82418.   Rick93   2018-04-28 12:06

Audi Rx-7 Nismo Turbo TRD

82419.   11000rpm   2018-04-28 12:49

toyotaspeed svt cobra RX7 demon

82420.   MACKAY   2018-04-28 13:06

BMW E500 OMG M63

82421.   Bigg Boss93   2018-04-28 13:06

NSU Panhard Dauphine Spitfire

82422.   11000rpm   2018-04-28 14:16

porsche panzer gt3rs

82423.   Rick93   2018-04-28 14:23

Halftrack TDI Mugen

82424.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-04-28 14:29

Toyota VTEC VVTI MK4 Supra PS13

82425.   Zero   2018-04-28 14:57

slrr is cancer.. tried 4 different versions and still the same error every time. FAILED TO CREATE HW 3D DEVICE..

82426.   ALAN   2018-04-28 15:08

Tried setting proper resolution?

82427.   Zero   2018-04-28 15:11

that was the first thing i tried. Its normally set at 1920x1080 fullscreen but i changed it lower then back again and it just gave same error

82428.   skip   2018-04-28 15:16

Delete options and try again

82429.   Zero   2018-04-28 15:17

ok ill try that

82430.   Zero   2018-04-28 15:18

same issue. I think its actually driver related since i updated them and now it doesnt work. Let me see if i can roll back or something

82431.   ALAN   2018-04-28 15:19

Delete whole save folder, just to make sure

82432.   Zero   2018-04-28 15:44


82433.   Zero   2018-04-28 15:45

still same error

82434.   Bigg Boss93   2018-04-28 16:46

Even on windowed mode?

82435.   11000rpm   2018-04-28 17:08

have you removed enb/reshade/whatsoever?

82436.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-04-28 17:09

does anyone have a good Rocketbunny RX7 mod link ? All I can find is just stupid russian mods...

82437.   Zero   2018-04-28 17:11

Fixed it. I installed the latest drivers yesterday but apparently windows didnt acknowledge it so i reinstalled them and it works haha

82438.   Bigg Boss93   2018-04-28 17:53


82444.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 12:03


82448.   MACKAY   2018-04-30 13:23

shoutbox is dry af

82449.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 13:41

for about 2days, srsly

82450.   Rick93   2018-04-30 13:43

well today it's rainy here, might get a bit wet

82451.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 13:48

21'c highest here... might wear short sleeve later

82452.   Rick93   2018-04-30 13:57

My car is dirty asf and i can't wash it because of the fucking weather

82453.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 14:06

indeed. rain sucks in this cas

82454.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 14:06


82455.   MACKAY   2018-04-30 14:13

It is fucking 26celsius where I am, I wish there will be lighting storm this evening tho

82456.   Bigg Boss93   2018-04-30 14:14


82457.   Rick93   2018-04-30 14:58


82458.   11000rpm   2018-04-30 15:12


82459.   saletl   2018-04-30 15:18

28°C and two broken collarbones....

82460.   PXRZ   2018-04-30 16:09

The witcher seems to be for free apparently but how do you access the ware again? *LINK*

82462.   lowdevil   2018-04-30 19:19

whats the easiest way to tune your springs in SLRR

82463.   Jehh   2018-04-30 19:38


82464.   Dr. Zoom   2018-04-30 20:46

@Jehh, holeecrab*

82465.   Dr. Zoom   2018-04-30 20:46

@Jehh, holeecrab*

82466.   Rick93   2018-04-30 20:55


82467.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 06:41


82468.   Jehh   2018-05-01 08:30


82469.   ALAN   2018-05-01 08:35

@PXRZ - you need to own Gwent to redeem The Witcher, but it's also free, so...

82470.   MACKAY   2018-05-01 09:34

I miss holeecrab :(

82471.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 10:48

What happened to him?

82472.   MACKAY   2018-05-01 13:00

He is now on PS4 shit :|

82473.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-01 13:13

Me too Mackay, his RP was great.

82474.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 13:22

I was chatting with him even yesterday, i think he's pretty damn busy with school(and playing some games and drawing awesome shit) so yeah, he's on a lil break from sl.

82475.   MACKAY   2018-05-01 13:30

Yeah, those drawings are sick af, talented mofo. ;d

82476.   ALAN   2018-05-01 14:35


82477.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-01 14:44


82478.   Rick93   2018-05-01 14:54


82479.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 14:56


82480.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 15:02


82481.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 15:12


82483.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 15:30


82484.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 16:08


82485.   MACKAY   2018-05-01 16:33

y u do him dirty like dat

82486.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 16:53

nah dud , we just jokin

82487.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-01 17:30


82488.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-01 17:38


82489.   Wypple   2018-05-01 21:19

why i can´t change my avatar?

82490.   Rick93   2018-05-01 22:07

and i thought i've seen everything *LINK*

82491.   saletl   2018-05-01 22:41

wypple: you can but it takes some time until it shows the new one

82492.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-01 23:06

Thanks Rick, i'm gonna Rock that in my car tomorrow

82493.   Wypple   2018-05-02 02:14

saletl thanks, now i have a new one

82495.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-02 12:11

Well done saletl, take a percentage off those sales maybe(like for exportation or whatever?) ;)

82496.   saletl   2018-05-02 13:07

thx Boss! Nah, rp runs well enough though! ;) maybe it helps to keep rp's a bit more realistic.

82497.   DHR   2018-05-02 13:24

If anyone's wondering at all. I'm still alive. I visit vstanced every day, I just don't have any time, even for myself. I have not quit SLRR and never will, I will return(modding) by the end of fall and hopefully finish my projects.

82498.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-02 19:16

i broke myself and have to wait 12 days to get fixed. rip my back. should probably just change to bags, having problems with my back already. xd

82502.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-03 16:58

Crap, what happened?

82505.   Haku   2018-05-04 01:21

Every 6 months I get an inbox from someone asking for the same mod that I don't have. I missed SLRR <3

82507.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-04 11:09

Ohay, do you have that same mod that you dont have? PLS

82508.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-04 11:24

i have a problem with my spine or something, have to get physiotherapy (idk if it's correct in english) and have to get fixed. first date is on 14th.. -_-

82509.   Kokainum   2018-05-04 12:35


82510.   MACKAY   2018-05-04 12:42


82511.   MACKAY   2018-05-04 12:42

I am sure it is not like this right?

82512.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-04 13:05

nah, it's just a tense or something. nothing serious, but i get headaches everyday due to that thing..

82513.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-04 13:48

I have two vertebraes a bit bent, i believe due to being too tall and always having to lay forward to do anything(like all tables, washbasins etc are way too low for me)... i know how pain in the arse it can be. Hope you get fixed asap :P

82514.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-04 20:11

having headaches every morning due to that shit is incredibly annoying. hope that shit helps.. -_-

82515.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-04 20:21

also: even my doc knows what car i drive. that's what i call reputation. xd
also he told me that my car is probably going to hurt my spine on the long term.. like i said, i should switch to bags xd

82516.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-04 21:15

Ehm, it isnt bags or springs that sets the car's stiffness, it's shock absorbers, you need softer ones :v

82517.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-04 22:58

yeah, and i can't get softer ones, because you can't drive soft shock absorbers on that height i am driving now. so either i'm going for stock height or bags. or i just don't give a fuck like i normaly do and break occasionaly

82519.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 13:38

Black, are you tell me your car have cut spring? Cut spring make ride harder.

82520.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-05 14:07

I think he's got h&r coilovers, or some other brand ones anyway

82521.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 14:36

It must be too hard setting. Hard ride give spine damage, could be seat as well if they not comfy.

82523.   Daniel   2018-05-05 18:31


82524.   MACKAY   2018-05-05 18:49

This ↓

82525.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 19:04

What? It fact.

82526.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-05 19:11

brvh, have you ever drove like, a real low setup? you can't have those soft.. you would scrape at every pothole.
also: baeboss was right btw, it's a H&R Deep.

82527.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 19:26

V Yea right I just newbie driver but I'm been study car mechanic 3 years. Are you try to be tough guy or what?

82528.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 19:28

Also I was given the advice and you just act like fools.

82529.   saletl   2018-05-05 19:32

Isn't the internet great?

82530.   saletl   2018-05-05 19:32


82531.   MACKAY   2018-05-05 19:34

How often should I change air in my airbags then ?

82532.   saletl   2018-05-05 19:39


82533.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 19:42

Mackey, I guess it better you research it, google are your best friend for life.

82534.   MACKAY   2018-05-05 19:47

Mickey will do

82535.   MACKAY   2018-05-05 19:47

Mickey will do

82536.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-05 21:39

Mickey will do

82537.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-05 21:53

yes, yes i actualy try to be a tough guy. (don't mind me bitching about my back tho, i'm totaly tough thought)

82538.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 22:02

yes, yes i actualy try to be a tough guy. (don't mind me bitching about my back tho, i'm totaly tough thought)

82539.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-05 22:04

Dr.Zoom you're not english, are you?

82540.   Lagano   2018-05-05 22:16

Those are some tough thoughts though.

82541.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-05 22:49

@BB, I'm deaf...

82542.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-05 23:29

Wait, how being deaf make you type wrong?

82543.   saletl   2018-05-05 23:59

thx BB just thought the same

82544.   Daniel   2018-05-06 01:30


82545.   David_2709   2018-05-06 02:04

because you don't hear how sentences are usually spoken and so on? Had the same with a deaf person who also wrote badly

82549.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-06 08:11

Deaf and hearing rules are different, Deaf rules use people for hand sign and different English rules from hearing way. For example, I'm from UK, it used BSL. There three different group. English, Sign Supported English (SSE), and British Sign Language (BSL), I'm bit more than SwEE, BSL.

82550.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-06 08:11


82551.   MACKAY   2018-05-06 08:15

I don't know if it is inappropriate to ask, but when did you become deaf? Or did you born this way? I hope there will be technology n shit to bring hearing back completely to people.

82552.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-06 09:59

Oh that kinda make sense, you'd basically have to learn english as two separate languages, one the "spoken" and one the written form.

I guess you'll slowly get the hang of typing it correctly(accordingly to the normal english i mean) if you keep reading and talking to people online(here or wherever... sure we dont have the best english baseline though lol)

82553.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-06 10:23


82554.   11000rpm   2018-05-06 10:31


82555.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-06 11:26

@Mackay, I was born with fully deaf. There no way you could change deaf to hearing. :(
@BB, yea, being deaf wasn't simple task. I find I'm very struggle with writing exam to hard pass which it mean I likely to failure, like 90 percent failure chance of 10 percent pass of chance.

82556.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-06 11:27

@Mackay, oh, they using hear aid or implant, I'm wore implant so I only hear one ear, without implant that I wore, I would went fully deaf.

82557.   Automotive Gaming   2018-05-06 19:26

vote for the best barber

82558.   doge   2018-05-06 21:35


82559.   ajlennox   2018-05-06 21:43


82560.   doge   2018-05-06 21:49

shovelio di shovelini

82561.   Runaeh   2018-05-07 05:11


82562.   11000rpm   2018-05-07 06:30


82563.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-07 13:34


82564.   ALAN   2018-05-07 14:35


82565.   11000rpm   2018-05-07 15:30


82566.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-07 16:28


82567.   BLiTZ   2018-05-07 17:35

aight fgtz get ready for this weekend imma update my thread again

82568.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-07 20:35

Oh crap, instead of just fixing it you went for the turbo route :O :D

82569.   BLiTZ   2018-05-07 20:43

I'd wish :))h

82570.   Rick93   2018-05-07 21:33


82571.   ajlennox   2018-05-07 23:41

*LINK* i think i overdid it

82572.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-08 12:58

Wtf Rick, that's spot on aj

82573.   Yeda   2018-05-08 14:50

well my friend, thats what we call speedbump here in Brazil

82574.   Kokainum   2018-05-08 16:41

more like speedhill

82575.   Rick93   2018-05-08 22:23

That's how Elon Musk launched his Tesla roadster to space

82576.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-09 18:21


82577.   MACKAY   2018-05-09 18:47

dig big

82578.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-09 19:22

V brick.*

82579.   Yeda   2018-05-09 19:31


82580.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-09 19:50


82581.   BLiTZ   2018-05-09 21:51

k fgts the car is done and its pulling harder than it ever did before :))

82582.   BLiTZ   2018-05-09 21:52

they replaced the cylinder head gasket,all 8 valves and all oil retainer rings

82583.   BLiTZ   2018-05-09 21:54

did a little touge with the car vs a guy in a m-type and surprisingly i kept up with him so tomorrow expect maybe some new video with nice engine sound :D

82584.   BLiTZ   2018-05-09 21:54

**s type

82585.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-09 21:54

Sorry, but you're a cunt.

You never speed on a freshly rebuilt engine, you should let it set all the tolerances back(for at least 5k km) before mistreating it. :(

82586.   David_2709   2018-05-10 01:08

watch him blow the engine again

82587.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-10 08:02

nah, 5k km is too much. People recommend around 1k km. but it's mostly up to the engine.
also: Lexus says you can floor the engines from the first km.. And i haven't heard of any new-ish lexus engine breaking through that

82588.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-10 10:39

Lol, that's a trick. They set the engines so to not actually give 100% until X km, so even if you floor it it does give power but not all of it(which then will do later)

82589.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-10 10:39

I mean, ecus

82591.   BLiTZ   2018-05-10 21:04

well i dont think the engine has to break in since it wasnt a total rebuilt...either way mine never goes 100% either.I tested it with obd sensor and at most throttle it does 81% of total power

82592.   BLiTZ   2018-05-10 21:06

BB as far as im concerned I asked the guys at the shop about breaking in and they said that new valves dont need break in

82593.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-10 21:08

They break out then?

82594.   BLiTZ   2018-05-10 21:14

the oil retainer rings had to be replaced because they got hard of sitting alot in the parking lot and the valves have already been done to the level of the cylinder head,there is absolutely no need of breaking in the engine because it only had 30k so it wasnt that used(its just that it sat long winters under blankets and only used during hot season)

82595.   BLiTZ   2018-05-10 21:16

also fun fact,I belive that the engine had something because now the engine seems to have a little different powerband compared to the one before the "half rebuild".It's impossible that i gained hp becuase it was a repair not a tune but I'm sure that the engine had its problems before this...

82596.   BLiTZ   2018-05-10 21:19

Now if i try to remember the mechanics said that that I've only bent 2 valves from piston 4.They also said that they tested compression on all 4 and they said that piston 2 had "funny" compression.(it had lower pressure despite the fact that the valves were perfectly fine).

82597.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-11 21:01

*Game crash many time after try build Foxbody for Crowd Friendly photocomp*
Me: I'm done this shit.

82598.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-11 21:24

You can retry later ;)

82600.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-11 21:26

Why do people copy our stuff and not even bother changing the text?

Like, i've just been linked to something that looks very copy-pasted, with just a couple words changed.

:sadreaction: :(

82601.   Zero   2018-05-11 21:39

Have a feeling i know what that is about..

82602.   saletl   2018-05-11 21:39

what was it then?

82603.   Zero   2018-05-11 21:46

Ok.. Well see GOM's a lil ded *i say little but its dead* So i thought why not try to bring some life back into it and decided to make a comp. Now 1. Nothing was copy and pasted 2. I wrote the whole article in Notepad while google wasnt open. Either way imma say i liked the way VS comps are laid out and such. So i took inspiration. Now is there something wrong with trying to keep a dying community alive? (GOM that is)

82604.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-11 21:55

But Zero, you was my sister from another grandpa :(

(idk what i'm saying, i'm ill, bear with me)

82606.   Zero   2018-05-11 21:59

Lmao. I can see why you put ":sadreaction:" but i mean i wasnt trying to piss anyone off. I honestly thought id try it myself and see how the outcome is.

82607.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-11 22:04

Not pissed off, i actually didnt see it was you posting, thought it was the typical VS hater that doesnt even know why he hates it that be trying to steal out super duper cool comps B) lol

82608.   Zero   2018-05-11 22:07

When i saw you mention "why do people copy our stuff" i instantly knew what it was lmao. But yea VS has cool comps ngl

82609.   Mr. Peach   2018-05-11 23:35

vstanced has always been more stylish imo

82610.   David_2709   2018-05-12 02:52

vstanced has a color scheme of a particular adult content site and had a old user with a name of another adult content site - is RK even active anymore?

82611.   Wypple   2018-05-12 03:48

StanceHub premium

82612.   lowdevil   2018-05-12 04:38

why tf my suspension clipping thru the ground

82613.   BLiTZ   2018-05-12 07:23

cuz it got tired of all that bs

82614.   ALAN   2018-05-12 09:13

@David - wasn't it black/yellow?

82615.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-12 10:02

I think VS is older than that adults site and RK is now Rick93

82616.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-12 10:02

@lowdevil what suspension mod are you using?

82617.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-12 10:17


82618.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 10:41


82619.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-12 10:43


82620.   MACKAY   2018-05-12 10:45

fuk you guys

82621.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-12 10:45

I've got beer, i got chips, i got energy drinks and i gotta go to a oldtimer car meet later

82622.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-12 10:45

luv you too Mayay <3

82623.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 11:04

i was so sad when it crashed last year :(

Yeh im rolling up joints for the whole race :D I love that its on YT so i can watch it on my phone in the yard!

82624.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 11:05

Manta requires a shoutbox sacrifice!

82625.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 11:05

Im sad the 919 is only doing a formation lap, that thing would have lit up the nurb track record <:

82626.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 11:07


im watching this to get even more hyped for the race :D

82627.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-12 11:36

What the fuck are y'all yapping about?

82628.   Rick93   2018-05-12 11:45


82630.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-12 11:56


82631.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 12:02

24h nordschleife, starts at 15:30, free live feed on yt with english commenting

82632.   Zero   2018-05-12 20:15

Initial D 8 is the shit

82633.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-12 21:29

race is dope so far. missed the start.
just opened up my first energy drink. 8)

82634.   ALAN   2018-05-12 23:29

Plz someone record crashes

82635.   ALAN   2018-05-12 23:30

Or any other whoa moments

82636.   yurisminator   2018-05-12 23:53

we just had a wheel come off a car out the pits

82637.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-13 00:08

just go on youtube xd there are compilation videos every 10 mins (probably)
i gotta go to sleep a few hours now. see ya in 5 hours xd

82638.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-13 08:40

fucks sake. i got up and the first thing i see in fb is the video of the #911 flying off in the rain :c

82640.   yurisminator   2018-05-13 13:37

I think it had some gravel or oil from a crash the same place earlier. Tho this god damn rain :o

82641.   BLiTZ   2018-05-13 14:30

gg to porsche

82642.   BLiTZ   2018-05-13 14:30

also amg,well fought

82643.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-13 15:33

yeah, amg fought hard but that red flag realy played in the cards of porsche

82644.   doge   2018-05-13 16:50

Hot wheels pics thread? yes or no? Will be reguraly spammed by me ofc

82645.   BLiTZ   2018-05-13 17:03

fuck yea

82646.   ALAN   2018-05-13 17:55


82647.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-13 19:52


82650.   11000rpm   2018-05-14 05:49


82651.   EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-05-14 06:40

I agree with doge allot of us grew up playing with Hotwheels so it would be cool to have a thread all about it or even make it for diecast cars in general

82652.   radcoon   2018-05-14 11:18

I just told my lady we should see if this city (I'm on vacation) has some cool shops. So I could score some HW :)

82653.   radcoon   2018-05-14 11:18

bad bad doge

82655.   DHR   2018-05-14 22:09

Hi guys, started SLRR after a long time and made a short video for a friend, give it a watch *LINK*

82656.   theblockishot   2018-05-15 01:37

Sup everybody

82657.   theblockishot   2018-05-15 01:37

Cool video DHR

82658.   doge   2018-05-15 12:23

prolly gonna buy my first legal car today, peugeot 106 1.0 '99 for 150€

82659.   BLiTZ   2018-05-15 13:24

neat,lots of modding possibilities on the lil 106

82660.   BLiTZ   2018-05-15 13:29

yo what happend to the dude with the reflections and his tweaks?

82661.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-15 14:49

amilmand? He's still around

82663.   ALAN   2018-05-15 16:38

He used to be arounder

82664.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-15 17:20

For anyone who's interested, i've just(finally) fixed the rotation coordinates in my/Franco's script.


82667.   doge   2018-05-16 21:57

ended up buying this pupper, 180k kms, 1.0l, 50hp, needs few bits and pieces to pass the inspection, has a little bit of rust, other than that its pretty nice car for 150€

82668.   skip   2018-05-16 22:06

i love little french hatchbacks.
And only 150? That's the cost of one foglight for my damn Clio....which I need badly.

82669.   Zero   2018-05-16 22:09

the 106 is cool af. the GTI looks amazing

82670.   doge   2018-05-16 22:20

i plan to drive it for atleast a year until i get money for something better, needs new rear brake pads and heandbrake cables/wires things, everything is rusty as fook, i hope i'll be able to replace it soon

82671.   Rick93   2018-05-16 22:31

Those cars are nice, i've driven both 106 and Saxo, for me the 106 is much better

82672.   skip   2018-05-16 22:39

I'm picking up another Clio 16s tomorrow :/ what have I done?

82673.   doge   2018-05-16 22:40

we're baguette gang i guess

82674.   skip   2018-05-16 22:58

Mines a rolling shower tbh


82675.   doge   2018-05-17 08:06

patch it up

82676.   David_2709   2018-05-17 14:39

doge I suggest you looking for replacement welding panels already if you want to keep driving it - my rear left rocker panel replacement arrived today

82677.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-17 15:44


82678.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-17 16:13

GOM the Lord of Vanishing.

82679.   doge   2018-05-17 17:46

it should be ok for another year tho

82680.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-17 18:27

im the baguette

82681.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-17 18:27

im the baguette

82682.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-17 19:45

hes the baguette

82683.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-17 19:45

hes the baguette

82684.   yurisminator   2018-05-17 20:35

stop talking about french people, im getting hungry.

82685.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-17 20:41

V sure, go and get cooked frog

82686.   BLiTZ   2018-05-17 21:14

ey cunts bout to get these wheels for my car any opinions?

82687.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-17 21:20

I was about to say "how tf BiB is buying rims in romania" but then i realized who wrote the post wasnt him lol.

Those looks like alfa 145 rims, not sure how'd they look on a siena... i'd chop it but i'm not at pc now

82689.   BLiTZ   2018-05-17 21:26

fuck id need a representation of some photoshop,I think it will look good despite my budget :))

82690.   BLiTZ   2018-05-17 21:28

the amount of grip i will get its amazing,i will get some proxes and some lowering springs for little rigidity increase later this summer

82691.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-17 22:00

Give me 24h, i dont think i'll manage doing it today but probably tomorrow at lunch hour

82692.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-17 22:18

Why dont we have this in slrr yet??


82694.   BLiTZ   2018-05-17 22:59


82695.   Marcuitos15   2018-05-18 00:33

Bigg Boss:


82696.   Marcuitos15   2018-05-18 00:33

isn't the same?

82697.   doge   2018-05-18 07:35

albea is siena

82698.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-18 12:48

Maruti Suzuki

82699.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-18 12:48

i swear to god if that dude from ebay isn't answering my fucking messages anymore.. -__-

82701.   doge   2018-05-18 16:56

so far no luck, 106 isn't worth fixing, some retard welded rear brake adjusting thingy, rip in piece
i hope i get my monies back *LINK*

82702.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-18 17:11


82703.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-18 17:11


82704.   Wypple   2018-05-18 19:14

BB93 in jhon works if i remember a albea (siena in latin america) it's there!

82705.   Bad.Compqny   2018-05-18 19:23

doge i'll give you 100 euros for the pužo

82706.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-18 20:07

Yeah i saw the siena, but it's not the same version as the albea(different front and rear end)

82707.   svander   2018-05-18 22:18

Different back, siena has the same frontend Blitz Albea has *LINK*

82708.   svander   2018-05-18 22:20

Unless you mean another year's siena :p

82709.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-18 23:57

Oh you got that front end too, in italy the siena only had the mk1 and mk2 palio(the one i linked earlier on the shoutbox) front end, not this one.

I thought it was a new front end only for the renamed one.

82710.   BLiTZ   2018-05-19 00:20

Damn man thanks alot :)

82711.   BLiTZ   2018-05-19 00:21

Either way i think im turning into full ricer,with no exhaust my car pops all the time and jeeesus it gained something,the acceleration got better with 0.2-3

82712.   lowdevil   2018-05-19 05:32

anybody have a link to setonaikai circuit, gom is down

82713.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-19 09:21

V You could ask on here: *LINK*

82714.   BLiTZ   2018-05-19 12:48

Well Im about to cut the left front fog light cap to fabricate an intake pipe for the car and to find some kind of filters so i wont get dirt inside the engine

82715.   BLiTZ   2018-05-19 12:48

Jeez i should make a topic,oh wait :))

82716.   BLiTZ   2018-05-19 14:11

Aight the dude with the wheels doesnt pick up so im thinking about these ones *LINK*

82717.   Rick93   2018-05-19 17:26

Coupé wheels on it

82718.   Rick93   2018-05-19 17:30

Or steelies like my punto xD

82719.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-19 19:46

i got some wheels for you 8)


82720.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-19 19:46

dude that I was talking about trading wheels with didn't respond since wednesday.. so i'm going to sell/trade my wheels for something different

82722.   ALAN   2018-05-19 21:57

I hate you for writing OZ Rotiform BBS there

82723.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-19 22:33

I hate myself for that too but that‘s how you get more clicks and shit

82724.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-19 22:33

Also, those are wheels i would trade for mine. So eh

82725.   Rick93   2018-05-19 22:38

Click bait

82727.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-19 23:30

Type "fiat punto steelies felgen" if you want a real clickbait

82728.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-19 23:37

I need to add vstanced i guess

82729.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-19 23:43


82730.   dxg1997   2018-05-20 01:15

Weirdly, my home button directs me to the VS homepage. Not sure why

82732.   Jesus Christ   2018-05-20 08:05

working as designed :D

82734.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-20 12:51

ugh i need to take a drive, fuckin bored because of this dickhead not answering and me only getting Mercedes Wheels offered..

82736.   Daniel   2018-05-20 14:40

Fuuuuck, the new graphics card wont be sent untill June 1st...

82737.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-20 15:11

what GPU did you buy?

82739.   BLiTZ   2018-05-20 23:28


82742.   NK748   2018-05-21 08:21

Spambots strikes again

82743.   ALAN   2018-05-21 11:54

What? Where?

82744.   Daniel   2018-05-21 15:38

Erwin, just a Gigabyte 1060 card, I'd rather spend more money on my car than buying super expensive 1070 or 1080 cards :)

82745.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-21 16:17

hah , I have an 1030 and for the games I play , its more than enough. I dont see why you would spend grands on a graphics card instead of buying new rims for your car or something.

82747.   Daniel   2018-05-21 17:03

was time for an upgrade anyway.. been using a 570 card for years now

82748.   Daniel   2018-05-21 17:03

but it died, so now I had no choice

82749.   yurisminator   2018-05-21 17:43

What did you upgrade to?

82752.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-21 19:39

Stop smoking yuri, he said it three posts under yours, it's a gigabyte 1060 :D

82755.   Kokainum   2018-05-21 21:05

umm its actually 4

82756.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-21 21:20


82759.   11000rpm   2018-05-22 04:49


82760.   doge   2018-05-22 10:43


82762.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-22 12:02


82763.   Rick93   2018-05-22 12:34


82764.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-22 13:05


82765.   11000rpm   2018-05-22 13:08


82766.   Rick93   2018-05-22 13:19


82767.   11000rpm   2018-05-22 14:09


82769.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-22 16:16


82770.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-22 16:18

Zahi Hawass

82771.   Rick93   2018-05-22 17:27


82772.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-22 17:33


82773.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-22 17:53


82774.   Snowex   2018-05-22 19:02

oi oi I haven't checked this shoutbox in a while

82775.   HardFFlip   2018-05-22 20:08

so, what about competition voting?

82776.   StratoWolf   2018-05-22 20:17

Kondzixs? Is that you?

82777.   Snowex   2018-05-22 22:28

you bet it is me

82781.   Jesus Christ   2018-05-23 09:57

comp voting will start soon :)

82782.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 10:45

Yup, sorry but i was busy and i kinda forgot about it.

I'm gonna open it now.

82786.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:17

this is my first time here

82787.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:17

this is my first time here

82788.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 21:36

this is your first time here

82789.   Snowex   2018-05-23 21:38

who should I contact if I want to change my nickname here?

82790.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:38


82791.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:38

its my first time

82792.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:42

i have a mod of a MR2 but i cant find a RWD transmission for the 4A-GE how fits in the car

82793.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:42

then i think.... its possible move the hole transmission?

82794.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 21:45

I may, later, add a transverse-style transmission to the 4A-GE, just give me some time because i'm trying to make the most out of these few hours i manage to use my pc lol.

@Kondi pls do not change the name but if you really wish, i'm the one you're looking for

82795.   Snowex   2018-05-23 21:45

BB, why shouldn't I?

82796.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:47

OMG thx BB93

82797.   jronny   2018-05-23 21:49

i have an answer... its the new update of SLRR (aka 2.3.1)have supports of mods?

82798.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 22:01

Because i started not recognizing all the people that asked me to change their nicknames, it's becoming a pita, and i actually like Kondzixs as nickname.

82799.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:06

i think Kondizixs its a epic name or the name of the most cheated enemy of a anime

82800.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:06

anime? miss me with that gay shit

82801.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:08


82802.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:11

i was like you three years ago, but i saw my first anime (initial D) and i actually become a fan of it... i guest not all people like anime and i respect it

82803.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:13

but you need to know.. Kondzixs its actually a great name

82804.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 22:13

Why people dont simply call them cartoons? xD

82805.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:14

i agree whit you

82806.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:15

it's not like I don't like anime, I even used to watch wangan midnight and initial d but nowadays since I know like 5 ppl obsessed with anime I have contact with it pretty much eveeryday and it got kinda boring...

82807.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:16

I just think that it is pretty weird, especally stuff like boku no pico (gay af)

82808.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:17

that is not a anime, i think its called hentai or yaoi

82809.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:18

btw the most know anime are doraemon, dragon ball z,death note and tokyo ghoul

82810.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:19

who doesnt like doraemon? or saw it i one point of his life?

82811.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:20

hmm, me?

82812.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:21

that is rare but not impossible

82813.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 22:21

I used to watch it as a kid, and also a few night ago before sleeping xDD

Doraemon is sick... actually, Nobita is :(

82814.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:23

wait doraemon is that blue cat right?

82815.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:23

I still am 100% sure I haven't seen that anime or whatever it's called

82816.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:25

yes, doraemon its a blue and white robot cat

82817.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:26

nope, haven't seen that. afaik I have only seen wangan midnight and the whole initial d including legend and the battle stage

82818.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:27

then you are like me in that

82819.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:29

and i aslo play the initial D extreme stage for PS3
(sorry for my bad english, im spanish)

82820.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:30

well I have played initial d arcade stage 6 aa/7aax and am currently completing 8 infinity on teknoparrot. oh and I used to play street stage on me psp but I sold it xd

82821.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:33

i whant to play those games but my pc its a toaster whit a carbon wing

82822.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:36

mate I have pc with ok specs for 2010 and I am able to play them on aa x16 and fxaa set to 32csaa and am still getting the required 60fps

82823.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-23 22:38

I've seen many japanese cartoons as basically 90% of the cartoons there were in tv when i was a kid came from japan, doraemon, dragonball, mr. slump and arale, capitan tsubasa and also stuff such as heidi and lady oscar(the roses of versailles) or sailormoon...

The only one i really like and still watch from time to time is Detective Conan though, i really fucking love that one.

82824.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:40

i run SLRR 2.2.1 at ultra low graphis and i only get 50/60 FPS
i have a intel I3 1.8 GHz + a nvidia geforce 740M 2GB vram + 8GB ram and its a acerlaptop

82825.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:40

acer laptop*

82826.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:42

mate you should be able to play arcade stages, you'll just need a gamepad or a wheel cause the game is unplayable on keyboard, trust me, I bought a wheel just for those games

82827.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:43

i have a G27

82828.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:43

whit omp wheel

82829.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:43

very good, give them a go, they're free to play you'll just need to download about 4gb of files in total

82830.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:47

oh ok im going to download it

82831.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:47

oh ok im going to download it

82832.   Snowex   2018-05-23 22:48

search on yt " initial d arcade stage 8 infinity how to play using teknoparrot"

82833.   jronny   2018-05-23 22:57

ok i found it

82834.   Zero   2018-05-23 23:01

ID7 is better than D8.. D8 has tighter physics compared to the looser feeling of D7 which is a little easier to get plat and specialist

82837.   David_2709   2018-05-24 13:12

BB you should get more European stickers on redbubble

82838.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-24 13:34

I had some but apparently all german brands are dickheads and made so that they would get removed.. had a bmw and two vw iirc

82839.   David_2709   2018-05-24 13:44

you still have the Z4 coupe up
guess I'll order the vstanced one, the original one and the rim one when my other sticker request is done

82840.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-24 14:31

Yeah, true... i should make new ones but my mind is a bit too blown since a while and i'm really unable to draw anything good(tried to but just didnt manage to keep working)

82841.   ALAN   2018-05-24 20:47

I need a maziora Vstanced.com banner

82842.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-24 21:46

What for

82844.   Snowex   2018-05-24 21:51

I need a modzona vstanced.com banner

82845.   Snowex   2018-05-24 21:52

btw why does the picture for the rimpack change like everyday lol

82846.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-24 21:53

Because it's set to do so

82848.   Snowex   2018-05-24 21:54

oh ok

82849.   Snowex   2018-05-24 21:54

makes no sense for me but o k

82850.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-24 21:55

It shows different builds with different rims, not sure if all of the rims in the pack but yeah

82851.   ALAN   2018-05-24 22:33

Iirc it's eight of them there, and yeah, they are random

82852.   ALAN   2018-05-24 22:34

BB, I don't need anything to put it on, I just need it

82853.   Kokainum   2018-05-25 07:02

fuckkk i dont know if the gx81 is public or not

82857.   Kokainum   2018-05-25 10:40

how do i apply a livery to thyago's s13? i dont want to have to replace the "paint" file itself

82858.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-25 13:46

furry = cancer

82859.   David_2709   2018-05-25 16:55

That was random

where did the furry touch you? Show us please

82860.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-25 18:05

He's french so i assume in his armpits?

82861.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-25 18:18

yes it was totally random

82862.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-25 18:19

and it doesnt touch me

82863.   David_2709   2018-05-25 18:49

"wanna touch my baguette"

82864.   Snowex   2018-05-25 18:51


82865.   EliasFD3S   2018-05-25 19:00

no u

82866.   Lagano   2018-05-25 19:24

@Kokainum save a paintjob ingame, replace one of its textures with the livery you want, then copy it to all the parts.

82867.   Kokainum   2018-05-25 20:37

thanks man

82868.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-25 22:02

a yeah, 3 weeks no car meets, now there is one every weekend the next month. 8)

82870.   BLiTZ   2018-05-26 10:55

I feel you,i fixed my car,no meets.I broke my car,meets every weekend :(

82872.   Kokainum   2018-05-26 17:02

ugghghhh this is too much work goodbye slrr xd

82875.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-26 19:38

i sunburned miself. like everytime i go on a carmeet in summer.

82877.   Lagano   2018-05-26 21:08

Me too, but i was at a hillclimb race today. Don't forget to post some pics! :)

82878.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-26 22:19

i'm editing rn.

82879.   Lagano   2018-05-26 22:32

Same lol

82880.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-26 22:34

btw: my back hurts again after that day. i guess 450km on one day and sitting in a camping chair are too much xd

82881.   Ej1Richie201   2018-05-27 01:54


82882.   Soju   2018-05-27 04:41

vittu saatana

82883.   netuddmeg   2018-05-27 08:22

whats up with streetlegalmods.com? o.O

82884.   ALAN   2018-05-27 08:23

They died, probably

82885.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-27 10:30

as always once in a few months

82886.   ALAN   2018-05-27 11:31

This time it looks serious though

82887.   Back_in_Black   2018-05-27 13:07

well rip then i guess

82888.   Zero   2018-05-27 16:13

Its not dead. The site is undergoing a platform change afaik

82889.   11000rpm   2018-05-27 16:17

henlo broskis

82890.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-27 19:11

henlo bonkers

82891.   ALAN   2018-05-27 19:14


82892.   11000rpm   2018-05-27 21:35

henlo links

82902.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-29 08:15


82904.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-29 11:02

Werent you deaf? How the heck do you hear that?

82906.   Rick93   2018-05-29 12:38

He zoomed his ears

82909.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-29 15:51

@BB I use hear aid. :P

82911.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-29 22:47

Ah ok, so you're not completely deaf then

82912.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-29 22:54

HEY, YOU ALL; tell me something

82913.   ALAN   2018-05-29 22:57


82914.   Snowex   2018-05-29 23:37

furries > anime
there, told you something

82915.   Dr. Zoom   2018-05-30 07:45

@BigBoss, I was born fully deaf but I use hear aid to help me listen, if I take off hear aid I cant hear it. *LINK*

82916.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 08:00

That's good then, i thought you just had no way to listen to anything

82918.   Fireful0   2018-05-30 08:04

Hello peoples!

82919.   ALAN   2018-05-30 08:33

Hello person!

82920.   Jfernando1   2018-05-30 08:45

Hey Fireful.

82921.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 09:01

Hey people! Welcome to 9gag of SLRR world.

I'm the local mixed bag(whatever that means) so feel free to refer to me for any joke!


82922.   ALAN   2018-05-30 09:05

BiggBoss93 is so fat that he don't need the Internet, he's already world wide

82923.   BLiTZ   2018-05-30 09:07

BB so fat he ueses 2 time zones

82924.   radcoon   2018-05-30 09:37

BB so fat he forms a crowd by himself

82926.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 11:16

BB so fat he was baptized in the ocean

82927.   BLiTZ   2018-05-30 12:38

Who rendered a while ago a silver r33?I had that one as desktop background and now I can't find it :(

82928.   BLiTZ   2018-05-30 12:44

ah found it,it was KeeJay

82929.   BLiTZ   2018-05-30 12:44

It was this one *LINK*

82930.   ALAN   2018-05-30 13:14

Who's KeeJay?

82931.   holeecrab   2018-05-30 13:34

KeeJay once asked me to take a pic of my feet

82932.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 14:17


82933.   MACKAY   2018-05-30 14:42

Can I post a link of my dick pick here?

82934.   radcoon   2018-05-30 14:45

1kb file? MACKAY

82935.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 14:46

No thank you

82936.   radcoon   2018-05-30 14:50

oh shit three yellow names in the userlist

82938.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-30 15:07

The world is about to end then

82939.   jronny   2018-05-30 16:07


82940.   jronny   2018-05-30 16:09

someone knows if its a public 3A-C engine?

82941.   jronny   2018-05-30 16:10

or a L28 engine?

82942.   ALAN   2018-05-30 16:55

Idk if they even were made

82944.   MACKAY   2018-05-30 19:27

There is "L28/L24" addon for Baeirn engine if I am correct, it comes wit 240Z mod.

82946.   jronny   2018-05-30 20:58

hm.. im going to look for it

82947.   Fireful0   2018-05-30 21:36

Got some new downloads coming soon. ;)

82949.   Jesus Christ   2018-05-31 10:46


82950.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-05-31 12:36

hey guys ! Is there any misc mods for a turbo ? If yes , could I please get a link?

82952.   doge   2018-05-31 13:35


82953.   Lagano   2018-05-31 14:05

There's a decoration turbo somewhere but it doesn't look so good.

82956.   Zero   2018-05-31 19:57

just wondering, is there any sort of materials i can use for 3ds?

82957.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-31 20:19

For what?

82958.   Zero   2018-05-31 21:18

never mind

82959.   Bigg Boss93   2018-05-31 21:22


82961.   Rick93   2018-06-01 00:30


82963.   A1Fate   2018-06-01 09:23


82964.   doge   2018-06-01 10:11


82965.   Rick93   2018-06-01 10:30


82966.   11000rpm   2018-06-01 11:26


82967.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-01 13:28


82968.   ArcticFox037   2018-06-01 21:15


82969.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-01 23:18


82970.   David_2709   2018-06-02 00:27


82972.   bitelaserkhalif   2018-06-02 04:16


82973.   bitelaserkhalif   2018-06-02 04:16


82975.   EliasFD3S   2018-06-02 10:36

bite lelelel

82978.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-02 10:54

There's a bike meet in my village, i just discovered it now as i hear them burning tyres... not sure if i'll go down to check em though.

82980.   Lagano   2018-06-02 13:47

How can you not check it out if it's so close to you? :P

82981.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-02 15:54

who deleted my comment? :c

82983.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-02 17:55

Not me, i'm gonna search what happened

82984.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-02 17:57

JC did, probably because you typed too many letters one by the other and it was taking half the site's space XD

82985.   Jesus Christ   2018-06-02 19:19


82986.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-02 20:26

@BB93 - if you don't go to that bike meet i'm gonna be dissapointed >.> That's the finest of the petrol engine brah,ITB everything :D

82987.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-02 20:49

I passed by in my car lol

82988.   ALAN   2018-06-02 21:35

82989.   ALAN   2018-06-02 21:35

ITB on valves, yo

82990.   jronny   2018-06-02 22:26

i actually crash whit my bike into a tree because my brakes die

82992.   jronny   2018-06-02 22:28

it hurts

83002.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-03 12:09

i drove my friends Honda VFR 750 @260 km/h and the plastics flew off,we found them a day later on a fucking tree hahahah

83003.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-03 12:10


83004.   MACKAY   2018-06-03 12:56

It could have ended fucking badly. I remember driving my RS125 topped out at 180km/h only with wife beater, shorts and flip flops lol, brings back my riding memories

83006.   jronny   2018-06-03 22:46

i crash whit a BMX going downhill whit no brakes and no protection (except for the helmet an the gloves) head to head into a tree

83008.   Lagano   2018-06-03 22:56

Oh man. That sounds kinda funny but also painful, anyway i hope that you're ok man.

83009.   jronny   2018-06-03 23:51

its funny, but the part when i take the corner and my brakes dies and i crash into a tree at the exti of the corner isnt very painful and a little funny

83010.   jronny   2018-06-03 23:52

its funny, but the part when i take the corner and my brakes dies and i crash into a tree at the exti of the corner isnt very painful and a little funny

83011.   jronny   2018-06-03 23:53

my bike survive whit 0 damage (except the brakes how were complete destroyed)

83013.   jronny   2018-06-03 23:58

im ok now, but one of the branches broke a part of the helmet and it almost touch my mouth (fortunately the branch dont go more)

83014.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-04 10:29

Jesus that S13 for sale that look like sleeper.

83015.   netuddmeg   2018-06-04 16:16

cuz thats a sleeper :D but looks so stock.

83016.   ALAN   2018-06-04 18:34

It's 200SX, how can it be a sleeper?

83017.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-04 18:57

Exterior look like stock but it have fully forgot CA18DET under hood.

83018.   ALAN   2018-06-04 19:18

It's a red two door coupe with pop ups

83019.   ALAN   2018-06-04 19:19

9/10 it's a Ferrari

83020.   Kokainum   2018-06-04 20:04

ca18 a shit

83022.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-04 20:55

CA18 is actually an RB20 that lost two cylinders... not quite too bad.

83024.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-04 21:09

V has point. I like CA18 because head was better design than SR20. (SR20 have rocker type, however CA18 don't got it)

83025.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-04 21:36

I remember having found a thread where a greek dude made a full blown build using a ca18 as base and tons of parts from an rb20, if i recall correctly he even put a shortened/cut crankshaft, conrods and pistons from an rb... i'll search it once i'll get to my pc and link it.

83026.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-04 21:41

mmmmm stroke it

83027.   Luke23_32   2018-06-04 23:32

if you look at a (stock) rb26 picture and at a stock ca18, you will notice they are pretty similar. I just never noticed it before.

83029.   cliffkluppels   2018-06-04 23:41

anybody have an e38?

83030.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-04 23:57

The old style RB headcover tho, not new one(rounded one like it's found on gtrs).

The way the head is designed is really similar.

83031.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-05 09:19

I hate people say CA18 is shit and SR20 are best, however you see Adam LZ's his cream S13 running SR20, he kept removing engine for find problem, base CA18 was more reliability than SR20.Think about both engine are STOCK but tune 350 BHP.

83032.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-05 09:20

V SR20 rocker can't handle with bigger power but CA18 could do.

83034.   Daniel   2018-06-05 20:13

I often saw 200sx here in my country with rodknock or other engine issues. They are all CA18.

83036.   David_2709   2018-06-05 21:42

rod bearing and fried gaskets plus turbo problems due to stock oil issues

83038.   Franco   2018-06-06 12:48

i like seeing soo many WIP threads on the lastest posts, keep it up! i hope new ones come around! and for the rest of us its a good thing to show some support to the modders, its what keeps modding fun!

83039.   DHR   2018-06-06 13:30

Did anyone see they stole the SLRR RS13 for gta v?

83040.   DHR   2018-06-06 13:46


83041.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 14:18

u mean the stuner one

83042.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 14:18

theres some parts of the slrr one, namely that big ugly not-TBO bumper

83043.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 14:19

not-Gcorp oops

83044.   ALAN   2018-06-06 14:21

I'm pretty sure they also used my wheels

83045.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-06 14:33

oh.there's a carmeet this weekenenend. :D

83046.   DHR   2018-06-06 15:21

how is it s-tuner?

s tuner parts have those weird round edges

83047.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:29

the shirtstuckedin "replica" has that tbo/gcorp bumper (the dude took the same model and renamed it lol)

83048.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:29

theres forza stuff in there too

83049.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:30

and the sr20 is from street heroes

83050.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:31

dmax wing again from stuner, and so is the "wangan" wing, g-corp sideskirt, overfender

83051.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:31

spirit rei kit is also stuner

83052.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:31

and fuck me those liveries are trash lmfao. sorry about the spam fellas

83053.   Renaruto   2018-06-06 16:41

Nothing in that mod is from S-Tuner and all that stuff was made by various people (which also include LossTunes)... Check the credits before you talk trash

83054.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-06 16:42

V This guy who ate too much spam cans

83055.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-06 16:43

V I mean to Kokain, not Renaruto

83056.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:45

dude i can see the fucking s-tuner models from eons away you cant fool me

83057.   Renaruto   2018-06-06 16:48

If you think soo... Only thing that actually does sound fishy tho is the fact that they've might used KeeJays rims

83058.   Renaruto   2018-06-06 16:50

But still.. they still try to credit everyone and dont take it for themselfes.. thats pretty rare in the GTA community

83059.   Kokainum   2018-06-06 16:51

true i guess, and i dont "think" so it looks exactly the same lmao

83060.   Renaruto   2018-06-06 16:51


83061.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-06 17:54

XS carnight is gonna be dope.
too bad i'm not low enough for the event. but pics are gonna be lit :D

83062.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-06 17:59

who thinks i should bag the Golf?

83063.   ALAN   2018-06-06 18:07


83064.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-06 18:08

true that

83065.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-06 19:29

Shouldnt you sell it an buy something better?

Like a daihatsu sirion maybe.

83066.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-06 19:39

you've got a problem with my Bora? >:(

83068.   Rick93   2018-06-06 23:27

He's probably Bored about it

83069.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-06 23:30


83075.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-07 14:51


83077.   Nakai   2018-06-07 16:27

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the sound files for dirt rally? Im making a movie and im in need of some good engine sounds to use for it

83078.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-07 16:49

We've got Forza and NFS ones in download section

83079.   Nakai   2018-06-07 17:31

The thing about those are the fact that they aren't exactly the most realistic.. im looking for the soundbanks for dirt due to how damn realistic the sounds are

83091.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-08 12:58


this nigga just went full retard

83092.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-08 13:05

V lmao, he possible 3 years old.

83093.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-08 13:06

V (Not Bad Compqny)

83096.   Kokainum   2018-06-08 16:35

thats the rare trd bodykit

83097.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-08 18:01

that's the rare pepe bodykit


83099.   ALAN   2018-06-08 21:02

83100.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-08 22:24

Tourer V

83101.   skip   2018-06-08 22:56

is there a reason why ao mapping isn't more popular in slrr mods? its not like its hard to do. Just popped into my mind, never really thought about it.

83102.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-09 00:01

Mainly because it doesnt work nor look as good as in other games, i guess.

83103.   skip   2018-06-09 00:12

hmmm, i guess assetto modding has me all weird rn

ao map everything

83105.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-09 10:56

Ahah, Adnan did it on his TVR, you can check that:


83106.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-09 11:45

what the hell is this photocomp? UFOs? Really BB?

83107.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-09 11:46

I'm laughing my ass off rn....

83109.   skip   2018-06-09 12:36

It's on his R34 too, looks good with it.

83110.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-09 13:23

Nah it isnt, only interiors and brakes are AO mapped on it.

83118.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-10 21:53

I havent seen the videos yet, though, what's y'all opinion about the new forza?

83120.   yurisminator   2018-06-10 22:45

horizon ugh

83121.   Mr. Subaru expert   2018-06-10 23:00

It looks really cool. can't say anything until i try it personally when the demo comes out.

83123.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-11 03:54

Just saw the trailer. Looks pretty dope, especially with the weather changes and shit

83124.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-11 03:56

But the music is pretty fucking annoying i gotta say

83125.   11000rpm   2018-06-11 04:32

same here, i just hope MS cared on optimization this time tho

83126.   Kokainum   2018-06-11 07:00

graphically it looks the same as the last 2 fh games. im more excited for cp2077 tbh

83127.   ALAN   2018-06-11 07:27

CP2077 is happening?

83128.   ALAN   2018-06-11 07:27


83129.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-11 09:52

I have a soft spot for the "ferrari" on cp77's trailer.

Also, did anyone notice the cross bikes on forza?

I am wondering if they started moving the "the crew" way.

83130.   Kokainum   2018-06-11 10:42

u bet ur ass its happening

83131.   Mr. Peach   2018-06-11 11:53

has anyone noticed that the drifting seems a bit off? looks like it's on a pre-made path, sort of like nfs 2015 was
if so, that's absolutely fucking terrible

83132.   Franco   2018-06-11 12:22

i dont think bikes will be driveable, i think its just a showcase event, just like many others in the older forzas, where you raced planes, train, etc etc... i hope they bring them tho, altough i think its very unlikely

83133.   holeecrab   2018-06-11 13:39

i seriously confused when people judges a game physics by it's drifting mechanics.

83134.   Mr. Peach   2018-06-11 14:15

i judge a game when it HAS drifting mechanics

83135.   Mr. Peach   2018-06-11 14:16

and it's an odd choice, given the amount of backlash nfs 2015 got for that exact reason

83136.   holeecrab   2018-06-11 16:34

Personally i had nothing to complain with NFS 15 physics. Sure it's kinda annoying at first but you're gotta get used to it in the end.

83137.   holeecrab   2018-06-11 16:36

It just weird that people judge a game by a niche thing that actually doesn't affect the game a lot...

drifting isn't the only fun way to enjoy a game, you know.

83138.   ST3RL1NG   2018-06-11 18:17


83139.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-11 18:26

Well i didn't like the physics in nfs15. but i don't think Turn10 would change the Physics of FH to the point of fucking up

83140.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-11 18:33

afterall there always is driving aid mods. Arcade or Simulation

83141.   David_2709   2018-06-11 21:40

are drift knobs universal? I've seen cheap aluminium ones for 4 bucks, the cusco ones for S chassis are 20 bucks. Don't want to order something that won't fit and somehow there is no answer on the web

83142.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-11 21:55

Anything is universal, if you know how to make it fit. lol

Just dismount yours and check if it is threaded and what kind of thread it is and then compare it to the one you're going to buy.

Anyway, you're gonna regret aluminium or wood knob, they get really really warm during summer(so that you wont be able to keep your hand on).

Rather get plastic ones.

83143.   David_2709   2018-06-11 22:23

It is just the knob on the front of the handbrake to make a fake flyoff. I expect alright quality from Cusco for that extra JDM cool. Gonna check it when I get back to my car to paint the fender

83144.   Fireful0   2018-06-12 02:01


83147.   ALAN   2018-06-12 09:59


83148.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-12 11:22


83149.   Jesus Christ   2018-06-12 11:30


83150.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-12 11:36


83151.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-12 14:18


83152.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-12 14:36

aye waddup bois

83154.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-12 16:26

When you finish test for course, and come back your car and see parking fine on public road. My car front wheel touched on double line...

83155.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-12 19:10

Damn that sucks! I have luckily never had a fine yet, and honestly hope to never get one as i wouldnt probably be able to afford it XD

83157.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-12 21:13

V Weird is, if you paid 14 days or less you willing paid 30 quid however if that over 14 days you will paid 70 paid. Weird is it? I paid already anyway.

83158.   jronny   2018-06-12 21:49


83159.   jronny   2018-06-12 21:49


83160.   jronny   2018-06-12 21:50

bigg boss93 are you going to make finally a FWD 4A-GE?

83161.   jronny   2018-06-12 21:51

and other thing... i have a problem whit the i4 pack, i have no sound

83162.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-12 22:51

Whenever i can, yes...

83164.   ST3RL1NG   2018-06-13 02:54


83165.   Fireful0   2018-06-13 06:35


83166.   doge   2018-06-13 10:01

Hey Bigg Boss93 look at this amazing Punto GT! It's so awesome and motivating! *LINK*

83167.   ALAN   2018-06-13 10:24

These wheels fit every car

83168.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-13 11:34

A friend got one like that, same rims, way lower, tuned engine and maxi exhaust.. and same license plate

83169.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-13 11:34

Oh it's also black.

83170.   doge   2018-06-13 11:40

You should get same license plate

83171.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-13 11:43

I will

83172.   webby.klvn47   2018-06-13 19:47

@Bigg Boss93 any updates for the next version of BB93 SLRR?

83173.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-13 20:42

It's not a next version, just a little update to my older one, but nope, you'd have seen them otherwise.

Havent had much time for anything lately.

83174.   radcoon   2018-06-14 11:00

What happened to all you RP guys?

83175.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-14 11:29

Dunno , I havent seen anything from Soju or Mackay in quite a long time. I really hope they come back , I really love their RPs...

83176.   skip   2018-06-14 12:47

moved away from slrr to making Assetto Corsa mods.

83177.   ALAN   2018-06-14 12:54

RP in AC

83178.   skip   2018-06-14 13:26

go spam my ac wip thread now pls thx

83179.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-14 13:48

Ye having AC RP's wouldn't be a bad idea ANAL

83180.   Bad.Compqny   2018-06-14 13:49

Alan .. khm hahaha

83181.   11000rpm   2018-06-14 14:14

got lazy&busy same time to come up with newer RP stuffs, but i'll try to upload some in this month <3

83182.   Lagano   2018-06-14 14:35

@radcoon i wanted to update about the RP S chassis meet so i decided to wait for some pics of it but that didn't work out. :P

83183.   MACKAY   2018-06-14 18:28

Ahh, most of og's are gone now, I hope they will come back lol. Didn't had time as real life is quite stressful rn but I guess I will update someday soon too haha.

83184.   ALAN   2018-06-14 18:48

RP in RL

83185.   MACKAY   2018-06-14 18:59

Sorry, we rp in roblox

83186.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-14 19:30

V wtf roblox for ODer

83187.   skip   2018-06-14 19:35

assetto better :>

83188.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-14 19:41

There's actually people that RP in RL, i know some dudes that make medieval war RP during summer...

83189.   MACKAY   2018-06-14 21:08

There was big stalker rp in my country which went on for a whole week, actually I would like to take a part in something medieval myself lol

83190.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-14 21:29

It's fun tbh, once i had a chance to play with them, just dressed normally as i obviously dont have the whole suit thing, but it was crazy good :D

83195.   David_2709   2018-06-15 14:25

haha I just got a insurance quote

1.245 Euros a year :(

83196.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-15 14:27

Lol very expected

83197.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 18:20

I'm at ~800€

83198.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 18:22

and i had a car accident 2 years ago D:

83199.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 18:22

also: fucking shit, it's almost 2 years ago that I lost a brother. </3

83200.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 18:28

why the fuck is this so accurate

83201.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-15 19:09

A brother = your car or someone that died in that car accident?

83202.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 19:23

my car <3

83203.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 19:24

my cars are like my brothers.

83204.   skip   2018-06-15 19:24

And my friends getting quote of 2600 a year for a 1ltr polo ;_;

83205.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 19:25

my 1.6l Bora from 1998 did cost me 1400€ a year.. fucking first cars man

83206.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-15 20:44

I havent got an insurance yet just because of that, i wont probably be getting one before being 27 as it would be about 1400€ iirc for me, while it is 900€ when registered as my father(he's got license from 41 years now)

83207.   David_2709   2018-06-15 21:07

if I would insure it under my mother's name as third car it would be even more expensive than just on my name lol

83208.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-15 21:19

because someones second car's more expensive than your first car

83209.   doge   2018-06-15 22:55

i paid 370€ for registration and insurance on my name for the peugetout

83210.   doge   2018-06-15 22:58

and i thought slovenia was expensive

83211.   Jesus Christ   2018-06-16 00:17

£2600 is what I paid for my first car/year.

83212.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-16 00:41

@doge ANGERY

83213.   Snowfox   2018-06-16 07:04

i pay 51€ insurance a month on the Silvia, all risk. and 46€ road tax a month.

83214.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 08:22

i pay 60€ a month and like 10€ of car taxes

83215.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 08:52

woopsie, just realised my crash with the swift was 6days and 2 years ago. thought it was in juli. weird.

83217.   David_2709   2018-06-16 12:20

gotta eat that dirt and pay up like a good boi. At least in 2019 it can drop down to a grand

83219.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 14:04

*if you don't have an accident (which i hope for you don't happens)

83220.   David_2709   2018-06-16 14:13

watch me slam that shit into a curb

83222.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 17:46

just be sure you don't flip it.

83223.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 18:23

rip 86

83225.   Fireful0   2018-06-16 19:09


83226.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-16 19:57


83227.   ALAN   2018-06-16 22:54

BiB, that looks bad. Any idea what happened?

83228.   doge   2018-06-16 23:07

who looks bad

83229.   Rick93   2018-06-16 23:19

the one who doesn't look good

83230.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-16 23:24

idk, i just saw it randomly.. looks definitly not like 100km/h D:

83231.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-17 06:43

tfw you create 3 RP threads

83232.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-17 10:08

tfw you don't

83233.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-17 11:03

holy fuck i'm bored.

83234.   jronny   2018-06-17 11:26

someone knows how to install the civic sounds from this pack *LINK* to the SHOC honda engine mod?

83235.   jronny   2018-06-17 11:42

ok nv

83238.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-17 21:15

No one would tell me type x rear lip problem...

83239.   Zero   2018-06-17 22:27

Use the EU bumper

83240.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-17 23:19

V tries that but no luck

83241.   Zero   2018-06-17 23:28

well thats how it works.

83243.   ALAN   2018-06-18 08:14

Make a slot maybe?

83244.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 15:45

V Maybe there script mistaken? I'm not good scripter but someone could check out.

83245.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 19:30

Many them people (I'm not say who) have no respect, they just like "perfect need" nazi because they don't want looking crap RP, why they need fucking need read only perfect RP with great grammar. vStance where people have no respect toward crap RP.

83246.   ALAN   2018-06-18 19:35

Isn't it that nobody here respects each other?

83247.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 19:39

He is talking about me haha;d He knows that his rp is shit himself, but gets salty when someome says something, eh

83248.   ALAN   2018-06-18 19:49

Isn't it that everybody here gets salty when someone say something, eh?

83249.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 20:17

Other aswell, Mac.

83250.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 20:35

I dunno if I should even write this , but god damn , people need to respek eachother. My first RP was S H I T because it was my first time , but hey , thats no reason to call somebody a damn idiot.

83251.   Fireful0   2018-06-18 20:42

Exactly what Erwin said. Nobody is perfect. Instead of pointing out flaws, realize that you yourself make mistakes as well. No reason to pounce on someone just because they are doing something wrong.

83252.   Zero   2018-06-18 20:43

When the wet wipes climb out of the woodwork smh

83253.   Snowex   2018-06-18 20:44

what is going on here

83254.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 20:48

I tries restart RP many of time but no one would commenting my rp most time, it getting annoyed.

83255.   Zero   2018-06-18 20:50

I mean the lack of understandable english could be a factor

83256.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 20:50

been there , felt that. Getting no feedback is not cool , but you cant tell everybody "Watch my RP , give me some comments !". People will look at your RP if they feel like it.

83257.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 20:52

you simply cant advertise yourself like that. Just continue , and eventually , somebody will say something. If not , then people arent interested in your RP.

83258.   Zero   2018-06-18 20:54

Imagine reading something boring.. You'd stop right?

83259.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 20:57


83260.   Zero   2018-06-18 20:59

This is why people dont comment on most RP's since its just a repeated formula

83261.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:01

When it comes to RPs , if I dont like the content and the overall logic of it I dont even bother looking at it again. Its like looking at 2 girls 1 cup even though it makes you vomit , but everytime you expect seeing something different. Sorry for the weird example

83262.   Snowex   2018-06-18 21:01

ooorrrrr the rp is loong dead like mine

83263.   skip   2018-06-18 21:02

"Looks nice."
"We should go drift some time"
"Nice 180SX!"
"Nice Silvia"
"Nice AE86"

see why i quit that shit?

83264.   Snowex   2018-06-18 21:03

i quit rp because I couldn't be bothered to re-do all of my 10 cars x d

83265.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:03

Problem is, my english wasn't good because I'm deaf meaning I been grew up deaf school, it was way different than hearing school.

83266.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:03

Theres 3 things that I learned from RPing. 1. Think about how much time it will take you to do something.
2. Research part prices and always link the source.
3. Always be consistent. Quality > Quantity

83267.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:04

@Skip, that sound like Stance.

83268.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:06

Getting a negative but constructive comment is a good thing imo, like, if one tella you he dislike this or that on your RP(or anything you do in life) you can think about it and eventually, if you agree with it, change yourself for the better.

Offending one isnt definitely constructive but neither begging people to comment on your rp is good in any way.

83270.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:07

I start again to try more people read it. I thinking no price show up like holeecrab however I need notepad to make sure I'm tracking correctly. Update my rp like monthly. Is simple explain would be idea make look less boring?

83271.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:07

Double post, BB?

83272.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:08

But anyway, you should do the RP for yourself, then if one comments that is a plus.

If you do it to receive all appreciation etc, then you should rather move to instagram.

83273.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:09

I feel like 180SXs or 240 , whatever , are way overdone in the RP. Everyone uses the same mod , and everyone kinda builds their car to be a showcar and then most of the time sells it. In real life , if I would be able to put my hands on a 240 , I'd never sell it, doesnt matter the why.

83274.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:09

And when i say you i mean anyone who does RP.

Also yes, double post because my phone is weirdo, idk why it does so.

83275.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:13

Also, i dont quite check RPs lately as almost no threads other than help ones because my net isnt working alright lately, so if you see anyone acting bad just please PM me and link me his post.

I'll evaluate if there's need to take action or not.

83276.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:14

I feel like the RP community is very "generic". Sometimes it feels like everyone has a 240/180.

*I actually have a 180 in my RP xD , but I aint gonna mod it , just gonna slide it till the chassis cracks in half xD*

83277.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:16

@Erwin, that true because it easy find aftermarket, and cheap to buy.

83278.   Daniel   2018-06-18 21:17

180200240sx is the only thing that spark ppls interest tho, so no wonder why everyone does that.

I had BMW, nobody cared ;)

83279.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:17

Also, EErwin, too many people living USA...

83280.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:20

Anyway, the modern SL community is a weird one, i remember back in the days people used to comment on eachother's threads or posts on the showoff.

Nowadays people just post - actually lately even rarely - and would pretend to receive compliments without giving any.

It would be so easy to quote a post and comment about that pic. If each of you did it, each of you would receive at least one comment and y'all would be happy.

83281.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 21:20

Anyway, the modern SL community is a weird one, i remember back in the days people used to comment on eachother's threads or posts on the showoff.

Nowadays people just post - actually lately even rarely - and would pretend to receive compliments without giving any.

It would be so easy to quote a post and comment about that pic. If each of you did it, each of you would receive at least one comment and y'all would be happy.

83282.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:22

A thing that I kinda try to do in my roleplay is do things that havent been done before or things that are just different and not overdone , for example , swapping an EJ20 in a 240sx. Did anyone ever in this world do this before ? It sounds mad tho , I'd like to see that sometime

83283.   Zero   2018-06-18 21:24

Being unique is a great thing to do. Its just about people seeing it which matters to some RP'ers

83284.   ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-06-18 21:28

yup ! I think everybody should get a chance at RPing. I think we should make a thread full of tips for RPing tips so the new people wouldn't build 6 second drag cars in one day....

83285.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:34

Weird, there not many AE86 (Import because cheaper) around here as first pick car? My Rp going base UK. Shall I stick like BMW E36 so it could easy to find? I need think what car going be.

83286.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:34

Also, no S Chassis, too many first pick that car.

83287.   Zero   2018-06-18 21:39


83288.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 21:54

V Could be, or not many pick Is200?

83290.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 22:10

A litte bit late to the boat. Here is my point of view. No one called him names or so, I just saw "zum zum" trying to be a smartass pointing out flaws left and right when he is doing stupid shit himself, jumping on new people here and putting them off while VS and RP scene is slowly dying is just stupid, let them be, try to help them, they will get the hang of it sooner or later, not like z00m himself, using sixth account or so AND YOU STILL HAVEN"T LEARN A FUCKING THING, doing same boring shit and crying that no one reads your posts. Zero and Skip basically pulled words of my mouth there, maybe try to be less boring and generic with all the one word comments on others.

83291.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 22:10

I think it is obvious that there is two groups of roleplayers, ones who put a lot of effort and are close with each other, commenting, following each other and basically enjoying rp'ing, and other group is people who does fuckin shit all day long and whines that no one gives a fuck about them, if you want to get you should learn how to give first, e.g commenting more than one word? I wouldn't give a fuck or two if no one will be reading my rp as I do it for myself, I like to write shit, and I also genuinely enjoy reading posts by others. Also another thing, asking for advice how to start, which car to choose, is it so fucking hard to decide yourself? Don't you know how real life "works" ? ;d It is the same shit with rp.

83293.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 22:11

Anyways, I'm done haha. #monthlyVSdrama

83294.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-18 22:35

I always ask other people what pants to use in the mornign


83295.   Rick93   2018-06-18 22:43

Actually me too

83296.   Jesus Christ   2018-06-18 23:00

Longest shout ever.

83297.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 23:05

Feels good man. I deserve my own group... Ranter or something :|

83298.   Jesus Christ   2018-06-18 23:12


There you go ;)

83299.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 23:22

V I'm bump this!

83300.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 23:22

V I'm bump this!

83301.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-18 23:22

Wth double shout!

83302.   MACKAY   2018-06-18 23:36

I feel insulted, i dont want to go to ladies bathroom. Its 2018, maybe i identify myself as genderfuckingless? Okay?

83303.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-19 00:13

Wait. You know who you talking to?

He's Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ tells you to go to the ladies bathroom, you do.

There's no choice.

Now go there and have fun.

83304.   skip   2018-06-19 01:13

The point of people not commenting on threads really stands. Four posts in a row. Not much ac fans on vs, huh?

83305.   skip   2018-06-19 01:14

Also can someone move my wip thread to ac wip?

83306.   Kokainum   2018-06-19 07:25

stop being so insecure lol apart from that socom-style civic ur not making anything important

83307.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-19 09:07

Alright skip

83308.   Dr. Zoom   2018-06-19 10:11

How make RP look less boring? Maybe different type size, color, etc?

83309.   MACKAY   2018-06-19 10:22

shoot me

83310.   Bigg Boss93   2018-06-19 10:29


83311.   MACKAY   2018-06-19 10:32


83312.   Lagano   2018-06-19 10:41


83313.   11000rpm   2018-06-19 11:01


83314.   Kokainum   2018-06-19 11:14


83315.   jronny   2018-06-19 17:28


83316.   Back_in_Black   2018-06-19 17:33

rip xxxwhoeverTF