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Here I share only the modifications to the game itself and not the content from SlrrExhaustive: -Modifiable "gear shift time" -Reshade with dynamic reflections (optional now (hence the 3 packs)) -AI acceleration fix on sideways slopes -Automatic memory freeup in the non-reshade version (on entering the garage) -I made a program to edit the values of settings previously only available through the reshade menu (for the non reshade version) -Flying traffic cars -Lag on collision -Lag on look back, and generally looking around -Decal projection crash -... Something for modders: -I made a new class RawEdit.class (source included but it's mainly just 4 new native functions) the new native functions read and write floats and ints from and to raw offsets in memory -static native int getI(int address); -static native float getF(int address); -static native int setF(int address,float value); //returns the address overwritten -static native int setI(int address,int value); //returns the address overwritten -some offsets are defined ,which I know of, in the -The exe also registers the public native float getIndexedData( int index ); function to the chassis class I did not include a full because it can vary from version to version, just the code that can be added to it to access the new function (the game does not really care if the chassis.class defines the function or not so it is not needed) -This function can be used to get realtime (current) data from a car: -Mileage -RPM -GearStrength(the ratio) -CarRuntime -ExhaustActivity -Steering -Handbreak -BreakStrength -ThrottleStrength -ClutchStrength -NitroStrength -NOSLevel -EngineWear -HandbreakLED -OverDriveLED -ASRLED -ABSLED -The current turbo level is only dependent on some dyno params and the current rpm there is a function included that mimics how slrr calculates it in script. There are 3 versions of this "patch": -Pack_NoReshade -This does not include reshade but all the exe patches(should work with any modded slrr (of course with one that does not have its own patches)) are there and it does have the config program to customise the settings. -Pack_reshade_forMWM -Pack_reshade_forVanilla LINKS: Pack_NoReshade Pack_reshade_forVanilla Pack_reshade_forMWM I also uploaded the udd(Olly) I use for the exe: Slrr_GI udd
1.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-11 12:24    

What I mean by "gear shift time": YOUTUBE

2.   Posted by holeecrab   2017-12-12 14:06    

so every time i want to use this patch do i had to runs it from your .exe or something like that? i'm kinda lost.

Also make some WIP thread dude, your work is amazing and needs to be discovered

3.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-12 14:56    

Yes you should replace the original Slrr exe with one of these here. (form the packs)

4.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-18 01:15    

I made the suggested thread: LINK

5.   Posted by slrrthai0123   2018-03-19 19:58    

I'm placed this into a SLRR Light Edition and play via Slrr_Gl.
Why I can't rotate camera or enter the garage mode on a track?

6.   Posted by Gerider   2018-03-20 13:33    


7.   Posted by amilmand   2018-03-23 13:16    

Why I can't rotate camera or enter the garage mode on a track?
This version overwrites the in the folder sl\scripts\game\src\ and changes the cheats back to the original value but that is where I end support I dont care to know how cheats work in the original game if you want these "screenshot related" features use an Slrr based on BB's version (LINK) and his LINK
Camera is rotatable with the mouse.

Very insightful, it was truly worth the bandwidth the time and the sugar burnt to devise this glorious, revolutionary observation

I do not check this page regularly if you have a question or feedback use this forum


8.   Posted by snaebakabeans   2019-09-15 19:57    

Hey Amilmand, first of all, thank you for this version I am addicted. It is STUPIDLY stable and love the fact I can actually go out in the world. I was reading on your WIP Post about allowing steering wheels like the G27 to work with the shifter. Any update on this patch for that?

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