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Hey folks,

I have an idea for a tagging scheme for the SLRR cars section. I've already started implementing this on my own downloads as well as Robban_9000's cars (since he isn't around and there are a lot of his cars) as a test, but I figure I should run this by you all.

Here's what I've come up with:

- Body style tags:
-- convertible: has no roof (may include cars with targa tops)
-- coupe: car with two doors (and probably also a roof)
-- hatchback: anything with a lifting hatch, whether or not it also looks like a coupe or sedan
-- sedan: car with four doors and a general sedan shape (i.e. not a wagon)
-- suv: for SUVs and crossovers; can overlap with van, truck, or wagon
-- truck: anything with a cargo bed, including "utes"
-- van: any vehicle that's vaguely wagon-shaped or comes with a camper
-- wagon: car with four doors and a lifting hatch that doesn't look like a sedan
-- (supercar): also a car type tag; use this for two-seat coupes that would qualify as supercars
- Car "type" tags:
-- ordinary: more "traffic" than a fun car (e.g. Prius, minivan, etc)
-- utility: used for hauling stuff or performing work
-- budget: was on the cheap side when it was made (so depreciation doesn't count)
-- classic: older than about 1980 and doesn't fit neatly into another category
-- muscle: has a big V8 engine and/or RWD and feels muscle-y, even if it's not American; some non-V8 American cars also arguably count (e.g. Buick Grand National)
-- sports: a sporty car (especially 2 seat coupes and roadsters) that is not a muscle car
-- grand tourer: something a little too big to be a nimble sports car that is also not a muscle car
-- luxury: from a "premium" brand and/or built to be very comfortable
-- supercar: sports but faster, generally must have 2 seats
-- race: is for dedicated racing, or has race parts that would make a car illegal on the street
-- rally: anything built for driving through dirt (maybe all off-road counts?)
- Country tags: Where the car is designed and/or manufactured, or the market it is "originally" designed for.
-- American, Australian, Brazilian, British, Chinese, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, (etc).
-- More than one might apply.
-- If a car is made up for a video game (i.e. the Sultan from GTA), don't use these tags - use the special tag "Fictional" instead.
- Brand and model name tags: Self-explanatory. If a car's brand is made by another manufacturer (i.e. Chevrolet by General Motors or Lexus by Toyota), or if the car is re-badged (i.e. the Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT), try to list these too.
- Mod author name tags: Just put them in the way they appear on the usernames. For example, Bigg Boss93.
- Conversion tags: For the game it's converted from.
-- FM3, FM4, FH1, FH2, Juiced 2, NFS ProStreet, NFS Shift 2, GRID, etc.

Does this look good to everybody? I know we probably won't get to use this much until the site is redesigned, but until then, it would make sense for us to make the download section a little easier to navigate.

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Conversion tags isn't really necessary imo, a lot of users wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a juiced 2 model and a Forza model. Same goes with Forza 3 and Forza 4 models etc, they're almost the same in every game.

Other than that, they all look good to me.


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Good point. I rescind the bit about the conversion tags.

Bigg Boss93

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Yup sounds good
With so much drama in the V-S-T, it's kinda hard being Bigg B-O-double-S-ninetythree B)