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# MyNameisJeff : i feel like I KNOW what country your going to! And i think it starts with a J and is 5 letters... And Nice builds man!!!
Nope, 7 letters.
If you know what it is PM me :)

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# skip :

Trip Update

So as Lagano said in his previous update, Me, Lagano, Phonexius and 3StyleLTU are going on a trip to a different country which we aren't going to say yet.
We are currently on the way over to the country and have two cars ready for us to buy.
We will be staying for quite a while, and we will be updating as we do stuff.

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# Phonexius : its not funny if you are blindfolded and once u get on the plane they put ear plugs in and you fly and you don't know where xD I got kidnapped haha
^ What do you mean "not funny", surprises are cool! :P

By the way, as Skip mentioned that we have 2 cars to buy you're probably wondering how will we buy them if we barely had enough money for the plane tickets. :P Well, there's one thing that we haven't told you about: my R32 has been sold! I put it on sale a long time ago cause i didn't really know what to do with it and we were getting broke too. It's sad to see a Skyline go but at least it got us a fair amount of V$!

I bought a spare front and rear bumper from yngsensei and also colour matched them, i had to take them with me somehow! :P They barely fit in the car, and i had to put one front seat in the Golf. These bumpers will come in handy for the new owner cause you can't find these parts anywhere in the USA.

See you soon when we arrive! :)

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Another one gone...
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Aww man i was hoping Japan but I have another guess!
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