There's a lot of stuff for longitudinal positioned i4 engines, there's special transmissions for FWD and RWD configurations, and there's specific exhaust headers for both euro (einvagen) and jap (enula, focer, etc) engines.

And there's specific headcovers for each use.

Plus, a lot of performance parts...

I'm not in the mood to explain all the things, but explore the pack, there's a lot for your fun!


Nightrider (helping with scripts and cfgs...)
Franco (more help)
svander (the marvelous weber base models)
JAG (more help and some i4 parts, his exhaust header kicks ass!)
And all the beta-testers and people who helped me...
1.   Posted by manuymilka   2010-04-22 00:36    

nice work.

thanks :)

2.   Posted by Royker   2011-01-22 23:18    

Doesnt work!!
PLS help

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