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#41   2018-08-03 02:59          
i would say red s13 bros but isnt red anymore.

Added 36 seconds later:

Oh and also is nice to see someone on the oldschool look

# turbotuned : Thank you guys for your very nice comments! Let me know what car yall plan on bringing to nikko, i cant wai to see yall there!

Nothing too crazy this week. Just got the roof spoiler painted, bumper lights installed on the bumper, and got my 180sx logo back on.

I also Bought a Boost Controller! i dont plan on pushing for hella boost or anything, but having the option to adjust and control boost pressures will be very beneficial.

On another note, ive been thinking about buying another car after nikko. I'm having a lot of fun with this one but its kind of stalled in terms of visual modifications. I dont really wanna get rid of my current look, so maybe i'll buy another s13 or an ae86 or something, idk yet. But id love to hear your ideas on what my next project could be! I'll keep my eyes on the classifieds in the meantime!

Here are some pics i took outside a buddy's shop

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#42   2018-08-12 03:20          
Hey guys nikko yesterday was a blast!! Ill have pics up asap!


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#43   2018-08-12 09:21          
So you went drifting yesterday too?! :P Nice, can't wait for some pics! I'll post some too. :)