Very large collection with advanced fixes addressing stability.

Slrr Exhaustive

I uploaded a backwards compatibility breaking updated full download with new content (+3 engines +20 chassis)
and drastically reduced potentially loaded scripts which should extend crashfree playtime.
I also made sure every car has proper head, tail and break lights also there are
a lot of new physics related tweakable variables in the reshade settings.
I made every car stable in the air and adjusted(and simplified) all the
weights now one should only edit the main cfg if one wants to change
the balance of a car (which is set to "never flip" as default)

The main download:

Get The New SlrrExhaustive From GoogleDrive

Ever refreshing patch link:

Patch Link For The New SlrrExhaustive

Last patch for the Old:

Patch Link For The Old SlrrExhaustive

Old description:

-200 chassis models -272 tyres -2042 rims -150 custom tournaments on 20 maps against racers from the Valocity ladder during career mode (random racers otherwise) -232 pre-built engines available from the catalogue (any engine any car) -Packed into a working(video footage provided) Slrr(all java sources provided where available, I even found the source for system classes) -Responsive catalogue -Properly working Valocity and dealers (custom paintjobs on dummy race cars in Valocity during career mode and custom random generated opponents during night races and in tournaments) -Every racer chassis customizable with nicely aligned paintjobs and with extra parts (10 different wide chassis compatible with all 200 chassis types) -Bigfoot wheels (working semi-properly with collision on the wheels) -Advanced bugfixes to the Slrr.exe: (Ida .idb and Olly .udd data included) -Decal projection (crashed slrr when trying to paint a car with a model with more than 32767 vertices) -Flying traffic cars -Lag on collision -Lag on look back, and generally looking around -AI racer cars could not accelerate on sideways slopes -Forced resource unloading addressing memory consumption -Lag on spatial boundary crossing with a car that has large textures(this is what is happening at the end of the 4th gameplay video and why it does not happen in the 5th) -Reshade customized for Slrr (Resahde source code provided under the BSD 3-clause license ( -DOF effect that does not affect the UI -Velocity dependent radial blur -Dynamic reflection map -AmbientLight -Bloom -MXAO(behind particle effects) -and anything that reshade can compile -Variables customizable (on the fly) from in-game reshade dialog(when in customization mode under the dubious ReflectionSettings.fx): -Reflection Strength overwrite -Other vehicle-material properties overwrite(specular power, color, refelction color...) -Part deformation strength -Car deformation strength (loss of driveability) -Part detachment damage(how much you have to beat a part for it to fall off) -Flop disabling(doors and hood will not open on collision) (with the variables above you can make an old-NFS style indestructible car) -Engine wear -Tyre wear -AI power slide ignore factor(how much sliding the AI ignores when deciding whether to accelerate along a spline) -AI over-breaking -AI over-steering (these ones below can solve a lot of lagging) -Maximum texture reserved memory -Maximum vertex data memory -Maximum sound memory -Maximum script instances -Resource loadrate and others Controls for the game(not customizable): -P put the car back if it has flipped -1,2,3 simulation-time manipulation -O (not a zero)toggle checkpoint markers during tournaments -Esc return to tournament garage during tournaments (while watching a race or to give up) -ctrl+shift+F10 for reshade menu -ctrl+shift+F11 to toggle reshade effects -"Tune" the chassis in the garage to move the wheels(Big foot mode) the engine or to overwrite the engine sound In game pictures: Gamefootage(near-potato pc): Bigfoot: All cars (and kind of a stress test)

Download Slrr Exhaustive from GoogleDrive

All of the above and everything linked is provided as-is, feel free to extend but you know dont be a dick.
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-12-03 21:01    

This is the most massive thing i've seen in ages, hope to see more of this stuff from you :D

2.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2017-12-03 21:54    

Holy [expletive]. This is the single biggest bunch of news for SLRR in years. You may have single-handedly saved our game and brought it up to the modern era. Excellent work.

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2017-12-03 22:42    

I've just quick-tested it and I got to say the amount of work here is indeed impressive and it could possibly refresh the modding scene (especially when it was about to die soon).

- REAL TIME REFLECTIONS - not actual raytracing but shhhh,
- Catalog and other game menus seem to work faster and freeze less, especially engine kits,
- Lag-less Valo - even with potentially polygon-heavy cars,
- Events - finally something to do,
- Amount of mods - great thing for people who can't mod their games themselves.
- Cool tweaks in ReShade settings
- Reflections cast on parts with specular on it - so expect reflections on things that shouldn't reflect much (I know it couldn't be done other way)
- Fmv (videos) crashing game on main menu - not a big deal, but worth pointing,
- Amount of mods - bad thing for people who like their SLRRs with just few favourite mods
 - it's unmoddable,
 - it's huge (650k+ files, 16,5 GB of files, unzipping took over one hour)
- Choice of mods - it feels like someone just threw random mods there
- ReShade preset - IMO it's horrendous, maybe except from AO and DoF

Over all, it's a good thing to get if you want the opposite of vanilla SLRR feel. But I'd rather love these fixes in standalone pack which I could drop on my MWM install.

4.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-03 22:45    

I already made a little patch; some maps had flipped normals on some PHYS objects which I have not noticed before here are the modified files:
(also I will upload the full pack to the link it is originally located at ( *LINK* ) when it stopped compressing, so this is only needed if you have already downloaded the mod.)

5.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-04 18:44    

If someone else also has problems playing the background video here is a patch: LINK

6.   Posted by JF1   2017-12-04 19:04    

You're an absolute genius.

7.   Posted by Porsche911man   2017-12-04 19:46    

It looks like a totally different game!

8.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-04 22:06    

It has been asked so I will post this here also: (Minimal part of the mod with reshade and the exe fixes)
I'm not sure of the quality of this but it should (and I really can not make promises) work if you copy this ontop of another Slrr install (of course it does not have the catalogue fixes but the reshade stuff should work as intended)


What it does have is all the fixes to the exe (the AI sliding fix, the unloading of cars from behind you fix, the decal painting fix...) and the reshade (dynamic reflections, speed dependent radial blur, customisation of the fixes to the exe)...

There is a included I changed only two small things (if this is somehow a bad for the mod you are trying to integrate with) I instantiate a ValocityVisualMeter in the void enter() function and clean it up in the void exit(), the other important thing is that the camera should have these params(the * means it does not matter):
cam = new GameRef( *, *, * + "," + * + ",*, 1.0,0, 0.1", * );

9.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-07 07:03    

There is another patch the tournament named "CrazyParkNight" had a bad prize car:

10.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-07 19:23    

I pulled the patches to the main file

11.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-09 00:29    

This is the first patch that is not included in the main patch of 2017-12-07:
I got a request for some way to customise the "gear shift time" I found the values Slrr assigns to the clutch (how much it is pressed) and the throttle during the "dead-time" between shifts (auto-shifts) I also made it a parameter that is settable from the reshade menu (in the ReflectionSettings as every other like this (I should rename that)) and this can be used to make the transition seamless (no rev limiter hit and nothing else) (if the clutch is 0 and the throttle is 1 the default if 0.5, 0.5). For better understanding here is a video:
And the patch: (the exe alone can do the gear shift adjustment (default values 0.5, 0.5) resahde makes it customisable and the adds some other functions (getting current RPM and turbo level among other things) that are still being tested)

12.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-09 00:35    

I also updated the link from comment 8.

13.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-12-09 01:52    

That's very cool stuff, you should eventually open a thread in here if you want all this data to stay in a safe place(comments arent the best place to drop such big logs of your work, imo)

14.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-11 11:39    

Alright that is reasonable but I think this is done as it is (the last patch can be applied but it does not really matter I don't think) I also submitted a new entry (LINK) for the Patches section with only the modifications and something for modders that could be updated in the future if that happens I will use the suggested method.

15.   Posted by Raidoactivebleach   2017-12-15 00:34    

100/100 IGN
Best SLRR out there

16.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-18 01:14    

I made another update (LINK) but I also made a thread for these kind of reports updates and what not: LINK
I will most probably not update these comments (only to answer a question or something like that)

17.   Posted by EL3GYFighter   2017-12-20 15:13    

I dont know if my WinRAR doesnt work anymore, but it stops unpacking at 80%. Not that it crashes, but it just stops unpacking at a random file around that percentage

Anybody know why?

18.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-21 03:31    

Please try and use 7zip if that does not work add the file to your drive and you can download an earlier version and apply the patch which you can find at the forum thread LINK

19.   Posted by Sam9001   2018-02-03 12:34    

Nice work! been playing this for a few days. Is there any possibility you could make a patch that removes the body kits? You know the ones i am talking about.

20.   Posted by amilmand   2018-02-04 17:22    

Here you go my friend (this will make the chance of them spawning on racers 0 so they wont turn up randomly but you can access them in the catalogue if you want)

21.   Posted by GolfPlaya   2018-02-25 21:09    

:awesome: Amazing! Best SLRR by far... :crying: I want to put pure sound packs in the game, Yet it keeps crashing when trying to buy engine.Only worked for 4A-GE Can anyone help me out please :(

22.   Posted by amilmand   2018-02-27 20:19    

I would like to direct you to the last few paragraphs of this post LINK.
But post a request on the forum LINK and link which exact mods are you talking about and I might integrate them IF they are just simple sound overwrites and a script it should not be that difficult

23.   Posted by Orange2000   2018-03-25 23:32    

very cool game! Thank you!
I have 2 questions.
How to remove reflections from car at all?
and how to make car more destructable?

24.   Posted by amilmand   2018-03-26 02:24    

Take a look at the ReflectionSettings section of the reshade config menu available with the shift+F10 key combination you are looking for the Reflection_R Reflection_G Reflection_B settings (if you lower them equally the reflections will tone down, if you change them inequally you can make colored reflections).
Still in the ReflectionSettings section these are the related settings

   (0-1) - amount of deformation of the car parts on collision can be adjusted (1.0 is default behaviour)
   (0-1) - amount of slot displacement can be adjusted (1.0 is default behaviour)
   (0-1) - amount of % wear added to a part on collision can be adjusted (1.0 is default behaviour)
   (0-100) - wear added to the engine by use can be adjusted (100 is default behaviour)
   (0-1) - wear added to the tyres by use can be adjusted (1.0 is default behaviour)
   (0-1) - overall adjustment (1.0 is default behaviour)
(default behaviour as in unmodded Slrr default)

I do not check this page regularly if you have feedback or questions please use this forum:


25.   Posted by PhatPanda   2018-08-03 19:39    

Great1 How do u turn off this enb it makes the game look dull.

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