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#201   2019-06-27 06:40          
Hey everyone! Back for another update, nothing major or anything besides that i just recently aquired a J's Racing Front lip for trade for my CR lip. Got to testing the fitment using some of the holes made by the CR lip, fitment was really spot-on! Kudos to J's Racing to making solid products even after it passing through another owner. Other than that the car has a dummy light for the rear right exhaust port, not wired up yet but i think it fills that huge ass gap on that side :) Over all really excited to get this thing on some twistys soon, i need to find what brake pads i wanna go with! (Project MU? Oem Mugen/HFP Pads?)
Either way i grabbed a few pics outside the house before parking it in the garage.

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#202   2019-06-27 08:37          
Ooooooh my goooood the trackster vibe is so strong now! :-X
Grab Mugens I say :D
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#203   2019-06-27 11:13          
I like where this is going :)


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#204   2019-06-27 20:23          
Black wheels (especially TE37s!) and diffusers, the 2 things you need for a mean looking track car!!!


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#205   2019-06-28 15:06          
s2k looking nice

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#206   2019-06-28 17:37          
s2k looking amazing
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