87629.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:41

the slrr im making is 70% done should i release it as a beta to see what needs to be added and what needs to be removed

87630.   Sleepin mOnkey   2019-02-19 01:42

they got F*cked Lol

J.K i think they couldnt afford a host and moved to a dicord

87631.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:46

note some cars don't come with rims

87632.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 01:52

i think ill release it as a beta

87633.   thor-04   2019-02-19 02:58

please dont release a "beta" do it 100%, or is this beta more than a Slrr with a bunch of broken mods?

87634.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 03:38

i cheacked all the mods their in working order i just wanted to realase in beta to see what people think of it so far and not over add stuff

87637.   Raidoactivebleach   2019-02-19 05:32

*LINK* here is a video showing testing so far

87638.   gorgoil   2019-02-19 06:21

before doing anything go to options and click in DEBUG COMPILE ALL JAVAs if there's some broken java it will crash during the process and will write everything in the error.log so you will know if there's some broken ass script or not