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#81   2019-07-08 04:19          
That livery and the headlight air intake looks sick!

Can't wait to see how S15 gets a proper treatment as well :)

Back with a small update.

Ordered some ganadors for the S15, starting out small and see what my plans are.


Got finally time to take her on a track, Ebisu minami. She performed really well i'm sure i'll brake something next time, had fun definitely can do some skids.

Thought i'd take a little photoshoot aswell, love this thing.

What a great day that was have to bring out her more.
Until next time.


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#82   2019-07-14 18:40          
Good luck with the Ichigo AY!


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#83   2019-07-16 13:54          
Thanks guys!

Not much of an update but that's all i can afford for now.

As you may know i run Origin Labo on all my cars, this isn't any different, ordered the kit and it arrived yesterday, installed the kit earlier today.

I'm broke, gotta work hard to get that cash.