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I've sold the G8 a long time ago, to pay for the build of the R33 and for parts for the Supra. I'm pretty happy with the two cars I have now, although each is a little too extreme for a daily driver.

The two cars in my garage currently, that are "mine" (as opposed to being previously mine and then sold):

The Skyline is incredibly rough to daily drive, in addition to being inconvenient because it's RHD. It turns the most heads, obviously - which is a good thing and a bad thing, since I don't exactly want people thinking I want to race them all the time; and it's red, and a Skyline, so police pay more attention to it. Consequently, it doesn't get a lot of mileage except on track days. Ultimately, it's built to be a highway battle and one-mile top speed machine, but I don't want to actually use it that way out of fear of wrecking it.

Picking up and building the Supra was a wise idea. Rather than organizing a lot of the work myself, I had a shop handle a lot of it, and the result that came back is a much more usable street car that's just as much fun to drive as the R33, just less of a "prima donna".

Specs on each:
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (BCNR33)

Toyota Supra Turbo (JZA80)

As I said, I sold the G8 to pay for the build and running costs of the R33, and to obtain the Supra. The owner happened to absolutely love everything that I had done with it, and didn't do much of anything to it except maintenance. He loaned it to me for the photo shoot. All I know is, I'll miss it.

Pontiac G8 (VE)

Full image set here.
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