In this tutorial i'm going to explain step by step how to convert engine sounds from FM4 to SLRR (yay!)

Here's what you're going to need:

FM4 Engine sound banks(riped by BiggBoss93)
Some informative files from FM4 disc(riped them myself)
My RPK creator for sounds(highly recommended)
Roltzy resource converter

Come back here once you got all this stuff :D

Ok, lets start converting

First of all you need to pick a car, any car you want from FM4(not dlc, sorry) and then find it in folder "Cars' xmls" extraced from "FM4 engine tuning.rar"

Open the .xml with notepad(i recommend to use notepad++)
Don't get lost in it, you only need just find out what soundbanks the car uses.

Find EngineAmbient, EngineIntake and Exhaust

Now you have 3 xmls more :D "4N1_E30M3_1150_EngAmb_HT.xml", "4N1_E30_1150_Int_HT.xml" and "4N3_E30M3_1150_Exh_HT.xml"

You'll find them in "Engines' xmls" folder.

These xmls defines what soundbanks(.fsb) the car uses(read inside). You'll only need two of them, for exhaust sounds and the engine itself. For exhaust sounds it is obvious that you need to use exhaust soundbanks(the ones that has Exh in its name), but for engine sound you'll have to choose which, intake or ambient, to use. Select the one which sounds better for you.

Putting sound in game

First of all you need to extract the sounds out of the soundbank and put in any folder you want inside SLRR directory.
Then make .RPK with my rpk creator tool. You should figure it out how it works ;)
I personally remove the mindist and maxdist lines from the rdb, but it's not necessary.
I'm not getting into details here, you should know how rpk works in slrr.


This is where all the fun begins :D
Basically you need to script all the sounds into the
First take a look at the sound files, you'll see a bunch of nubmers. Those numbers are RPMs, you will need those.
Idk how to explain this so i made a pic, i hope you understand the pattern :D

And at the end the script should look like this:
The trick is in the_car.setSfxExhaustMinVol(0.1);
Do not set it to more than 0.2, because this sets the exhaust volume when the throttle is not pressed. When it's pressed the volume sets to 1.0
That means if you set the ExhaustMinVol to 2.0, the exhaust sounds will decrees when you hit the throttle.

That's about it. I hope i haven't missed anything, if so i'll update this tutorial.
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