1) No spamming, this includes writing endless amounts of crap in the shoutbox, forums, creating random threads with a single question etc, If you feel like you need to ask something, here’s a thread -; *LINK*

2) When it comes to image posts in forums we have a thread called “VStanced Chan” which is there for random funny/crappy stuff from the internet, no pornography of course. -; CHAN THREAD

3) When it comes to uploading new files/mods to the site make sure you ask the author first, when submitting a download also include the author in the “author” tab.

4) Signature sizes are limited to 450x300 no higher than that. Try to not use long .GIF animations, anything over 2MB is over-kill really. Multiple images in the signature are a no go either, keep it minimal

5) Max picture size on forums of 1920px(width/height), if you want to post anything bigger use a thumbnail picture(even of 1920px) linking to your hi-res pic, or use

6) Do not quote more than 2 pictures at once(if you do use a spoiler) and do not quote pictures from posts above yours.

7) Do not insult others, let’s be nice to each other ;)

8) Don't Post the same downloads again - if you got a working link PM one of the admins who will update the link. :)

9) Warez such as games/movies/apps/music should not be UPLOADED we see this done you get a warning after that you will get a ban if you ignore this. Sadly we can’t host illegal content here at VStanced.

10) DON'T advertise on the site(shoutbox/forums) if you got a site going try and contact me (jesus christ) we might put your banner on the site.

11) If you need anything try search first. SEARCH ENGINE

12) DON'T request mods - no modders take requests anyway so why waste your "breath?".

13) Don’t create MULTIPLE accounts if we see this both accounts will be banned.

14) Don’t post pictures in shoutbox - while we accept bbcodes we don’t want pictures. – posting a link to the picture is fine.

15) EXPLICIT MATERIAL - THIS includes avatars and sigs too.

16) Requesting, DO NOT request a link to a mod in the general topics, we have a "car/part search thread" where you can create a topic with your question.

17) When it comes to Car/Part search thread please re-upload the mods as you find them to VStanced or linking directly to the mod download so mediafire, zippyshare etc.. do not link to the site. - COCK(MOD)ZONA URL's should NEVER be posted.

WHILE WE ARE NOT VERY HARSH ON BANNING try and be "human" thats all we ask :)

1.   Posted by Dux   2012-09-05 16:00    

hey guys :)
rules are very ok, i will respect them.
since there is no "report" button, we can report bad stuff over pm, right? :)

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-09-16 01:07    


3.   Posted by need4speed1989   2012-09-27 15:59    

thank u and i will be a gd member m8 and i love the sit its the best x:d

4.   Posted by TruRok   2014-02-23 21:38    

Thanks For The Place!!!

5.   Posted by doge   2014-10-02 12:52    

rules are made to be broken :O

6.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-10-04 17:53    

you too :D

7.   Posted by doge   2014-10-09 19:11    

"try and be "human" thats all we ask" :lol: :lol:

8.   Posted by Frostyfox   2014-10-23 10:39    

no pictures but can we post links?

9.   Posted by vantonder.rudi   2015-12-21 01:03    

Thanx for the rules.

10.   Posted by HOIU667BD   2016-03-19 05:39    

how to post pictures?

11.   Posted by Pasta   2017-04-10 14:00    

I've read the rules. Thanks
Hello to everyone, I'm NEW here. Have problem with English, but can understand "easy" way speakind>!

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