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I will report updates made to SlrrExhaustive (which will only concern bugs reported or ones I find) here.
Also if or when I find something more to add to the Native function thingmod
Or if I find something interesting to share like the MapRPKDecode or the RPKMergeTool
I will also try and relay bugreports here.

Concerning SlrrExhaustive I will keep an update link this one:
That will contain all the patches made from the start merged together but I will update the main file under the link from the SlrrExhaustive page as well.

Added 2 minutes later:

I got a bugreport for SlrrExhaustive that can crash the carlot (consistently if you have won the ROC and have the "secret" car) the patch for that has been merged to the main download link and to the patch download aswell.

Added 24 minutes later:

I also have some more offset definitions for the Native functions (setI,setF...) in the RawEdit class (under LINK) I did not update the download on the page but if some one wants to here are some more values:

public static IntValueAddress Address_I_bDrawHeadlightRays = new IntValueAddress(0x006187BC);
public static IntValueAddress Address_I_bDrawHeadlightFlares = new IntValueAddress(0x006187C0);
public static IntValueAddress Address_I_ShadowSize = new IntValueAddress(0x6187B8);
public static IntValueAddress Address_I_Shadows = new IntValueAddress(0x6187B4);
public static IntValueAddress Address_I_TextureSize = new IntValueAddress(0x6188B4);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_cfg_ShadowDetail = new FloatValueAddress(0x65AED0);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_cfg_ObjectDetail = new FloatValueAddress(0x65C424);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_cfg_VideoGamma = new FloatValueAddress(0x00617728);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_WheelGroundFeedbackFactor = new FloatValueAddress(0x60E020);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_WheelBreakeFactor = new FloatValueAddress(0x60E024);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_LastFrameDrawTime = new FloatValueAddress(0x63C528);
public static FloatValueAddress Address_F_GameTimeSeconds = new FloatValueAddress(0x0063C530);

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