#1 Take your picture.

#2 Take a second picture from the same angle but below the floor level(trying to stay as parallel as possible to the first picture).

#3 Flip the second picture on photoshop(image > rotation > reflect vertically).

#4 Merge the second picture to the first, set the second picture to 50% transparency and position it so that the two nearest tires to camera(in this case FL tire) touches eachother.

#5 Make a copy of background level and move it on top of all levels.

#6 Use eraser tool(with low opacity) to erase the parts you dont need.

#7 Select again the flipped picture and press on the borderline with the mouse(right button), so select perspective and move it to fit also rear tire or other objects around(it is quite hard to get the two pictures exactly in the same angle, so they dont fit 100% without corrections).

#8 With eraser tool erase the borders of the flipped picture so that they will not be noticeable on the final result(i used a 50% hard eraser).

#9 As on #5 and add a layer mask.

#10 Fade the picture(staying on the mask) using gradient tool(remember it must be black and white) then fix all other details with brush.

#11 Enjoy your realistic reflection. :D

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:
1.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-01-14 05:38    

The reflection of that front wheel is bugging me xD

2.   Posted by BluExplosions   2014-01-23 02:15    

Lol every pic is just a small broken image thumbnail :))

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