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#841   2019-02-18 20:23          
imma need a fresh pair of pants after looking at the R34 ngl

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#842   2019-02-18 20:44          
# Soju :

FINALLY I did some changes to near-stock condition 180SX, which would still look OEM.

I got the N1-Style bumper ducts for V$ 70 an drilled a hole in the bumper, added it and boom, all done.

11K almost cut his fingers while helping me drilling the hole!

Getting those ducts are for more cooling, since the car is over 20 years old now and somehow it would overheat without any warning.

So consider it like a "physical insurance" and the minimum job done to avoid such issues.

Apart from 180SX, The ER34 was undergoing some OEM+ changes, unlike my decision beforehand.

Yes you are right, it just looks like those early V-Spec N1 with bare carbon fiber hood, but you're wrong at the same time.

I got the used Top Secret hood, real carbon fiber for V$ 700. Not a cheap price for a hood, but weight reduction is KEY.

Also, the stock mirrors were removed and went straight to the storage, replaced with Craft Square mirrors. Costing a hefty price of V$ 400.

But hey, it looks like a GT car, why not?

And yeah, say goodbye to those pristine condition SP1s. Sad to see it go to another person but I have soft spot for OEM wheels.

Copped those with lightly used BFGoodrich tires for V$ 1500. I hope those tires would grip the asphalt really well.

After the car was done, it was stored in this place for few days, and it's finally the day to drive it! And give it a doug score

11K sat in the passenger seat, and we headed to the nearest udon place I visit very often.

He took some photos and posted on our crew members' facebook page, which will gain a lot of attention.

I think that's pretty much it for today's update. More things will come later :)

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also soju man you might be making me get a Type-X next season
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