One of my first cars for SLRR

Okay, this is one of my first cars for SLRR.
Car is very early beta, so it means that it has bugs..
I made more parts for it, but not all have been exported..
Dunno if ill finish it, cuz i have some more things to do..

Well, thats sort of it, enjoy it..

Tnx to all guys that helped me about it(they know who they are). :D
1.   Posted by FJ   2013-02-20 05:12    


2.   Posted by stance666   2013-02-20 14:47    

Pro7, I really love your mods!

3.   Posted by Pro7   2013-02-21 14:39    

Tnx. :)

4.   Posted by tuner_dream   2013-02-25 19:16    

I luv this car. please finish this mod :)

5.   Posted by Pro7   2013-03-01 14:38    

I will finish it eventually. I have some more things to do and real life stuff, so..

6.   Posted by tuner_dream   2013-03-01 20:44    

waiting and waiting.. :)

7.   Posted by nhbdjkmnf   2013-03-27 15:53    

i need this rims please :awesome:

8.   Posted by petrasdani   2013-05-03 07:16    

Very good model. Please upload the wheel, 3SDM is my favourite :awesome:

9.   Posted by Ropg   2013-07-18 10:07    

How and who takes pictures in HD cars to Street Legal Racing 2.2.1MWM ?

10.   Posted by slamsung   2013-10-09 22:48    

love how you can paint lil things on it like looks like you can paint the emblem & stuff :awesome:

11.   Posted by jaydog2014   2014-07-19 13:12    

where can i get these wheels ?

12.   Posted by motordaniel   2014-09-30 16:14    

dam. it´s looking cool!
were can i download the map :awesome:

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