Okey, im done with this shit. Im done with people nagging me all day long with pm s like "when is it done" and shit. So i dont care anymore. I have a life to is that so damn hard to accept and respect. Here it is, unfinished. Im done, im not gonna make anything else in public. Sure ill continiue to make mods, but i wont show them until the release. Do whatever u want with it i dont care. But if there are anyone that is willing to finish it (a serious modder who i trust, not like a random persion) i can send the 3d files.
Now have a f'cking blast !

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1.   Posted by PXRZ   2011-05-07 13:35    

Keep your nice work up dude! I did found some things you could fix on this ride: The focer´s door you seem to not have been coming up what to do with it that you could make it into a hat holder at the trunkspace. I found something else you could take care of is the seat´s positions so you could put aftermarket seats aswell without weird positions. ;)

2.   Posted by Franco   2011-05-07 14:10    

C'mon.. didnt you read what he said???? Ffs

Well rob, sad that you have to gve it this way, but yeeah you are damn right about noobs...

3.   Posted by Rising Sins   2011-05-07 16:30    

Well I downloaded it before GOM went down... Last i saw like 34 Comments i think... And pretty sure GOm is getting new rule... NO asking for release date... And minus the few Map errors and the Exaust not being able to put universal mufflers. GREAT mod I mean one of the BEST and sadly its not even DONE! B)

4.   Posted by Mike.   2011-05-07 17:06    

btw, we HAVE a rule about asking release dates :D

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2011-05-07 19:14    

dont bitch ffs.

6.   Posted by Daniel   2011-05-07 20:27    

As JC says, dont bitch its not his fault a bunch of ppls BOMB him with PM's about when its finish.. He got enough problems with his life.. And he dont need more things to stress about.

I haven't tested the SX out, but i bet its as awesome as the Supra, maybe even more, even though its not done! And the thing about non universal muffler is an easy fix when you know what to do!

Take care Robin! Nice you don't quit SLRR! :D

7.   Posted by D1Racer   2011-05-07 21:04    

Well it's a shame a few retards spoil it for everyone, but I can understand how Robban feels, this is why I have stopped showing progress on my mods.

To all you noobs, try being patient, or soon enough no one will be modding for you.

Robban, I'd be happy to finish it off if you would like me to.

8.   Posted by PXRZ   2011-05-08 00:34    

@ Franco That sounds pretty sad that people pm´d the inbox to be full at his account. :( But I just gave a little advice what to do next to finish it for who it would be. Don´t be angry.

9.   Posted by bent   2012-08-29 03:54    

Thanks for the car my fav tuner of all time. cant wait to see when or if it gets done.

10.   Posted by The1Hairy   2013-04-05 19:57    

i hate noobs... its just kids man... they wreck everything for everyone like mods on xbox or ps3. i hope to see more stuff from you as i just found out about this game. props on all your hard work and tons of cars.

11.   Posted by shenoply   2014-07-06 10:31    

When is it done???


12.   Posted by tomaukz   2014-07-16 19:52    

Where is the trunk tie in from the picture?

13.   Posted by IcyPeak   2015-06-08 15:53    

I really had a blast!

14.   Posted by JDM1999 (DIRTYTIGER763   2015-10-19 06:17    

I'm sorry for you nice car btw is it meant to come with spare parts cause they are not appearing and but its awesome to drive

15.   Posted by twingox   2018-09-15 11:10    

when is it done

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