Finally the official release of VStanced_spec suspension mod(it was laying around without being released for too long lol).

They have been made by Mario and modified by me so to have better arms adjustability, the mod now includes tons of camber and positive/negative hub spacing(basically allows you to set the wheel inside or outside the arch).

I would like to suggest to download Mr.Sir suspensions as well and use THIS upgrade i made for the "ultralow" springs which now actually allow to go ultra low or ultra high.

The combination VStanced suspension + Mr.Sir shocks and springs is the best you can find.

Enjoy! :)


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by stance666   2014-09-16 16:38    

The link for update is not working for me

2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-09-16 17:04    

i forgot to add http:// lol, it works now

3.   Posted by edi07kehed   2014-09-20 11:28    

and one problem, the rear running gear is not force to down when i drive my car on a straight line, it's like the rear tire not sticky on the ground, and it always reach the redline in the 1st - 6th gear, maybe something wrong with the script, source, or the mod?

sorry for my english, i hope you understand :bow:

4.   Posted by stance666   2014-09-23 04:54    

Bigg Boss93, thank you for this mod and fixing link

5.   Posted by BGamerPro   2014-11-03 12:11    

I can't download it , the link does not work

6.   Posted by Mario   2014-11-12 18:14    

Tnx for improving and update em ;)

7.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-12-05 23:32    

Thanks to you Mario, it's only thanks to you if they're so awesome, i just did some crappy rescripting for having bigger values but that's it.

8.   Posted by ThisFayce   2015-01-03 07:17    

Thank you a million,But i haven't figured out how to install them to my game :facepalm:

9.   Posted by ThisFayce   2015-01-03 22:24    

Never mind my last comment, I figured it !

10.   Posted by scorpionguy19   2015-01-24 11:23    

What is the difference between those and MrSir's? Can't try, because the game crashes for some reason =(

11.   Posted by hagemaru   2015-03-06 01:30    

sorry im new how to download

12.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-03-29 01:48    

How do I change the Ride height of my car, when I use The Coilovers from this pack, I cant change the Height of the springs?

13.   Posted by xdraprap1   2015-04-13 00:27    

how to install??

14.   Posted by Rainbow Progidy   2016-02-09 21:30    

how to install plz

15.   Posted by IntenseKey7799   2016-05-18 23:30    

I cant find the place where to click to tune it?

16.   Posted by power2daplayerz   2016-06-07 00:28    

were do i install to

17.   Posted by lsdasf420   2016-06-15 22:28    


18.   Posted by vengeance7   2016-08-13 19:32    

how instal dude ?

19.   Posted by THXFORURAWESOMEMODS   2016-10-15 21:34    

Where do i install?

20.   Posted by slrdrifting   2017-01-02 22:34    

wont work, says invalid something :(

21.   Posted by slrdrifting   2017-01-02 22:34    

wont work, says invalid something :(

22.   Posted by LarryLongBalls25   2017-03-06 23:27    

This mod is A1

23.   Posted by Steffe ;)   2017-05-23 19:34    

Perfect! Thanks now i can add some canmber to my cars!! :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

24.   Posted by timmythefal   2017-07-30 00:44    

how do i become a member?

25.   Posted by timmythefal   2017-07-30 00:54    

how to install?

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