Well, as you can see from the title, my neew settings use one mod graphic mod, called SweetFX, which as a Enb mod, improves graphics in games. But, unlike Enb, which was developed for gta san andreas, this mod is developed for all games. SweetFX works nearly with all games, that use DirectX 9,10 or 11. A pair of Enb and SweetFX gives an ability to use more effects at the same time.

1.   Posted by Chris69   2013-09-09 07:43    

Link isn't working

2.   Posted by doge   2014-08-05 14:05    

look great combined with matte color

3.   Posted by Stance3   2014-09-20 10:59    

repair link please

4.   Posted by gugiggog555   2018-08-03 03:50    

repair link pls,sir

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