Pretty badass truck.

Yo, Ford F100 released for yours!
I'll probably release some other mods soon, like, in a few days, maybe.
Anyways, the F100 is missing some adjustments, but I'll post her V2 soon.

Oh, forgot to say, it have some extra parts! :D

Check out our Blog for more mods!

So, thats it, enjoy it!

1.   Posted by Yeda   2015-08-08 14:21    

Nice Truck!! :drool2:

2.   Posted by Shadow DKC   2015-08-08 14:41    

beautiful Ford F-100, hope you like

3.   Posted by tomaukz   2015-08-08 16:15    

Nice :awesome:

4.   Posted by razor442   2015-08-08 16:56    

:thumbsup: :pathead: :drool2: :cheers:

5.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-08 20:09    

Thanks for positive comments guys! :)

6.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-08 22:19    

I began remember a toy car from the past that just happens to be a Ford F100.

7.   Posted by JoeAlex   2015-08-08 23:19    

WTF is this thing? I've seen bad mods, but this thing, oh God WHY?!!!! :crying:
Bad scale, bad materials, unwelded vertex, crash the game a lot because have the original MC scripts and it want to take a trip down the hole on the garage, just.... oh GOD! Poor F100.

8.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-09 00:19    

Well @JoeAlex, your comment was completely unnecessary, you could send me a PM about the mod problems, and help me about how I could improve it, but you preferred to make a mod we made with the little time we have looks inferior and worst than all those bad mods running around here, made it looks like a shitty mod.
This is why SLRR is dying, your guys just know how to criticize, but I never see anyone who praise a good mod made by someone that who isn't from Vstanced Darkside.
And I expect any of your guys know how is to spend a lot of time of work to make a mod for SLR comunity, to someone just say things like this.
Anyways, I just don't know why those things just happend here, people on G.T seems be 10x more helpfull.
Well, I'll release the V2 soon, but if you don't liked our mod, just go and make one better, you know how to do it 10x better than us, no? ;)

9.   Posted by ALAN   2015-08-09 08:32    

@JB - No need to butthurt here.

And also, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough... COUGH!

10.   Posted by ALAN   2015-08-09 08:47    

Yet it's not that bad.

11.   Posted by AhmadNaim93   2015-08-09 13:20    

nice Ford F100 Johny :thumbsup: .

12.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-08-09 14:25    

Johny, Joe was just saying the truth, in a harsh way as his common but truth it is.

I like the mod(without trying so i cant tell about scripts atm, but if it is really based on MC i know it is kinda fucked up) but it seriously need to be shaved/smoothed here and there, for example fix those "cuts" on the quarterpanels and "unbump" the door cuts or that taillight looks which allow me to see through.

Also, mods made by VStanced Darkside? :D Dafuq did you drink? VStanced Darkside = place full of outdated mods and kids that cant do shit. It's not like a group of modders or anything.

You should appreciate a honest bad comment more than a fake good one, which means that you should be happy that a great modder like JoeAlex is telling you what to fix(besides again he could use better ways to say stuff and not just rage the way he does).

If you think G.T. is better then feel free to move there, we dont force anyone to stay here nor to go away(except to PXRZ who's boring as fuck :)) ).

13.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-09 18:21    

No, I mean, mods made BY PEOPLE WHO ARE ON VS DARKSIDE, not Darkside itself.
And of course, mod is not good but, it's V1 (not finished), and I just saw that cause, I don't see any reason for Joe speak like that, it was totaly unnecessary, he could send me a PM to me saying something like ''hey bro, I found a lot of errors in your mod, honestly it is really bad'', don't you agree with that?
Of course, we will try to make it better, but, I just don't see reason to make it looks like the worst Vstanced mod.
So, to finish this shit up, I be glad for the comments, but I just don't see why to make it on this way, he could say this on PM, or comment something without rage, and if it isn't enough for him, just make another mod, or wait the V2 tho.

14.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-09 18:23    

Oh, and about move to G.T, no thx, I like Vstanced, but I just said those kinda people who rage for anything, just happend here, in a common way, VS is fully of really nice and friend people, and fully of people who rage and say the right thing, on the wrong way.

15.   Posted by Ledoge   2015-08-09 18:29    

Whats the enb? It looks good.

16.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-09 18:36    

It's a ENB that I made sometime ago + a little bit of Photoshop.

17.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-09 20:20    

@JoeAlex Wanna know what I do when I do not think a mod isnĀ“t satisfying enough as it was?

I modify the scripts in the way I want the scripts to be for example for mounting of trunk spoilers, engine (at dealers, position what type, stock power) and so on.

18.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-09 20:28    

@Johny_Bravo What is GT?

19.   Posted by JoeAlex   2015-08-10 03:31    

Johny, Well, maybe i was a bit rude with that comment, sorry, but is just the truth and i always say the truth doesn't matter how, i don't see any "rage" on my comment, i just say the bugs that have this mod and that is one really bad mod, and is really out of point say ''the F100 is missing some adjustments" when the author need to remake the whole mod for fix those bugs, just take the truth how it is and don't cry about that, i'm really sick of see this kind of things, mods that everyone think are good but are really far away from that, i'm out of SLRR and really hurts me see this kind of mods and the things that are really killing the SLRR Scene are the bad mods that makes the game crash every second and the VIP shits, no the way of criticize because that is everywhere. Just take it how BB93 says "You should appreciate a honest bad comment more than a fake good one'', sorry again, but is the only way that people can open their eyes and stop doing bad things. And i really don't know why my comment hurts you so much if you don't are the author of the mod.

And to PXRZ, who the hell asked you? "modify or fix" parts position on mods is really fucking faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from real scripting(Javas and Class) :facepalm: and i don't need do that, if i want one mod i just do it for my self. And if you don't get it, GT means "Gom Team"

20.   Posted by ALAN   2015-08-10 08:15    

21.   Posted by dowdow   2015-08-10 21:30    

Thanks Johny ;)

22.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-08-10 22:54    

Ye, I admit, I was too much butthurt on the comment (that happend always I'm over cafeine effects).
But, anyways, the point still the same, I think you could have said that on a propper way, cause I really apreciate critics, but with tips, not just saying ''THAT SUCKS'' or ''TERRIBLE MOD''.
In fact, it the comment just hurts to me cause on this car DL page, this is the unique negative comment that I saw, saying a mod is really bad, and plz, don't say that's why this is the unique bad mod on the page, cause it isn't, it insn't even the worst, away from that, cause we have here a beta that I released last week.
Anyways, you got my point, again, sorry by my comment bro, you're a great modder anyways, I'll try to improve her.

23.   Posted by Shadow DKC   2015-08-13 21:20    

I am the author of the mod, sorry if it contains bugs, my time is very limited, but I have left, I am repairing. Thanks for the comment JoeAlex.

24.   Posted by uoki   2015-08-13 22:06    

the trunk is invisible xD

25.   Posted by InNightGame   2015-10-12 20:25    

:bow: :thumbsup: :pathead:

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