That's it... I removed the dust from my SLRR and found this. It's an awesome car made by Jaziba. As you can see its RC (release candidate) so it has a lot of small unfinished stuff, but as DSpeed put his magic on it, its perfectly playable... it has:

- Standalone javas: it'll run on Valo, it'll run everywhere and not crash your game (2.2.1 MWM)

- Correct specs because it has:

- A nice V10 engine... base mesh and most textures are the ones from the V10 from Daywhite, so it looks old, but its gold... it has the specs all reworked to match the real Gallardo specs and it has:

- ITS OWN SOUNDS! Based on what I could hear in GT5, FM3 and what I got from GTR2, I made the best I could in the sound department. Of course, its far from perfect... but a lot better than a generic one

- Nice lightglows: one of Jaziba's speciality... the lights are really gorgeous at night. Trust me.

Enjoy, and remember... it was tested on MWM only and its RC. NOT A FINISHED CAR.

LINK UPDATED 19.07.2016
1.   Posted by Henry   2011-04-22 16:04    

mmmmmm looks sexy

2.   Posted by gubahz   2012-03-31 19:15    


3.   Posted by atith01   2012-04-21 10:18    


4.   Posted by samyyyy   2012-05-01 17:10    

awesome !!!!!!!!! :-X

5.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 11:46    

Really hot car ! :D

6.   Posted by HU1212ICAN3   2015-06-22 19:29    

That tunnel though...where is that? :D

7.   Posted by HU1212ICAN3   2015-06-23 00:38    

Dat Carb name tho XD

8.   Posted by Z0om3r   2015-07-24 15:56    

The car looks great, i had it before but it was deleted from mediafire :(( Please post a new link !

9.   Posted by sonyguy699   2016-01-22 01:19    

Here in my garage, with my new lamborghini

10.   Posted by JohnnyLo   2016-03-26 10:33    

Excuse me, ut, someone can post a new link??? Mediafire link was broken

11.   Posted by Slight   2016-05-29 08:03    

New link... PLZ :D

12.   Posted by sakesake   2018-07-11 11:02    

I have a problem with your engine... i have slrr MWM2.2.1,and it crashes my game when i open it.... helppp X-( X-( X-( X-( X-( X-(

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