Track Wizard 2.0 - Track made tool

Track Wizard 2.0 Released!!

Whats new:
Now you can use more than one mesh for track.
Added second geometry type to track.
Added support for natve objects.
Added suport for track shadows generated and exported with my scx plugin.

Take look inside downloaded archiwe. There are two directories.
Extract first into game's folder, second comes into your 3D Max Studio program folder.

"Dude, what would happen if I click that":
Create new project and press Browse track directory button.
You will notice that in meshes folder are two new directories:

Ground - place there all your track meshes, except that you will put into Render folder xD All of them have to be exported using v3 scx exporter plugin.

Render - use only if you really have to. Place here all grass, tress, foliage, all stuff that uses alpha channel, and you wan't to get ugly headlights on them at night. Here you can use v4 SCX meshes. It gives way to do some other cool stuff.
There is also one feature more: if you name your mesh *_day.scx or *_night.scx it will be visible only at day or night.
Now you can make nice buildings with glowing windows, bilboards etc.

After assigning meshes or native objects you need to compile your rpk to get results ingame.

Native objects:
Run your 3d max and open scene with your track. Now go to file>merge. Navigate to [max folder]\scenes\TW_Lib_Objects.rpk.max. I dialog you can choose objects you wish to use. Import all and they will apera in your scene.
Use shift+move object to clone it. In cloning dialog choose instance method. Place, rotate objects to fit them on your track. If done run native objects exporter:

Selecto objects you wish to export and hit EXPORT SELECTED.
Choose output file and save it. Then go to Track Wizard and press Assign native objects and point the file. Compile rpk and voile'a!

Description it really short becouse I really have to go sleep now :P
More help there: *LINK*

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