Stratum Converted from GTA IV by robban_9000


For: 2.3.0LE 2.2.1 MWM and usual 2.2.1..


Stratum 2.6 GTWagon

Stratum 2.6 GTPickup

Stratum 2.6 GTSedan

And i included the JAVA incase u want to edit it or make new parts for it.
If u also want the .max files PM me and ill send em.


There shouldnt be any major bugs on it.. only a couple of small ones.
If u find any big bugs that makes the game crash becuse of this car, then please PM me and ill make a fix.
I wont make a fix for all the small bugs, since i dont have any motivation to continiue the work on this car.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!
1.   Posted by Bdawg6636   2014-09-13 03:17    

Can you upload it on another website?

2.   Posted by jeone   2014-12-23 19:09    

link is dead

3.   Posted by jputrs   2014-12-25 11:59    

croco bad

4.   Posted by jputrs   2014-12-25 11:59    

croco bad

5.   Posted by GamerRafinha   2015-02-09 01:26    

File not found =P

6.   Posted by bent   2015-10-29 20:54    


7.   Posted by Jake   2017-07-23 16:44    

Link is broken!!!

8.   Posted by Tdrex44   2019-09-08 21:14    

it has the error 404 not found

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