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Boi I'm reppin' those CF front lips on the M3, I'd say keep it that way! :D
One of my eurobois I met some time ago (check my RP to see them :D ) also has a similar one, but it's plastic so you're quite lucky to snag a CF one.
And oh, the CSL trunk blends very well with the overall look.

I'm glad he can make it here safe and sound (though with no car yet, can't wait to see his DC5 and (unfinished) AE86)
I'd be more than happy to offer him a shotgun ride in my Evo some time.

And uh, say, are you staying in Tokyo or going somewhere else around mid-to-end of December?

EDIT: Here's the latest update, for anyone not bothering to check previous page:

# Niatross :


Y'know, it was starting to get a bit annoying how i've been in Japan for a while now and didnt get to go drifting with friends. With the tough luck i had on my recently sold S13, i had the itch to drift again cuz its been a while. And thats where good ol' AJ (rocketbunnyS13) came in clutch! i brought it up over lunch a few days back, and this man straight throws it out that he had no problem with me shredding his S14! YES, MY OWN OLD CAR! that got me beyond nostalgic and i couldn't really say no at all. I'd have to be careful ofc but thats a challenge i was willing to take.

Informed Nightrunner and Lagano later that day, both of whom agreed to come along to Ebisu! So the next day, we got to the shop pretty bright and early to prepare the cars for the drive to Ebisu, and ofc the drifting itself.

like i've already said, i was STOKED to get a feel for my old pride and joy again, except this time with a wholly different drivetrain. As u know the old 400+hp SR20 was gone, and now replaced with a barebones RB25DET. Aside from that and a rollcage, it still was pretty much the same car.

AJ changed wheels to his Weds Cerberus II's that he recently traded with me, and we both did an all in all checkup of the cars.

a few hours later...

Arrived at Ebisu with AJ, to find Dominik and Lagano already waiting for us at the pits. Such Good lads even had the patience for our arrival xD


Laganos S14. Fairly stock RB26DETT swap. Navan bodykit all around and his own livery, H&R coilovers, SSR Agle Strusse wheels up front, Gramlights T57 RC on the back, and much more.

Nightrunners R34 GT-T. Mildly tuned RB25DET NEO, Work Emotion XT7s all around, Tein Flex Z coilovers.

RocketbunnyS13s S15 Spec-R. Mildly tuned SR20DET VVT, Tein Super Drift Sideways Master coilovers, WISEFAB!

And lastly, RocketbunnyS13s Silvia S14. Also a Mildly tuned RB25DET, tokico RAK coilovers, Gramlights 57Cs all around.

After the usual chitchat and catching up with each other, we all set off for some solo laps. Warming the cars up, ourselves up, getting used to the track and what not

Driving the S14 felt so similar, yet so different. It had much less power yes, but the powerband itself was just a whole other thing. the front also was gripping a tad better cuz of the weight of the RB25. But, nonetheless, i must say driving it was a LOT of fun. the suspension was still dialed in more or less how i set it up. i was probably the most noob person at the event with the least drift-time. so generally it took me a bit longer to get used to sliding again. But gradually after i did, we all met up at the pits again,

and well,

Lets get this bread

yeah these laps were by far the most challenging, adrenaline filled ones of the day. i decided to be at the end of the pack cuz who knows what manuevre i'd mess up and then cause a pile up lmao. But nah i managed to keep my shit straight and not go extreme ham on AJs door

After about 2laps of all four of us maintaining the tandems, we eventually went back to the pits for a cooldown. And were greeted by a pleasant surprise!

Why is a smol red Toyota Vitz a surprise, you may ask. Well, its actually the person that brought it. it was our friend Shez! Recently moved to Japan, but his cars arent here yet so he came by to watch the event, in a rented Vitz.

Well here ends my coverage of the drift event. i guess you could say a "Part 2" will be up on AJs thread soon. including ofc, more drift shenanigans, Nightrunner destroying his fresh painted R34, giving Shez ride alongs, and more!

Moving on to Mika. My E46 M3!

Guess you could say the mods had sorta begun the DAY AFTER purchasing the car lmao. managed to scope a used, sanded down, non-badged CSL trunk from Super Autobacs. dunno how they had one in stock but they did yeah. bought it and sent it straight over to Bennys for a fresh coat of Phoenix Yellow Metallic. Came in day before yesterday, and just ported some of the badging and the trunk taillights over from the OEM trunk.

Then theres the new full carbon fiber front lip, that had to be ordered straight from germany. took just over a week for shipping and came in yesterday. Had that fitted on as soon as it arrived at the garage!

Maybe someday i'll convert to the CSL front bumper. But for now, i really dig how the front lip looks on the car. Maybe even as good as the CSL bumper would lmao

Lastly, the new wheels. Well new to me. I sold the work emotion M8Rs that were on the car 3-4days after pruchase. they fitted the car well but simply werent my style. retained the lug pattern adapter and the tires, kept the car on jacks for a day, copped some Used but clean 18" Advan RGII's in gold! the M8Rs were 9j and so are the RGIIs, so i could transfer the continental tires over to it


As of now i really dont know if i should go a bit further and maybe do a livery for the car? or just leave it as is. but yeah, satisfied with how she sits now! (exterior-wise that is)

Anyways, that'll be it for now. Thank you for stopping by! ;)

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#282   2018-11-27 05:00          
Were you guys at Nishi? we must've leave Japan a bit later :))
Nice E46 tho, its look reminded of one of the Matsuri comers at Nishi I saw, only difference between yours and his was the color!


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#283   2018-11-27 15:22          
You know it's pretty suprising to see the fact that someone out there is having more fun than me
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#284   2018-11-29 14:34          
Ebisu Drift Sesh was a B L A S T ! I'm so glad I didn't damage my car or any of yours HAHA. Also good control on that S14, only took you a while to get the hang of the RB haha

I wanna go back for another one!

And yeah update is up on my thread

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#285   2018-11-29 15:00          
Damn, it would have been really exciting :D


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#286   2018-12-05 17:51          
That BMW is gorgggggeous