81159.   igordo   2018-01-28 01:10


81160.   skip   2018-01-28 02:01

That has to be done with the model so no basically

81161.   JdmSly   2018-01-28 05:45


81162.   Kokainum   2018-01-28 14:16

aw fuck

81164.   ejru   2018-01-28 15:37

greetings and downloaded street le gal racing but I have a problem that when opening the city value map, I was closed to a forced reboot on zaul screen, telling me it is a window problem and that I have to check the drivers or try another entry, with the other track the game runs as normal and excellent I hope you help me

81165.   TehLithuanian   2018-01-28 15:56

Just dont use Valo City then. Use its analogs, like Pudsey or smthng...

81166.   jose022100   2018-01-28 22:20

its because valo work with more scripts,like the ai from police,the npcs cars and the street racer

81167.   pikel   2018-01-28 23:38

HI I need windows and front light dds file for bmw 2002, please help me

81168.   PXRZ   2018-01-29 13:59

why you post free games this late before expiring.

81169.   Kokainum   2018-01-29 14:51

its been up for 3 days mate

81170.   Bigg Boss93   2018-01-29 15:58

Why dont you check here before checking other sites that copy-paste our home page articles?

81171.   doge   2018-01-29 16:19

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

81172.   Jesus Christ   2018-01-29 17:00


81173.   Lagano   2018-01-29 17:01

Because you didn't check yourself.

81174.   MACKAY   2018-01-29 18:46

So chickity check yo self before you wreck yo self,
cause big dicks in yo ass is bad for ya health

81176.   Kokainum   2018-01-29 21:59

libturds resigned epic style

81177.   Rick93   2018-01-29 23:23


81178.   George_Monroe   2018-01-30 10:53


81179.   ALAN   2018-01-30 13:33


81180.   Rick93   2018-01-30 13:50


81181.   Back_in_Black   2018-01-30 18:52

somebody get ma an e46.. now ;_; (inb4 i change my opinion on my next car again for the 1000th time xd)

81182.   DHR   2018-01-30 19:33

you fucking peasants using blueprints

81183.   DHR   2018-01-30 19:33


81185.   DHR   2018-01-31 11:49

He's even considering uploading it for people to make mods from it

81186.   Bigg Boss93   2018-01-31 13:28

Lmao, 5 mil polygons(which i assume is the max it can read as it says 4.999.999, but they're actually more).

That's a pretty damn good polycount, we should convert it to sl, in 8500 parts :D

81187.   doge   2018-01-31 13:30


81188.   Bigg Boss93   2018-01-31 17:48

@Rick93 the fun(sad) thing is that nowadays he also use tons of autotune... what a poo

81189.   ALAN   2018-01-31 17:55


81190.   DHR   2018-01-31 18:52

@BB the original was 18GB lol, that's like 1/100 of my assetto corsa

81191.   DHR   2018-01-31 18:58

And obviously this model is probably going to be reworked into a mesh with low polys, I think it's so high poly because you can see how it's modeled while it's scanned

81192.   DHR   2018-01-31 21:07


81193.   Bigg Boss93   2018-01-31 23:53


81194.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-01 00:01

But well, it's actually cool. I wonder if they removed it just because activision rushed them to release the game.

81195.   theblockishot   2018-02-01 02:57

whats the most stable version of sl1

81196.   ALAN   2018-02-01 06:29


81197.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-01 14:03

I hadnt tried sl1 until the past year... or two years ago.

It's nice but, as on monster garage, you can feel it's older than sl

81198.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-01 14:09

*than slrr

81199.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-01 14:09

*than slrr

81200.   Rick93   2018-02-01 14:21

*slrr than

81202.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 22:50

I can't f*cking believe this, those idiots *LINK*

81203.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 22:54

JF1, the same guy who was muted here, had the idea and is 'leading it'.

81204.   David_2709   2018-02-01 23:06

well, get banned for spam, easy as that
why are you leaking this though, this kinda creates unwanted drama

81205.   skip   2018-02-01 23:10

what a child

81207.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 23:12

Just warning you guys before it happens.

81208.   David_2709   2018-02-01 23:13

I like the "sick" emojis in their group, if people are hating this site so much they can logout and leave the site at any time

81209.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 23:16

They even had an emote with VS in orange calibri with a red cross through it, it looked like it was drawn in mspaint. It was called :novs:

81210.   David_2709   2018-02-01 23:17

that's what I meant

81211.   Zero   2018-02-01 23:20

Guessing that anyone who would be “participating” in posting SCREENSHOTS into a SHOW OFF THREAD is getting banned? Would i be right?

81212.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 23:22

It's all of the same car and all the same group of people. We'll see what happens, and the admins will take it into their own hands if need be.

81213.   KondzixsPL   2018-02-01 23:23

so we can't post the same car, huh? what if it's just a coincidence?

81214.   Zero   2018-02-01 23:24

Look. Theres spam and theres a few pics of a build.. if i post 3 pics that isnt spam at all

81215.   UltimateStance   2018-02-01 23:26

@KondzixsPL What if you looked further back in the shoutbox and saw my link?

81216.   Zero   2018-02-01 23:28

Maybe if you grew up and actually didnt feel the need to tattle the drama wouldnt exist but hey your choice

81217.   KondzixsPL   2018-02-01 23:30

@US you really think that I dind't?

81218.   Daniel   2018-02-02 00:50

well they sure know how to make themself look like a bunch of losers lol..

81219.   Hard Target   2018-02-02 01:52

What's so wrong with a little flash mob? Happened earlier before, when all the screenshots on the page were with the same mod, but built differently. Why is it a big deal all of a sudden?

81221.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-02 02:49

The more they post on VS, the happier i am.

It means they cant really stay away from here - that increases our traffic - which means we're gonna have more users seeing VS when they'll look for something online.

Let them do it. :))

81222.   JdmSly   2018-02-02 05:45

i leave vs for like 6 months come back and its still spicyyyy

81223.   adnan54   2018-02-02 05:47

I can't understand why they want to spam their "new" G35 mod, it is a really basic mod and has nothing special to show off. But well, whatever...

81225.   JdmSly   2018-02-02 06:03

bby ily no matter what

81226.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-02 08:01

Lol, jokers.

81227.   RedCarDriver   2018-02-02 10:58

Hey, new modders are always good news. It's not like we're even seeing two new car mods a month, these days.

81228.   Zero   2018-02-02 12:47

I dont see an issue with it. I see it as like BB said increasing traffic if anything its a good thing for VS

81229.   EliasFD3S   2018-02-02 14:34

So , why VS dont create a discord ? GOM one is cool but dont like to see everyday a thing about "GOM versus VS Child War"

81230.   EliasFD3S   2018-02-02 14:37

Would be cool to have a voice chat etc

81231.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-02 14:49

because we got better things to do than watch kids argue.

81232.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-02 15:02

You new kids are all about instant everything, though sometimes slow is better.

Ask your moms if you dont believe me! ;)

81233.   Zero   2018-02-02 15:36

pretty childish joke but oh well

81234.   ALAN   2018-02-02 15:54

Why do we even care about them?

81235.   Zero   2018-02-02 16:09

I dont think anyone does tbh

81236.   ALAN   2018-02-02 17:30

> posts G35
You snitch :))

81237.   Zero   2018-02-02 17:50

I was gonna post it either way

81238.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-02 18:00

Zero you should know i'm retarded, i never tried to hide it :P

81239.   Jfernando1   2018-02-02 18:12

By the way; the thing with G35(s) is more just to send users into VS, which should bring more people into both GOM and VS; which means the SL community grows.

81240.   skip   2018-02-02 18:32

Because spamming VS with G35 pics will increase the member base how?

81241.   Jfernando1   2018-02-02 18:39

A. More traffic on VS.
B. There'll be more people looking at the show off as it'll be at the top of the list for some time.
C. People will look for the mod, based on the fact that everyone seems to ask where mods come from, so logically might create users, and therefore start conversation and increase member base.

D. It's also more just some fun in a dying community, so I don't see an objection.

It's not even spam, it's just screenshots showing off a mod in the show off section, in multiple forms. So it doesn't even break rules.

81242.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-02 18:47

Yeah how about you keep it to yourself or if you want to keep the community going then release mods here and participate like a normal person? Planning some screenshot spam is only going to make you look more like a prick and getting your mates here to agree with you doesn't help either. Keep yourself to your gom and leave this site alone. No one is interested.

81243.   skip   2018-02-02 18:52

was gonna reply but nvm

81244.   DHR   2018-02-02 18:55

a more important question, how do you make max use a materialbin file?

81245.   Zero   2018-02-02 18:56

Tbh he didnt ask anyone to agree. But anyway

81246.   skip   2018-02-02 19:07

Anyone know how to make the V3&V4 .scx exporters work in newer 3ds maxes? Specifically 2018?

81247.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-02 19:10

You can't, but you can use the new exporter by Miran I believe. Doesn't quite work as well as older

81248.   DHR   2018-02-02 19:11

The new one is only v3 i think

81249.   DHR   2018-02-02 19:11

stuck with mesh breaking max 5

81250.   skip   2018-02-02 19:17


81251.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-02 19:54

I need a pizza

81252.   JoeAlex   2018-02-02 20:02

You're italian, you're a living pizza :))

81253.   11000rpm   2018-02-02 20:29

italian pizza

81254.   Rick93   2018-02-02 23:20


81255.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-03 01:11

Send 93 bigg pizzas on my way

81257.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-03 15:34

*LINK* ffs

81258.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-03 16:32

3 mins ps and it's gone

81259.   George_Monroe   2018-02-03 18:45

Hey, guys, what happened with HD VALO CITY REMAKE by BenyUk? Dead?

81260.   N3r0   2018-02-03 18:52

I think he said he wont continue to finish it

81261.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:03

He released some beta version and that's it, I think he said he's lost the (original)files too

81262.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:04

Anyone good with Autocad? I'm doing a project for uni and it's the single worst program I've ever worked with, any help would be appreciated, just trying to make a simple kids slide *LINK*

81263.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:04

I already got the pipe done but this program is so fucking retarded, you can't select the shit you want to or edit mesh, how can the company that made 3ds max make such a steaming pile of shit

81264.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-03 19:11

You cant edit mesh because it's not a mesh, it's a nurbs.

I really dislike autocad, rather use solidworks :P

81265.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:12

in short I want to do this - *LINK* and then edit the bottom to be like this *LINK*

81266.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:12

Sorry for being offtopic. @BB dude that's the worst 3d program I have ever used, but the project must be done with this program and every single step documented, so I can't send them a 3ds max mesh

81267.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-03 19:13

Offtopic? There's nothing such as offtopic here.

Anyway, you got to select and extrude the outer face

81268.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:14

yes I know, but I can't even select the outer face :D that's my problem I'm googling and youtube everything I can and barely getting enough info

81269.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:15

I should have just attended the lectures... they are paid since college...

81270.   DHR   2018-02-03 19:15

That's my problem, I can only select a whole object can't do 1/10 of the things in max

81271.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-03 19:22

Check skype young snitch

81272.   outrider   2018-02-03 21:13

is there a tutorial that shows the 3dsmax /zmod side of converting a rim?

81273.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-03 21:23

i hate carshows..
why do i even bother to try..
lightning inside is always so fucking shit here..
1 rip = 1 rip

81274.   DHR   2018-02-03 21:23

BB93 has tutorials on vimeo

81275.   DHR   2018-02-03 21:23

yes its funny how in a place where cars are put to be taken pics of and enjoyed the lights are complete shit, this is why outdoors car show = win

81276.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-03 21:27

last week i was like "i think i have improved with taking and editing pics in the last 2 years" and now this.. -_-

81277.   DHR   2018-02-04 01:09

This is what 7 hours in AutoCad look like , it should be illegal to own such software *LINK*

81278.   DHR   2018-02-04 01:10

I literally want to walk in autodesk offices and beat everyone related to AC creation to a pulp

81279.   DHR   2018-02-04 01:21

I started and closed 3ds max, just to feel some calmness

81281.   Kokainum   2018-02-04 17:31

dont kys over it xx

81282.   11000rpm   2018-02-05 10:18

long time no drifting slrr, sorry for sloppy skill *LINK*

81284.   Rick93   2018-02-05 22:41


81285.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-05 22:43

Mercedes had to call renault to finally manage to make a good looking small car.

And the amg a45... dat sound is aftershave

81286.   Smurf   2018-02-06 01:17

Whatever happened to the dude that was doing a complete overhaul of Valo? Did that mod ever g9 anywhere?

81287.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 10:04


81288.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 10:05

i dont play slrr anymore but here you go my valo work from 2 years ago, enjoy it and make sure you use tree models by bigg boss93

81289.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 10:06

im shocked that community still lives, well done vstanced

81290.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-06 11:02

Ohai there!

81293.   DHR   2018-02-06 16:02

@BenyUK just wanted to say thanks for helping me in the YT comments man. My tyre.java+your stuff and now my games has actually very enjoyable non-jerky physics

81294.   DHR   2018-02-06 16:03

Only thing I want to ask in your last S14 video, did you make the car be so hard with only rollbar settings or did you also use a weak spring/shock?

81295.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 16:43

I ran no suspension whatsoever, just the rollbar script

81296.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 16:46

You would be surprised how many cars actually benefit from no suspension at all, simple trick and makes most cars handle 100 times better, just add rollbar script and that's it

81298.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 18:04

And by no suspension I mean not even the control arms

81299.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-06 18:19

And that's why you never released your physics i guess, they were just stock ones lol.

Well played :D

81300.   EliasFD3S   2018-02-06 18:46

I was thinking you were dead

81301.   Kokainum   2018-02-06 18:52

bb you forgot (that skyline is pretty nice) on your post

81303.   Redline_Racer   2018-02-06 20:37

wag1 benyUK my friendo

81304.   skip   2018-02-06 20:54

lol, wag1 used to be a code for dealers in my old secondary school, memories.

81305.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-06 21:01

My post?

81306.   Kokainum   2018-02-06 21:10

the one where you made fun of jf1

81307.   Kokainum   2018-02-06 21:11

in uhhhh svanders workshop

81308.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 21:36

Im pretty sure I've shared my physics with various people, it's just controller that does all the super smooth magic in the game

81309.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 21:39

Oh and playing with control arms javas makes a world of difference as well

81310.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 21:43

Redline_racer I can't believe you are still alive in the scene :D

81311.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 21:49

Let me come back home and I will share my valo city remake Java so people who want can finish it or add their own weird shit to it

81312.   BenyUK   2018-02-06 21:59

@EliasFD3S yea im officially dead but I came back for this last time to see hows it going :)

81313.   EliasFD3S   2018-02-06 22:14


81315.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-07 00:17

Well you could stay around here even if not talking about sl :P

81317.   DHR   2018-02-07 01:43

@BenyUK, yes I know, I use your no suspension script and it feels 100 better as you said

81318.   DHR   2018-02-07 01:45

But I was asking in your last video did you use harder rollbar settings or control arms. java to make your car harder? Using no suspension makes the cars feel like an old american cadillac

81319.   DHR   2018-02-07 01:45

Which is very pleasant physics which look like you're running stock suspension but for driftcar builds it needs to br harder like you did it in the ls3 s14 vid

81321.   Sam C   2018-02-07 07:22

@DHR You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

81322.   BenyUK   2018-02-07 08:36

DHR i was using a full on suspension setup in the LS swapped S14 video, only, if you use no shocks and such then go mental with rollbar script to make it mega stiff

81324.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-07 09:46

harison - we can't ban them as they come through different IPs and different emails..

81327.   DHR   2018-02-07 11:50

Oh, so you were running arms shocks springs. It was so smooth it almost seemes like it's without susp just hard. That must be some really great physics. The one's I'm making are kinda similar but I just can't get them to be that good. I might post a vid

81334.   Rick93   2018-02-09 21:13


81335.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-09 21:42


81336.   doge   2018-02-10 00:21


81337.   Rick93   2018-02-10 01:19


81339.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-10 12:22

What XD

81340.   Kokainum   2018-02-10 13:16

hit the 2 wheel mo tion

81341.   skip   2018-02-10 14:35

dropped the bird off then chirped out

81342.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-10 15:04

he's got the sound for the stitches

81344.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-10 21:07

No limit top Boss

81345.   DHR   2018-02-10 23:23

God damn it why does everyone always delete their fucking javas it's just a game damn it.... all it ever does it slow down progress for SLRR development and modding

81346.   DHR   2018-02-10 23:23

muh vipkas

81347.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-11 00:26

I used to do that at first, kinda because i've been taught to do so, but then i just realized exactly what you said, so i released all complete(except in those cases, like for RCD's openable lights, where i've been told to not share the java)

81348.   DHR   2018-02-11 01:03

I definitely understand why though, someone spending days or weeks or even more working on coding a java and then some kid stealing it putting it in his half assed mod and saying "my mod"

81351.   DHR   2018-02-11 16:58

@JC have you thought about SEO? A simple google search of something in the download section, barely makes it to 4th or 5th spot while cockzona pops on top

81352.   DHR   2018-02-11 17:00

Like if I search SLRR Monza 1966 on google, all first 7 results are cockzona, and last two on the page are VST. And they don't even lead to the actual post but to the tracks page.

81355.   MACKAY   2018-02-11 21:04

Offtopic srsly. Is there are anyone from Denmark ? How is the car scene here? Car prices, gas prices and etc.. Might be moving to this country soon, but heard that car related stuff have sky high taxes

81356.   Daniel   2018-02-11 22:24

Expensive from what I've heard.

81357.   DHR   2018-02-11 23:25

Just lol at western europe and anything fun related. You are not human you are MACHINE with feelings

81358.   skip   2018-02-11 23:51

Go as far as you can from Ireland unless you want to pay more for insurance than your car is worth

81360.   BLiTZ   2018-02-12 12:49

if you want cheaper fun move to east europe but be paid from western europe :))

81361.   doge   2018-02-12 13:29


81362.   DHR   2018-02-12 17:49

eu fags are pushing east eu to become like west eu, so they soon want to outlaw anything fun here too... and we don't even have money

81363.   MACKAY   2018-02-12 18:23

West eu is only good for salary, because current situation in east is just plain stupid, especially wages and etc lols with tears in ma eyes

81364.   Rick93   2018-02-12 22:57

lool here in west is completely fucked up xD

81366.   vulturinegraph3   2018-02-13 10:40

Here in South Africa the car scene is killer. Feul is damn expensive.

81367.   Kokainum   2018-02-13 16:29

why does my game look like this? all i did was install thyago's s13

81368.   DHR   2018-02-13 16:46

art mod 2018

81370.   DHR   2018-02-13 16:47

smh excuse my double(now triple) post

81371.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-13 17:04

:o fufin'ell m8.

81373.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-13 20:01

i'd banana

81376.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:06

Street Legal Racing Overspeed *LINK*

81377.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:12


81378.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:18


81379.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:19


81380.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:21

could this be the new valo city?

81381.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:21


81382.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:28

assembles to some level *LINK*

81383.   DHR   2018-02-14 03:28


81385.   11000rpm   2018-02-14 11:52


81386.   ALAN   2018-02-14 11:54

I think these maps are too small to replace Valo, but I'd love to have them in SLRR, especially the touge-ish hill

81387.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-14 13:40

I had ripped and converted the touge's parking lot once, imma look for pics later

81388.   doge   2018-02-14 14:28

where is dat from dhr?

81389.   ALAN   2018-02-14 14:31


81390.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-14 14:35


81391.   doge   2018-02-14 14:58


81393.   DHR   2018-02-14 17:46

Wait what touge-ish hill? Do you mean those scenes where you choose opponents

81394.   ALAN   2018-02-14 19:44


81395.   ALAN   2018-02-14 19:45

Or not. I don't remember

81396.   ALAN   2018-02-14 19:45

(couldn't find any better)

81400.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-15 12:01

someone buy my TTiddy for twice it's price so i can get myself a bmw xd

81401.   DHR   2018-02-15 13:52

Waiting for BB to deliver the pics *LINK*

81404.   doge   2018-02-15 22:15

damn, vs has been pretty dead lately

81406.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-16 07:53


81407.   BLiTZ   2018-02-16 10:00


81408.   Franco   2018-02-16 12:35

try the other one, and see which one is moar deaded...... (hint 502)

81409.   Hidden Username   2018-02-16 12:39

Crash know know as SLRR curse... My slrr just crashed and lose S13, just bloody great...

81411.   Kokainum   2018-02-16 17:51

haha same, i had a bosozoku s13 under works in s-tuner and it crashed :)

81414.   ramalhinho07   2018-02-16 22:38

valo city finally works hahaha

81420.   BLiTZ   2018-02-17 12:11

hows the 1.8 running?

81421.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-17 13:46


oh wait you're talking about my engine, right? xd

81422.   Ward   2018-02-17 13:56

I guess he is talking about ramalhinho's whip

81423.   Dopey_1974   2018-02-17 14:18


81424.   Coprone   2018-02-17 14:26

what do you guys think of speedrunning slrr?

81425.   doge   2018-02-17 15:00

speedcrashing, how fast can you make original version crash

81426.   ALAN   2018-02-17 16:44

If you get good car for night races it's easily doable in few hours

81428.   DHR   2018-02-17 16:59

If you're not using shit mods I think it's doable, LE is incredibly stable

81431.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-17 18:00

I couldnt find pics of that dang parking in my up.vs account, it's surely older than that, i'll be downloading my screenshots from my online backup sometime, or maybe not, and looking for it over there

81432.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-17 18:00

LE incredibly stable.

It crashed on startup for me xD

81433.   DHR   2018-02-17 19:19

idk man, it's the ONLY slrr that I can play without crashing (that much)

81434.   DHR   2018-02-17 19:19

and best thing is it's based on your SL and has all of it's updates, but everything is cut out so it's even lighter

81436.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-17 20:10

Ooooh, not 2.3.0?

81437.   DHR   2018-02-17 20:14

I meant Light Edition that was released last year, not LEMWM

81439.   ALAN   2018-02-17 20:26

They couldn't pick better name

81440.   Rick93   2018-02-17 20:35

Weight Reduction Edition

81442.   RedCarDriver   2018-02-18 05:31

@DHR "Not LE2MWM", huh? Because I think we all thought you meant 2.3.0LE, which is older than MWM itself.

81443.   Hidden Username   2018-02-18 10:34

Ban kukolkaHit please, he spamming 6 forum in same topic, as I seen that bot.

81444.   ALAN   2018-02-18 12:23

Who? What topics?

81446.   Hidden Username   2018-02-18 15:25

V Nevermind

81447.   DHR   2018-02-18 17:03

@RedCarDriver idk man I'm confused. So there's LE2MWM, 2.3.0LE and then there's Light Edition? The one I'm referring to is this one *LINK*

81448.   tomaukz   2018-02-18 17:29

Can anyone help me with applying multiple materials like carbon and paintable to a car part?

81449.   tomaukz   2018-02-18 17:30

meh ill just make a topic in help thread

81450.   Stevo2   2018-02-18 17:39

@ tomaukz,
Yes, make a topic and I'll explain how I do it.. it may help others too, rather than see it buried here in the shout box.

81451.   DHR   2018-02-18 17:46

How do you make a paintable material, without using two textures? Like this guy did - *LINK* but doesn't work in game, the parts get painted in very faded out color

81452.   DHR   2018-02-18 17:47

Doing it with mixmap the Jesus Christ way works, but I need to do it with only one texture for paint, instead of two

81453.   ALAN   2018-02-18 18:15

JC's way is also with one texture for paint, the other is for decals :D

81454.   DHR   2018-02-18 18:40

nvm, problem was from corrupted mesh lol...

81456.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-19 11:59


81457.   GTEFGHA   2018-02-19 19:10


81458.   GTEFGHA   2018-02-19 19:10

My first car :)

81461.   Kokainum   2018-02-19 21:30

sounds cool dude!

81463.   DHR   2018-02-20 04:01

Wow that's nice man m50b25

81472.   DHR   2018-02-21 20:26

Which is the latest max which has compatible .max files with max 5? Max 5 is such a pain to work with

81474.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-21 21:10


81475.   DHR   2018-02-21 21:15

So you can only do work in max 5? Since I see no point in doing anything in a newer max if I'm going to have to retexture in a newer one... UV maps seem to get lost too for some reason

81476.   Coprone   2018-02-21 22:25

happy birthday to me lmao

81477.   Jesus Christ   2018-02-21 23:36

Happy birthday to the floor

81478.   11000rpm   2018-02-22 07:38

Happy birthday to the flour

81479.   BLiTZ   2018-02-22 11:52

Happy birthday to the four

81480.   doge   2018-02-22 13:02

Happy birthday to the roar

81481.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-22 14:11

Happy birthday to the toad

81483.   11000rpm   2018-02-22 15:58

Happy birthday to the toast

81485.   George_Monroe   2018-02-22 16:44

Happy birthday to the trabant

81486.   ALAN   2018-02-22 19:33

Lada birthday to you lmao

81488.   DHR   2018-02-22 20:40

Ayy Happy bday Coprone

81489.   DHR   2018-02-22 22:36

Was looking for information and found this. Funniest S-chassis thread I've seen in a while *LINK*

81490.   skip   2018-02-23 15:38

Anybody know where I could find oem colors for an A31 Cefiro?

81491.   yurisminator   2018-02-23 16:17

No one commented on my new skin[/sad]

81492.   Prius   2018-02-23 21:32

The hell is with me... im listening Jive Bunny and looking to muricar cars.. :D

81494.   Kokainum   2018-02-24 10:04

why is the best ps13 thread still up holy shit

81495.   Stevo2   2018-02-24 10:29

@ Kokainum, What's your problem? the PS13 tthread has been up for 5 days, and members are still posting on it... you don't have to click on it if it isn't of interest to you.

81496.   Kokainum   2018-02-24 14:02

i dont have a problem, i just find it a useless thread that should've been locked 3 posts in

81500.   BLiTZ   2018-02-24 16:40

damn right

81501.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 17:17

ayyy what do y'all think so far?
way to go, stuff to tweek but i'm happy so far 8)


81502.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 17:17

except for the frunk, the reflection on the side still looks wrong >:(

81503.   Lagano   2018-02-24 17:45

Yeah those reflections are a bit weird but everything else looks great! Can't wait to see some more progress :D

81504.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-24 18:00

Dang, that's nice, what are you using?

81505.   doge   2018-02-24 18:17


81506.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 19:03

i'm using photoshop.. was thinking about using adobe illustrator but ps works too. thanks guys, will keep y'all updated 8)

81507.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-24 20:10

Yup, do that :D

81508.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-24 20:10

Is it brushed?

81509.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 20:29

it's part vector and part brushed..

81510.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 20:30

also it's part cancer because if i have to retouch a special part i have to go through 90 layers already 8)
(and yes, i use folders but it's still hard af xd)

81511.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 20:36


it's getting hawt in heeeeeeeeere

(should i start a topic on this?)

81512.   DHR   2018-02-24 20:50

yes, that way it doesn't get lost here and the site gets activity

81513.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-24 20:51

Vectors can be collected by color, so you make a single vector object containing all the path of X or Y color

81514.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 20:55

good point.. well, i'll try it at the next car.. imma keep my 90 layers for now xd
starting a thread later, bois

81515.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 21:31

NEY, i rearranged some layers and did a small fuck up.. now i'm gonna have to search for that one layer god damned xd

81517.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-24 21:51

Ehm, ctrl + left mouse button over the layers will automatically select the one you clicked on, while using the move tool(V)

81518.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 22:31

yeah i knew, but i always clicked got the black outline of the fender D:
it's fixed btw, found it directly :D

81519.   minty   2018-02-24 22:31

Hey boyss

81520.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-24 22:44

ducking hell some of these reflections make absolutely no sense to me xd

81521.   minty   2018-02-25 00:19

have you guys thought about making a discord?

81522.   Back_in_Black   2018-02-25 00:54

There is one, it‘s mostly dead tho

81523.   Bigg Boss93   2018-02-25 01:18

Discord = kill the site, plus it's useless anyway