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RB26DETTエンジンのメカニズム RB26DETT's mechanism

2014-02-22 - Poster: hitman3695 - Category: News    (1)

I found this video and I thought it would be pretty cool to show everyone how the RB26DETT Engine is built. It's in Japanese and it's awesome


1987 Porsche 959 by OlympicBeige released!!!

2014-02-13 - Poster: OlympicBeige - Category: News    (0)

Click the link to get it!!!


STANCXMAS 2013 Winner

2014-01-20 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (1)

Here's the winning picture of our xmas competition! :) Gratz To BiggBoss93! Great shot! and some effort went into the picture there! Thanks everyone for entering! and sorry for late announcement.