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Finally a release, but not a final. With my current study and loss of motivation it's time i start releasing a bunch of older stuff.

The BMW E90 3-Series Sedan is part of the stuff i'm releasing.

The car features all stock parts and some custom stuff.

It's been a while since i've played with it and even longer when i made it.

It was supposed to feature a DSpeed tune but diego, as others, are busy with their real lives.

a couple pictures.

1.   Posted by Daniel   2011-11-10 23:33    

Fatal! Missing mesh file:

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2011-11-11 11:57    

copy and paste any mesh and rename it to that and it will be fine..

3.   Posted by Jaziba   2011-11-11 14:52    

it was something i mainly did to keep n00bs away. since this car was spread @ first to a single person and i didint wanna risk spreading the thing.

4.   Posted by Jake   2011-11-12 00:43    

i tried renaming a random mesh to L_headlights_2.scx then copied and pasted it in the meshes folder but my game still crashes at the lights & windows section.

5.   Posted by Slak96   2016-06-04 03:11    

:lolhitting: I feel like a absolute NOOB!!! I just saw the files laying out there and I mod Skyrim the complicated way just like SLRR and man... I missed it.. and it was just right there lol It worked love the mod Thanks!

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