New Toy! :D

Here is my new toy, The Lexus IS-F 2009


Pics by Pro7

Pics by Rokus

Is full addon, have all glows, custom Phys and Interior Gauges, Enjoy!

PD: You need the Definitive Tyre Pack by Franco and is full compatible with the HQ License Plates by BB93...
1.   Posted by Wh0?   2013-01-19 10:53    

Thank you ! :D
The best lexus for slrr :P

2.   Posted by Balkanec   2013-01-19 12:01    

It looks very nice. Thanks.

3.   Posted by Pro7   2013-01-19 14:14    

MAD LEXUS! :awesome: :awesome:

4.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-01-19 17:21    

For some reason I canĀ“t paint the Anti-rollbar. Could you fix it?

5.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-02-04 14:53    

verry nice mod mate

6.   Posted by Im Unfazed   2013-07-23 14:05    

My Dads Car :awesome:

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