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1.   Posted by Mike.   2012-09-11 17:15    

PS and other stuff is allowed?

2.   Posted by Mike.   2012-09-11 17:15    

and custom parts?

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-09-11 19:30    

yup.. :) feel free to do your magic lol.. i don't care about ps tbh..

4.   Posted by JAG   2012-09-18 19:36    

Damn, gotta be a new pic? I was gonna submit the teal one I posted pics of on GOM a loooong time ago cuz this connection is hit-and-miss. Oh well. I'll tinker with the PJ that car had and take some new shots. Then just hope that this connection is around and will good enough to upload it before the 24th.

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