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Gran Turismo Menu Sound Mod

2019-04-27 - Poster: DHR - Category: News    (1)

Hey you!!! Are you sick of the outdated loud not cool sounds of SLRR in the menu and garage?



A SLRR Video for a change, Enjoy :)

2019-04-18 - Poster: DHR - Category: News    (4)

Still trying to get this physics mod dialed in. It depends on every single car's literal physics as well as tire set up and suspension set up. As you can see, you can get some satisfying results. Suspension travel is amazing.


Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free as a nod to the Notre Dame Cathedral

2019-04-18 - Poster: gorgoil - Category: News    (0)

Click here or in the image to get more info about it!