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**StancXmas 2018 PhotoComp - SLAMta Claus™**

2018-12-12 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (0)

Click the pic to enter the comp's page and make sure to read the rules before joining.

Do your best!


The Full SLRR 2.3.1 Manual

2018-12-09 - Poster: SuperSupra512 - Category: News    (0)

I wrote the most in the Manual, i would be happy if the 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 users will read this and maybe find useful information.

Link: *LINK*


**Indicator-Friendly PhotoComp** - WINNER

2018-12-08 - Poster: Bigg Boss93 - Category: News    (0)

Grats to Niatross for winning the Indicator-Friendly PhotoComp!

That was the kind of competition i was looking forward to for a while, pretty amazing shots everyone, stay tuned as the stanXmas is coming soon!