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#1   2017-09-07 22:47          

Yep another one doing mods for this old game that decided to creat a thread
Thanks to my good friends Coprone and Gorgoil they taught me how to make basic scripts
With that knowledge I started standalone parts from other mods and making collab's with people that know how to work with 3d's since I am quite bad at it
and my potato PC would have one more reason to cought on fire
So don't expect my own mods for now this is just a thred were I will share my ideas and progress on stuff I make
In the meanwhile I have only one mod I am working 100%

If anyone knows how to work with 3d's and wants a collab send me a PM I am allways down

This is just a thing to open the thread tomorrow I post some stuff for ya eyes

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#2   2017-09-12 18:55          
So yeah, I didn't post noting mainly because I wanted to post renders and I could get them but moving on

Like I said in the opening thread post there is one mod that I am working on it which is

Gorgoil and Ward 15-16 pack!

So what is this?
This is a rim pack made by me and Gorgoil of 15 and 16 inches wheels mainly old school Japanese wheels
This will contain 2 different rpk's one where the wheels fit Rs_tires and another to fit on BB93 3D tires 2
In this pack we have about 10 rims which they are:

- August Feroce Wheels
- Enkei Apache (3 diffrent variations)
- Hayashi Street (1 diffrent variation)
- OZ Futura
- RS Watanabe
- SSR F5
- SSR Mesh (3 diffrent variations)
- Toms Igeta
- Work GlowStar (4 diffrent variations)

All of these rims are already in game in 15 I still need to take care of the postions of the wheels,put the right names and add the 16 size
Soon as I have this fixed I will post some pics of the rims

Of course this is a W.I.P we hope we will add more rims in the future
And of course if you wanna leave sugesttions feel free


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#3   2017-09-12 19:30          
I can help with the scripting.
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#4   2017-09-12 21:00          
sounds interesting cant wait to see your work man


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#5   2017-09-12 23:43          
fuck yeah sounds good. maybe share screenshots of models? we need good ssr mk2 and ssr mesh ingame, also what about the watanabes, will they be the same as what gorgoil released? cause there's a lot of watanabe mods. and would you consider 14s? i could go on for ages about what rims would be good to add but the models probably dont exist/are private (*cough* ssr mk3)


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#6   2017-11-06 23:03          
Sooo long time no see!
Well almost 60 days later I am back and this time I have learned how to work with 3DS Max thanks to Thyago95
And well I have learned ho2 to convert parts and this here will be my "first" project

Rays LMGT1

A huge s/o to Remco for sending me his LMGT1 model for me to put in game

So what I have done was added the bolts the 17' Barrel and my chrome materials
This will have a big variation of models and it will be in 17 and 18


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#7   2017-11-07 05:31          
Those look perfect!


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#8   2017-11-07 19:47          
don't forget 19 inchers :D


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#9   2018-02-02 20:34          
Soooo I kinda forgot I had this

This is my latest project

S14B20 ITB Setup

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#10   2018-02-02 20:44          
Please do split it and add cylinders(recycled from stock i4), pistons etc. :3
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#11   2018-02-03 01:18          
Wow already want it
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