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1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-10-25 00:01    

before any kind of comment, i would like to say thanks to Franco, Jaziba and JC, because they gave me all needed advices in order to complete this project.

2.   Posted by FJ   2012-10-25 04:27    

I didn't know that car exist :P
But's awesome anyway.
thanks BB93 Franco,Jaziba and JC for that car.
I've been waiting very long for such car.

3.   Posted by rockerfab   2012-10-25 13:23    

good work marco , congrats !

4.   Posted by Kaoru   2012-10-25 18:13    

Nice liana xD

5.   Posted by PXRZ   2012-10-25 20:07    

Hi I just tested your Liana and could you make the sports model come with one of Dexter´s V8s or maybe Zed V8 engines instead of the Prime V8 engine (could explain why the sports model doesn´t have an engine anymore at dealers?)?

6.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-10-26 09:09    

yesterday i tried to go in and out from new car dealer for something like 45 minutes and i've not found the v8 version one single time, so right now i cant help you. i'll check it as soon as i find it :)

7.   Posted by PXRZ   2012-10-26 12:38    

Ok it is the one that is named "Duhen_Racing_SunStrip_2_0_CDVC" in Liana_datascriptssrc folder where you can find. Trying to help you out a little.

8.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-10-29 01:57    

LOL i know which script is for the V8 ver, the thing is that i didnt found it from the dealer yet, so till that moment i can do nothing

9.   Posted by TasoSpartan   2012-10-31 17:56    


10.   Posted by Z0om3r   2012-11-08 16:58    

Nice car Big Boss 93 :D and the other guys that helped you :D :awesome: ;)

11.   Posted by AssumedGuitar37   2013-09-16 07:01    

Now it's time for TopGear!

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