BETA - never going to be done

started in 2010.. just made some little fixes and added some kits and thats it

expect it to work but not be anywhere near the standard my other mods are or as finished as you're used to! :)

jaziba did quite a bit of work on this, and without his extra work i would have never had the nerve to finish it off!

model is of juiced2, there will problems with parts, names, catalog etc.. just enjoy what you have :)
1.   Posted by Daniel   2012-10-14 00:42    

Nice job, both of you!

2.   Posted by Jake   2012-10-15 02:24    

even if it isn't finished and never will be i love it great job man :)

3.   Posted by Ryancooper   2012-12-08 14:09    

Crash im SLRR LE2MWM :(

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