Ever wanted 5 different variants of the same wheel?

LOTS OF VOLKS (not all of em, but still LOTS)

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Special Features- Customization options! For example, removable/repaintable lugnuts, removable/repaintable VOLK RACING spoke stickers, removable/repaintable center caps (Be sure to head to Running Gear > Others section to find the customization bits!). And many of the TE37's have upto 5 different faces with varying concave options; like Face 1 is flat, Face 5 is very concaved and etc.

BIG Table of Contents:

(Sizes R17-R19)

1. Volk TE37 SL (5 available faces, removable lugnuts-spoke stickers)

2. Volk TE37 Ultra (1 face, removable lugnuts-center cap)

3. Volk TE37 MAG (1 face, renovable lugnuts)

4. Volk TE37 SAGA (3 available faces, removable lugnuts-centercap-spoke stickers)

5. Volk TE37 RT (5 available faces, removable lugnuts-spoke stickers)

6. Volk TE37 Original (5 available faces, removable lugnuts-spoke stickers)

7. Volk TE037 (1 face, removable lugnuts)

8. Volk CE28N (1 face, removable lugnuts)

9. Volk CE28SL (1 face, removable lugnuts-spoke stickers)

10. Volk RE30 (1 face, removable lugnuts)

11. Volk ZE40 (3 available faces, removable centercaps-lugnuts)

12. RAYS GramLights 57CR (1 face, removable lugnuts)


and if you have motives to rip any wheel and make it a mod for a different game, some credit would be appreciated ;)

1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2019-08-13 10:39    

I approve :awesome:

2.   Posted by moesr20ve   2019-08-14 17:02    

getting *!Package conflict: multiple packages placed at the same location ( at parts\KS_RaysWheels\scripts)* when I go into the others catalog in running gear

3.   Posted by Daniel   2019-08-18 07:34    

Nice. But IMO the lug nuts should've had less shiny materials. :)

4.   Posted by Supremen96   2019-08-26 20:08    


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