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The ultimate Bugatti Veyron pack (Teaser)

2016-06-29 - Poster: Moonkeey - Category: News    (16)

It's been a long way in the development of this mod.
The ultimate Bugatti Veyron pack for Street Legal Racing Redline.
Finally it is close to be released!

The car features:
- High quality models
- 8 chassis models
- Unique tyres
- Unique light glow orbs
- Unique horn sound
- Dashboard lighting
- Electric windows with animation
- Wing with 3 animations
- Brake calipers with 8 pistons
- HD paint mapping
- All custom physics
- Real scale in-game
- Real specs
- Unique W16 engine
- Semi-reflective mirrors
and more...

Release date: July 5


-Decoration mods by doge

2016-06-19 - Poster: doge - Category: News    (1)

Some random mods

You can find them in
click the pic or here for download


Volkswagen AP Whith Rotating Puleys

2016-06-17 - Poster: Duex11 - Category: News    (6)

Engine preview ...The new engine will come with new 3D 0 by a modifier BRcrew! Wait !