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Tales of East Valo: Part 1

Lemme tell you about the story of a guy who owns the most successful garage in East Valo, as well as the story of the F355. His name is Desmond Winchester, and he's the owner of Predator Tuning Garage East, branch of the successful PTG

He's the guy who worked on both the legendary F355 and the Bugatti Veyron. Ever since the F355 was sighted in that garage, everyone went there. The place is a success ever since. The Desmond guy was also the guy who was involved in this:

One of the most widely known battles that ever happened on the highway. A firey battle between a guy who torched someone's Opel Kadett VS Desmond. It was very intense, and went viral instantly.

The Edward McDonald guy mentioned is the leader of Dice Ridez, the team that BMW guy belonged to. He was kicked out right after these events occured. Though, the leader still wanted to settle it with the garage owner, so he challenged him to a race. A proper one on one in a track.

He also won that. After some time though, that guy disappeared. A shame, I'd really love to see if he's still there... I might swing by their garage to check.
I believe that should do for now. Next part, I'll lay out the story of the Gulf F355.


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Time to tell ya the story of the F355.
Once upon a time, in East Valo, the best racers were two brothers, who both owned Bugattis. One of them owned an EB110, the other a Veyron.
One day, the Veyron brother was in a date with a fancy lady. That, until a Ferrari F355 with mismatching panels and steelies flew by him. He thought to himself:

"Hey, a chance to show off my amazing driving skills and my speed to my date!"

And so the Veyron chased the F355. However, on the first corner, it had issues. It spun out, and even after recovering, he couldn't catch up to the F355. No, the Veyron driver didn't lose his date.
The next day, almost all magazines talked about this humiliation that took over the Veyron driver.

And so the F355 gained attention. The F355 kept appearing on the highway, each time more and more improved. That is, until the F355 was spotted on its almost final form in the PTG East Garage, alongside the Veyron. This page down here is from the same issue that featured the fiery battle with the Prelude and the E36:

And the next issue featured the F355. Sadly, I don't have the pages for it scanned, and my scanner's not working so no pages for us.

That's how the PTG East Garage got attention. Everybody wanted to get the treatment this Bugatti killer got.
Anyway, after the F355 was completed, the driver of it faced the Veyron again.
He won.

Then, the EB110 challenged the F355 into a race.
After an intense battle, the F355 was finally declared King

Rumour had it that only the Bugatti Brothers know who the driver of the F355 is. They have confirmed that they know him, but they keep it a secret, as they promised.
Some say that the driver was the PTG East Garage owner, but that rumour was brushed off by Desmond himself.
Others say that the driver was a female. There are many things that float around the F355 driver, but so far none seem to have been accurate.
There are only a few cars that have managed to almost match up the F355, aside the Veyron and EB110.


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WOW, that's all I can say, nice job on this RP
P.S. I'd really like to see the F355 engine bay ;)
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Like the gt40 gulf style blue and orange paint job on the ferrari.
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Keep up the great work! Cant wait for more stories


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Keep up the great work! Cant wait for more stories
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great action happening in valo