gratz to franco! let me be honest here.. an awesome ride from franco! :) new competition will be started VERY SOON, keep your eyes peeled!
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-12-03 15:39    

awesome pic! congratulations! :)

2.   Posted by markgt   2012-12-03 20:48    

congratz Franco

3.   Posted by elguillemc   2012-12-06 23:31    

congratulations ;)
that car is? Thanks in advance and excuse my English

4.   Posted by Jake   2012-12-08 14:37    

don't know if its just me but Ive noticed alot that the admins and modders always seem to win these photo competitions and very rarely do general users win not having a go...Just sayin!

5.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-12-08 17:46    

just vote someone who isnt an admin or a modder :)

6.   Posted by Jake   2012-12-09 00:24    

but modders will always have the upper hand in these competitions as they can make rims and other vip parts that aren't available to public.

7.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-12-09 01:52    

everyone can learn to model/convert anything..

8.   Posted by Franco   2012-12-10 02:46    

there is an exelent 1 hour long tutorial about converting rims, made by grudas.... everyone can learn to convert them... the ronal turbos in the pic are mine but they also are in one of grudas packs...... so anyone could have made that picture...

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