Definitive tool to make the rim modders life way easier.

This updated rim resizer allows you to have your rim in every size(from 20 to 15) with one single click.

Installation: drop it in your X:\3dsmax5

How to:
1. convert your rim(apply materials, weld, smooth and whatever they need)
2. merge its face on one of the two 19x11 barrels
3. give it a name(Eg. MY_RIM)
4. press the button "From 20 to 15 inch"(you must keep 19x11 barrel size)
5. select every rim
6. go to File -> Export selected
7. select scx v4 exporter so your destination folder
8. check the "Seperate" box and then the "Ok" button
9. make your scripts and enjoy your rims

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by E-Bullet   2013-05-03 12:24    

Thanks. This will be useful for me in the future :)

2.   Posted by thewinner3   2013-06-08 14:35    


3.   Posted by UltimateStance   2015-05-30 14:33    

do you need an extra application to run it?

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-11-08 16:28    

No, just 3ds max(i use 5 but it works on other versions too, the only issue is that with other versions you wont be able to export meshes :P )

5.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-20 13:50    


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