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So, I went digging, and I found some pics of my first "serious" car. I had owned a couple of other cars before this, but this was the only one I seriously built to any real extent. This was also my first RB-series project: nothing super ambitious, just a single-turbo RB26 swap with the engine out of an R32, using a single-turbo setup. This car put out about 450HP at the crank - just over 380WHP - which was definitely enough for me at the time. The license plate was off of my Accord Coupe, the very first car I owned. (NOTE: The license plate is fictitious, even if it's not as obviously fake as the others. Don't go looking for it. :P )

Car was an original 1996 240SX S14, in Nissan "Ultra Red" (AJ4). I ran the KA24DE until I got tired of having no top-end power; back then, the only visual mod I had was the JDM Kouki wing. At the time when I swapped the engine, I also converted it to RHD because of peer pressure, and to plumb the RB swap more easily; that ended up being a good long-term decision, considering how the R33 worked out. In the car's final form, it had a Chargespeed replica front bumper since I broke the Vertex replica bumper displayed in the pics; that isn't shown, though.

In the end, I parted this car out; the chassis went to a guy who went for a much milder SR20DET swap, and who very carefully undid my amateurish hack-job on the rear fenders, while the engine went into a Z32. I miss it, but the R33 is a more interesting car overall... even if the S14 was better on gas and was less of a nightmare to control. ;)

Added 16 minutes later:

Wow, those pictures made me nostalgic. Just for fun, I went and tracked down the same warehouse somewhere in Phoenix where I took those pictures, to take some more pics with the R33... It was basically the same when I came back. So I decided to take some pictures of the R33 in the same place and in similar lighting.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that, while building the R33, I didn't take some inspiration from my earlier S14 build; or, conversely, if I didn't say I had some part of the eventual R33 project in mind while building the S14. (OOC note: I actually did use an S14 to build the engine and design the chassis setup that ended up in the R33 eventually. That was the old PDM-Team S14; that was one of my favorite SLRR cars for a long time, and my early S-Tuner S14 was one of my favorite builds on S-Tuner; and being able to recreate those in higher definition with Remco's mod has been awesome.)

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