1.   Posted by incubus   2012-04-26 17:56    

welcome at the new NRT team called Vstanced...

2.   Posted by Daniel   2012-04-26 18:40    


3.   Posted by incubus   2012-04-26 20:22    

i play SLRR more than 7 years and im always looking forward to every new car which i can tune by myself...and here we go Dark side...same like NRT cars...

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-04-26 21:02    

i mean really what are you complaining about? at least you have the chance to get the mod instead of the mod not being released at all which would be the case without darkside?!

do i have to repeat my self?

5.   Posted by incubus   2012-04-26 22:06    

yes youre right but the darkside is only for a few people so i cant get this mod...

6.   Posted by markgt   2012-04-26 23:13    

sweeeeet evo!! nice work Jaz :)

@incubus: you just have to wait for it, mods do get stolen alot by people..that's why darkside is alive

7.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-04-26 23:49    

as i have said darkside is accessible for everyone! you just have to work for it no one says donate to us or do something else just be an active helping member and you will get there!

8.   Posted by Franco   2012-04-27 00:16    

Listen to the Jezuz!

on a serious note, he is right, besides i only saw you posting in here, how would you expect to have the rights to access to the DS?

9.   Posted by Menace   2012-04-27 03:47    

Looks good bro keep up the good work

10.   Posted by KrYpToN   2012-04-29 19:49    

Again Darkside car ? :|

11.   Posted by Pro7   2012-05-02 18:23    

Beautiful.. :)

12.   Posted by planbxgoon   2012-05-07 01:01    

car looks beautiful...hope to some day use and enjoy [email protected], acting like that's not going to make the situation any better...

13.   Posted by Vicoliver   2012-05-17 20:57    

Download Link?

14.   Posted by Makedonija   2012-05-23 23:31    

Oh cmon enough of DS mods....

15.   Posted by rio09   2012-05-26 21:10    

Great Stuff man :)

16.   Posted by thaizhaclassic   2012-10-27 04:39    

So Good :) :)

17.   Posted by siijoo   2013-10-28 02:35    

weird theres an error for me

JVM::compileSource: Syntax error in ".\cars\racers\Jun_EvoX\scripts\src\Baiern_R_wing.java" at line 23

can someone explain it to me?

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