RPK (even maps) to readable and back converter


This zip has two little programs (with source code) RPKToRSD2: Can convert any valid RPK to an RSD2 file witch is readable by a text editor (some proper text-editor could be needed the slrr city.rpk converts to a 150MB text file because of the track models) RSD2ToRPK: Converts RSD2 files back to RPK I tested this with the default maps (city,city2,ROC) to see if the game accepts them and it does, furthermost they (disregarding some formality) are the same files as the source one if there was no modification made. The programs are written in c# 4.5.2 so you will need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (from 2014 so you probably already have it installed) Usage: The program can be fed one file at a time via the command line like: RPKToRSD2.exe city.rpk it will create city.rpk.rdb2 in the same directory as city.rpk was in to convert it back to rpk: RPKToRSD2.exe city.rpk.rdb2 it will create city.rpk and if it is already there it will back up the original. If you just run the program without a file specified it will give you a FileDialog to locate it.

Download from GoogleDrive

1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2017-12-12 14:08    

Thanks for putting this together. I wonder if it'll work on SL1's Valo City.

2.   Posted by amilmand   2017-12-12 14:53    

It did work for me, even the spl editor I made for SlrrExhaustive did I guess it is practically the same file format:

3.   Posted by adnan54   2017-12-12 17:57    

Very useful tool, thank you!

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