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# marcus915 : @MjM, what an original colour!
to have the same car right after I buy one is one thing, but to copy it this exactly is another. But that's none of my business
r u srs

You know I did the palettes specifically to make factory colors and "hey, we have the same color car!" possible, right? :P

(Besides, his car looks like a 2014 with a 2010 front end, not a 2010-2012.)


Wine Red BCNR33 Build

[EDIT: Oh no! I just realized I took all of these pictures without AA. Whoops.]

Got called in by a friend, Jake, for me to help him build up his new car. He saw some pictures of my car and said he appreciated the look, so I decided to help him shop for parts and promised I'd help him out with the actual build.

When Jake sent me the auction pics from the importer he was working with to bring the car in, I knew he had gotten into something special. I mean, look at this beauty.

Auction Sheet


After we finished things up, we decided to meet up at the library and do a photo-shoot. The two of us took some photos... Jake has a good eye for this stuff, and he sure picked a good evening to do it!

I took my R33 [build thread here] out for a rare outing, just for the occasion. What's better than two almost color-matched cars? These are some quick pics I snapped before we got everything set up for the nice shoot. I have to admit - Jake's car stacks up very nicely compared to mine, and looks a lot more modern, despite being a '95 and not having the xenon headlights. (I think it's the custom badge and his choice of wheels that does it.)

Photo Shoot Pics

Added 8 minutes later:

Anyone want me to post some build pics from the Supra? I'll make sure AA is on, I promise :P

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