So a simple 5 steps guide on "how to make every engine compatible with every car":

Step 1: Convert your car rpk in rdb(with THIS)

Step 2: Open the rdb and add the following list to its header

Step 3: Convert your rdb back to rpk and drop it in your game folder

Step 4: Open your main_cfg and paste the following strings on its engine slots

Step 5: Enjoy ;D

PS: later i'll add "how to add your engines slots" and few more pics to explain where to find engine list in main_cfg(slot 401), i hasnt been able to do it because i've been leaving to go to work(writing this post scriptum from phone)

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-12-11 16:48    

Nice Tutorial Bigg Boss93

2.   Posted by casititas   2016-05-09 04:10    

Which main_cfg? :/

3.   Posted by Alfa-Romeo   2016-05-10 17:28    

Thank you!!! But where are the engine slots?

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