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# Macaron_Moon : Fine fine. Don't say I haven't warned y'all.
Threats will not be tolerated.

EDIT: Just stop this nonsense, lets talk it properly in a private chat and not in a place we can all see.
Trying to intimidate someone else to try and make them leave the site will not be tolerated either.

We all know why you ran off Stuner, everyone warned you about this shit and now that it backfires you you gotta play being the victim.
If you think a user has behaved inappropriately toward other users, bring it to the moderation team with links and/or screenshots.

This whisper-campaign nonsense is the wrong way to go about it.

I'm gonna get banned but at this point I don't care anymore.
The point at which you start doing something despite knowing it's wrong is the point when you lose a lot of sympathy.

Don't start this nonsense again. If you have problems with other users, bring it to the moderation team. Vigilantism is not appropriate.