Well, today it's my birthday but you all will earn this gift! :) And you can thank svander for that :)

One of the most fun mods I've ever had in my game, this little Porsche its a blast... the handling its nimble as the real one is, but at the same time its an easy to drive car... And as we know about Porsche heritage its a tough car, ideal for a Nordschleife lap.

It's amazing for cruising around, because the engine has a delicious sound of the boxer-4 engine... put it on 3rd or 4th gear and listen to the noise in low revs... you'll be in love.

Have in mind that this is a classic... You can do a nice engine swap if you feel the insane need for some more power, but the stock 117hp engine will already make you very happy. Acceleration is good and it'll top at around 208kmh/125mph...

The car comes with some extras such as a hardtop roof and 3 types of trunks... there's even some extra gauges if you're building a classic racer.

That's it, enjoy the car... it's what this car was made for...

And please give me feedback about the handling! :)

Diego R.

1.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 11:38    

I totally love this car :d Remember when I played back in the days with NFS Porsche :) But now I get to mount parts and tune it > NIIIICE ! You ROCK! :awesome:

2.   Posted by shatorche.1   2017-02-02 19:05    

link's dead fix please

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