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#1   2017-01-02 22:50          
Some time ago I have posted here a part of Grove Street converted from GTA:SA, so now I'm thinking in an big and ambitious project: convert whole San Andreas!
I have found a easy way to rip large and complete parts from the map, but it takes about 10~30 mins to be imported in 3ds max and as you can see in the image below it requires mesh improvments and a lot material adjustments (wich takes a lot time):

I already have imported a large part from the south of the map:

But it brings me another problem that I'm afraid of: the poly count and the ingame performance.
As you can see, the poly count is about 1,3M and it can be a real problem (GTR-X-ITE's Shibuya haves about 1,4M polys and it runs betwen 25 and 40 fps on my computer while any other map runs at 60 fps)
I don't know if I should continue this project and that's why i have created this topic.
I wanna know what do you guys think about it. I wanna know your ideas, suggestions and comments about this and maybe recruit a team to work on it with me

Thanks for reading these "wtf" things that I have written xD
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#2   2017-01-03 01:13          
Nice idea. but how do you want to travel somewhere far away, without completly scrambling your car together on the streets?

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#3   2017-01-03 01:20          
imo you should not waste the precious and priceless time of your youth on this very ambitious project and just go outside(not saying that you don't)... Just take it from someone who wasted a shit ton of time modding all kinds of games.

Other than that, very nice work. Have a great 2017!
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#4   2017-01-03 03:45          
put some multiple starting point, since the SA is goddamn big, going somewhere else will takes quite a time lol


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#5   2017-01-03 04:11          
My computer would instantly die with a mod like that.

IMO it would be better to convert only some nice parts of Gta:sa, like some streets of San Fierro.


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#6   2017-01-03 06:18          
I like the idea in general, but SA map is so damn bumpy that you'll craah/scrale/destroy your car going on relatively flat road :/


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#7   2017-01-03 10:27          
This is funny, because I was going to convert model either New York or London at some point. Although that's a task that I can't tackle right now.

Yes, you're right,with such a massive city to work with, this will be very hard to load on some computers, because of the way that SLRR loads its objects and maps. Because of its view distances as well, you won't be able to see very far of the city in the game either, if you know what I mean.

Look at the other Liberty Island (from GTA III,this one)and how long that one took to load. That wasn't very big, either

If you want to put bots in as well like Valo, that will be difficult. idk how big it is compared to Valo, but I'm pretty sure it's bigger.

It's a project that's possible though, and I'm looking forward to some shots of it.

And yeah, GTA meshes don't always convert the way you hope they do...
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#8   2017-01-04 16:15          
sick project, it is converted for rfactor and even vice city to, but ye gl it will take so loooong ;D


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#9   2017-01-04 20:33          
man, i kinda liked the idea of making the entire map. But its kinda pointless too.
Basing in what thor-04 said, it would be much better if you converted only some parts of SA, for example, the garage of Doherty, the main avenue of LV, the Red Brigde of SF (not the red train bridge, the one in the top of the map), some rural parts.

I saved a random map and red circled some areas that could be useful for some photoshoot (c'mon, does anyone really races in the game !!??)
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#10   2017-01-05 06:37          
The part near Chilliad in Sam Fiero, kinda the twisty road where the newsvan and the coach spawn(bottom left) used the dirft there all the time.


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#11   2017-01-11 22:06          
The main reason that i have "started" this project is that sometimes i wanna do some long travels with my cars, i mean, take my car and spend some minutes travelling through the cities and enjoying the views (slrr isn't all about build a car and take some screenshots).

If i continue with this project i'll do a special script with a lot of starting points, i'll add some drag/street races too and maybe some "missions" and traffic cars around the map.

I have converted some more parts from SA just for test it, if someone want to try it out here are:

The first one are a garage that i have found in the blue hell of San Andreas:


And the second one are a city in the desert (quite big tbh):


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#12   2017-01-11 22:15          
Cool stuff man! What's the "blue hell" you said above tho!? O.o
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#13   2017-01-11 22:32          
The blue hell is a "location" in San Andreas that have almost all the interiors and maps used in missions (it's located far away in the sky, that's why it is called blue hell)
I think there's a place called black hell too (located under the ground) but i'm not sure about that
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#14   2017-01-12 00:23          
Basically where cutscene appears in closed places, nice project tho, as stated i suggested to do only some parts and maybe put em togheter and create a lil version of the map, like one piece of LS, one main from SF and LV and so on


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#15   2017-01-12 04:02          
I totally want that desert city. :O

It looks perfect for somewhere far outside Phoenix, and would probably look perfect paired with some screenshots from the Ambush Canyon map.

Nice work on everything!