Its a Honda Civic EG6 VTi 1994
Creator: AC_Schnitzer /NRT WorkShop
it have multiples modification like:

Windshields with Stickers, 3 Lips, Some Spoilers, A replacement Rear Bumper, Exhausts, Fog Lights, Custom Headlights A rollcage, etc...
Recommended Mods: Honda K Series Engine by blast because VTEC Kick In Yo!!!!LINK
All Parts Except Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension are in this mod
The Wheels is From Jesus Christ EK9 Link
Brakes are from CMS Brakes Pack Link
Suspension is From VStanced Running Gears Link
And Tyre From BB93 3D Tyres 2 Link

Here's Some Pictures Guys

1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-10-30 22:58    

May I recommend links in the text to the mods used for pics when mentioned?

2.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-10-30 23:05    

I put the Link in description

3.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-10-30 23:59    

zoom in a little next time when you take a picture :D

4.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-10-31 01:23    

Ok I will Next Time

5.   Posted by Kris101   2014-10-31 16:57    

Where can u find the mufflers for cars

6.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-10-31 17:02    

In the engine section and go in exhaust

7.   Posted by ParadiseKing   2014-11-25 21:54    

Man, where did you get the red suspension part?
Great job btw :)

8.   Posted by ShadoWPhoeniX   2015-01-04 08:31    

What's that red thing under the car?

9.   Posted by eamper   2015-02-08 19:25    

^ Thats the rear lower control arm, subframe bar, and lower tie bar

10.   Posted by edi07kehed   2015-07-29 11:43    

^ That BEAKS SWAYBAR :facepalm:

11.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-26 12:34    


12.   Posted by Deniz_Tzcn   2017-07-19 20:41    

how can i get this to my steam version

13.   Posted by edi07kehed   2017-11-12 08:03    

^change you steam slrr into 221LE2MWM, cus it still popular than steam

14.   Posted by slrr019   2019-04-16 18:25    

crash in catalog v2.3.1

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