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#881   2019-04-19 16:58          

I had a short Cars And Coffee session with several local car guys. There were not much cars available, but I could see a quality rides with extra effort!

We met up in the local shopping mall parking lot to evade any public discrepancies.

I was the one who arrived first, and people started to arrive with their nice cars, I couldn't stop smiling at those cars.

After most of the guys arrived, I moved my car next to them and started to take a look and respect all those cars.

Big props to them for building such a great car in such a strict place!

First of all, the DC5 Integra Type-R with the shade of blue. Yes, this is the actual Type-R with some nice touches here and there.

Pretty rare Mugen wheels with lowered stance, using a coilover. Actually a perfect car to drive through Korean touge.

The Infiniti G35 was a quite common car here, but not the Coupe! Because of the big price difference against Genesis Coupe, this flopped so hard.

This guy turned this car into a street drift car, with minimal mods including the satin black CR-Kai wheels!

A clean example of S197 Mustang GT! This is also the rare breed, since most of the Mustangs in Korea were either Convertibles or having a V6 engine.

Someone eventually got the GT Coupe and this is actually not expensive to find in the used car shop! The BBS wheel is on point :)

Last but not least, The Honda S2000 AP2. It has a lot of mods including the perfect wheel combo with some OEM+ parts like CR side skirts and the Mugen front lip.

I'd love to get the S2K when I have enough budget, but it will be such a long time to take!


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#882   2019-04-19 17:50          
God the S2K and Integra is just pure bae! :-X

Also I might install CR-Kais on my S15 after seeing that G35.......
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#883   2019-04-19 19:07          
That S2k does indeed look incredible <33

I need to go to more meets lmao

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#884   2019-04-19 22:50          
dammm korea has some nice rides seems like a good meet
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