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That's quite an improvement! And you still kept it relatively stock, i like it. 18's in the rear look a little too big, maybe that's just because it's really low. I'd have 17's like in the front if you ask me but i haven't seen staggered wheels on a S13 yet, i guess that's something new! :)

Also i'm glad to see the shop up and running again :D

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# Renaruto :

Oh yeah baby!

Wassup! Been some time since the last update. But A LOT of stuff happened in the meantime!

For example - The S13 is finally sitting (almost) on the ground and on new wheels! Took a lot of time and definitley a bit of money but it was SOO WORTH IT. I couldn't stand the stockies that were still on it tbh. But this whole process wasn't the easiest. Because as I told you guys before, I actually wanted to do a 5 lug swap first.

I could've either gone with an aftermarket hub swap set or with S14/S15 suspension parts which is the route I've gone for. I have basically bought myself some used S14 front and rear knuckles with new hubs already on them (600V$). The cool thing is that most of it is actually just "plug and play" and fits almost directly onto the S13 drivetrain with some slight modifications. For the brake discs I did something that I normally wouldn't recommend doing but since I want to upgrade the brakes pretty soon anyways, I thought getting the discs redrilled to 5 lug would work for now. Eh.

I sadly didnt take one single pic of the whole process.. But the finished product speaks for itself:

I'm so incredibly happy with how it looks now! And obviously it wasn't just a 5 lug swap alone that I did to it as you can clearly see. The car now sits on a used set of HKS Yashio Factory coilovers with S.w.i.f.t. springs (750V$) and some 17" (front) and 18" (back) SSR Agle Minervas (1.500V$) to finish the look. Even though I still have to dial in the fitment and get the car a proper allignment its already looking incredibly good and it rides so well.


Since the car has its "official" rebuilt suspension, it also had to get a small rework on the rest of the aesthetics. I did what I always have to do on my drift cars - add some nice visuals! Its mostly just decals and a flag that I quickly design which I might remake tho since im not 100% on the design rn. I dont know maybe it will grow on me lol.

But these good news still wont stop - and the next one is even bigger.


OHH YES MY DUDES! Its finally time to open up the garage doors every day and welcome the customers! I'm doing everything from small services to complete rebuilds (atleast thats the plan lol). Might aswell start a decal/vinyl service since I bought myself a plotter and a proper printer to make die-cuts and stickers. But remember that I'm working alone so I won't be able to do a lot of cars at the same time. Just hit me up and we can work on a deal!

Well technically I'm not open on the weekends - just like this one lol. Especially on this one because I went to a small track day on Nikko circuit today which I might go to tomorrow aswell! It was pretty spontanous so sorry if you wanted to join lol.

But now I'm done. Like I said - If you want to come by to get something done or just to visit feel free to hit me up!

Anyways - Seeya x

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damm after being such a huge member of the OEM+ gang i really started forgetting how these hotboi s13's are amazing and you guys made me remember
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god damn, i'm loving the early 00's D1 yet street car vibe on this thing
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