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Finally a release, but not a final. With my current study and loss of motivation it's time i start releasing a bunch of older stuff.

The Lotus Elise and Esprit are a part of the stuff i'm releasing.

The cars features all stock parts and some custom stuff.

to see what each car features you are gonna have to look @ it for yourself

It's been a while since i've played with it and even longer when i made it.

It was supposed to feature a DSpeed tune but diego, as others, are busy with their real lives.

a couple pictures.

Elise R (Click to Download)

Esprit S3 (Click to Download)

1.   Posted by JAG   2011-11-10 23:33    

Yes! The Elise R! Dude, I love you! (no homo)

2.   Posted by CLOUD   2012-01-25 15:08    

Tell me please what a card for 2, 3 photos?

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